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  1. Pokémon, Gotta Catch 'Em All!! : O *then tries to think of a ZKC catchphrase, but fails. Maybe "Yeah! Zettai! Daitan!" could work. : P* On topic, though, I'm hoping there's some information to at least shed a little light on Project 2017, although I'm not expecting much. All I'm really expecting is something small, like tiny questions and answers with some "can't reveal that at the moment, but wait and see!" In there. I can see them maybe showing off a new zone for Mania, but nothing much for Project 2017 until E3 hits, or unless they reveal another Sonic-based event. Pretty much hoping for something, but not expecting a whole lot. : P
  2. One game whose popularity I will probably never come to understand is Colors. As much as I want to enjoy it, I just can't. The gameplay is so dull and boring that it's near impossible for me to just enjoy it without it feeling like a chore. I swear this game is about as hollow as a New Super Mario Bros game, and that's saying alot. Another thing is that this game started the Sitcom Sonic Era, where we only get Sonic, Tails, Eggman, and his bumbling minions that tell bad jokes that would appeal to six years and under. This also started the cycle of Sonic games not being memorable enough for me to give a damn about them. Games before 2010 have stuck with me for a looooong long time, but everything after that is forgettable. I didn't remember Colors until after I played it a few weeks ago, and even still it's phasing out of my memories. Also, where's the energy? I swear we lost all the energy the series had when Colors came along, yet the game is so highly praised, and I really don't understand the reasoning for it at all. But in the end, those are all just my thoughts. If you took the time to read this, then thanks. It means alot to me to know my words are getting out there.
  3. Looks like the Nintendo Switch will have a car charger!This is great news since the battery life seemed a little too short, but now I think this system would be a guaranteed buy for me! Not only will the system be a high-powered portable console, it'll have a good selection of games, the gimmicks won't get in the way of my enjoyment, the online is going to insanely cheap (assuming the price is consistent in all regions), it gives me a reason to rebuy games, Nintendo's got kick-butt exclusives coming to the system, and to top it all off, the system is very cheap for what it is! Nintendo is going to make my year with this bad-butt system!! All I'm really hoping for now is a decent online, and for the system to be in stock!
  4. I've started reading a new manga lately. Particularly this one:


    Yep! Zettai Karen Children! It's a cool and funny manga about The Children; three girls with ESP, who work for an organization called "B.A.B.E.L."! B.A.B.E.L. is an organization that predicts crimes, and stops them before they happen. The Children are looked after by a man named Minamoto Koichi, who is helping them to grow and develop properly in the world.

    It's funny, and cool! I recommend trying it! :)

  5. Anyone here able to translate this website at all?


  6. Welcome back, Chris-San! :)

    1. Chris Knopps

      Chris Knopps

      Good to be back. I enjoyed the community before and look forward to doing so again. I hope the staff and I can get along and be more reasonable with one another this time as well, and considering the fact that my perma-ban is now gone, that's an excellent and respectable step on their part. I'll do the same in turn and give more effort in avoiding expressing certain thoughts on sensitive issues.

    2. Hiki


      Cool! Glad they retracted the perma ban! :)

    3. Hiki


      Oh, by the way, I would stay away from most of the political discussion. Things can get crazy when that happens! I've seen it on the SEGA Forums before, too, and it isn't very pleasant to watch. : P

    4. Chris Knopps

      Chris Knopps

      I think that was a mutual realization that helped in my perma-ban being wiped clean too. Both parties went a little too far so it's one of those "we all goofed" and move on kind of things.

      I'm not for certain if that helped in making it happen, but it's a well known fact that political and social issues can quickly get out of hand with opposing views.

      I'm just hanging around now to talk games/Sonic, nothing more.

    5. Hiki


      Oh, cool! I sometimes get a little bored on Sonic Stadium. I prefer the SEGA Forums more. Shame you got banned on the forums, though. You seem cool. :/

    6. Chris Knopps

      Chris Knopps


      I enjoy Sonic Stadium but SEGA Forums is a place I just can't stomach... I don't find it worth my time trying to remain a part of it as I do Stadium here.

      To each their own though. Glad you enjoy it there.

    7. Hiki


      Thanks. Although I enjoy SEGA Forums, but there can be way too much arguing in the Sonic Games sections. I'm not gonna name names, but there can be pretty toxic members they refuse to ban there. : P

    8. Chris Knopps

      Chris Knopps

      That's why I can't stomach the place, long-timers stay no matter their behavior and new members get stricken and banned left and right. It's a seniority rights issue that shouldn't exist as far as I can tell. Your time somewhere and your position really shouldn't exclude you from just/equal treatment the same as new members.

    9. Hiki


      Yeah. There needs to be new moderators there. There's literally just two active mods, and one is extremely biased.

