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  1. Wassup, shdowhunt? Welcome to SSMB!

  2. Anyone here able to translate the text on the bottom? The image is bigger here http://m.imgur.com/JXmDP3D
  3. Project Drive update!

    I made a group for DeviantART!



    I'll need someone who is willing to make a YouTube channel for us.

    I'll prefer if you have a mic, but I understand if you don't. HOWEVER, if you do have a mic, I'd like something with good quality. I'd also like if there's more than one person managing it, but that will come later.

    I will need someone dedicated to Project Drive, and will post regularly.

    Notify me if you're up to it.

  5. I'm hoping that since the comics themselves are getting back on track that the GNs can, too. I want to see Archives get to the beginning of Sagas, and Sagas to get to the reboot. It'd also be nice if Universe got its own separate GNs for the reboot.
  6. Ken Penders said the target audience would be anyone who enjoys a good story, and he advises parents to review it before showing it to kids under 12. Source: https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/708048544830062592 I'm honestly pretty excited for TLSC. Even if the art is bad, I think it'd be an interesting read.
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