    10. Hiki


      You really should watch some Zettai Karen Children (Psychic Squad). It's funny, cute, and cool at the same time. Mostly a very funny show. :)


  7. Hello there guys! In this thread, we will be talking about media that we like that we find to be often overlooked. I'll give you guys a few examples of my own. ^.^ Zettai Karen Children (Psychic Squad) - Zettai Karen Children is a show about three adorable young girls, Kaoru, Aoi, and Shiho, who are called "The Children" who have special powers called ESP and they are the highest level among all the Espers. They're a part of the group "B.A.B.E.L.," which specializes in predicting crimes and stopping them before they happen. THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyosuke (Unlimited Psychic Squad) - This is the dark spin-off of Zettai Karen Children. While ZKC is an action comedy, this one is a dark drama. THE UNLIMITED focuses on the main antagonist of ZKC, Hyobu Kyosuke, and his group, P.A.N.D.R.A. We learn about Hyobu's past, which is filled with agony all because he's an esper. Because of this, he seeks to help the espers, but he also wants revenge on the normals. Black Bullet - This one centers around people who fight these creatures called the Gastrea, which are humans turned into awful beasts because of a terrible virus. Mostly centers around the Civsec agent, Rentaro, and his partner, Enju. Enju is a person who is called The Cursed Children, who are half Gastrea, and are treated poorly for it. Rentaro seeks to help the cursed children by giving them homes and education since he sees them as human, and nothing less than that unlike most other people. The show is pretty depressing, I'll tell you that much right now. So tell me, what do you think are good, yet overlooked media. I mostly put anime, but it can be anything you want.
  8. I actually enjoyed Shadow's game. Alot in fact. I'd consider it to be my top Sonic game. I never really thought the guns were an awful idea or anything. SEGA probably knew what they were doing when they gave guns to Shadow instead of Sonic like the fans wanted. I don't think I have the problem where I have to stop before I shoot. I generally just shoot as I'm speeding through the level, and I think that helps alot when I was trying to speedrun through the game. Take Westopolis for example. I got about just under three minutes trying to speedrun, and I used guns, too. Imagine if there were no guns and I had to use the homing attack all the time. My thoughts would be: Lol. But that might just be that I played that game so much that I played all the levels instinctually. XD Agreed. I've been tired of Solo Sonica, and you're right. It's time for 3D games to end the Solo Sonica just as the 2D game is. I think the only problem with the other characters is how drastically different they made the gameplay. I think S3&K would be a good example of keeping things consistent. Or if they wanted to, they could add different levels for each character while keeping the Sonic formula in there.
  9. You mean like that incomplete one? I have no idea if they're out of print or not, but I managed to get a hold of one from Amazon. It was costly, yes, but very worth it.
  10. Hi there! I remember seeing you on SEGA Forums! :)

    You are the same guy, correct? It's me, SonikkuEkkusu. : P

    1. TwoTailedWonder


      Yeah! I also joined here!

    2. Hiki


      Cool! I'm not as active here, but it's nice to see you. :)

  11. I would definitely say the Sonic manga. No matter which one it is, alot of them have definitely been overshadowed by the more western comics. : P
  12. This turned out alot creepier than I thought it would. : P

  13. I just had to. Lol, watch my whole YouTube channel become filled with UNLIMITED music.

    Any ideas on what else I should nightcore? : O

  14. Now I've gone and done it! : O

  15. Yeah. It's different enough for me to make an entire campaign dedicated to getting the show released in the uncut format. When 4kids got their hands on the show, they definitely made alot of changes, dumbing it down for young kids in the process. Some of the jokes in the Japanese version are funnier, season 3 is like a shonen anime in Japanese, the soundtrack is completely different, and there were alot of deleted scenes that 4kids removed. If you want accurate subs, but don't have a Hulu subscription, they actually have it on Anime Planet for free. Has ads, yes, but it's still free.
  16. Oh, hey... I actually looked through Bill Freiberger's tweets, and I was a little relieved when I saw this. : P https://mobile.twitter.com/BillFreiberger/status/819656328763215872
  17. So is Sonic Boom airing on CN for anyone else here? I keep checking my recordings, and I am seeing absolutely nothing related to Sonic Boom airing at the usual 5A.M. Saturday time. I can find the episodes on YouTube easily, but I still wanna see a higher-quality episode. Even if it's without the music I play in the background. :/
  18. Of course, I am still going to have the Playstation as my main system for online play, but I am rather curious about how much Ol' Ninty will be charging for their online service. Looking at the possibilities of how the Switch's online could potentially be the next step in online gaming, it really does intrigue me. This makes me wonder what a possible price range for the Switch's online service could be. I may be convinced to pay for it, depending on how much it could cost.
  19. Ya know, if I can at least have a longer charger, as well as a car charger like the PSP system used, I'll be content with the battery life. I could just buy a couple of car chargers, then go my merry way.
  20. I may actually consider getting Mania on the Switch as well as the Xbox One. Since I'll be getting the Switch much later, I'll be getting the Xbox One version first so I can have Mania sooner, then I'll get it on the Switch just to have a portable version I can play everywhere. I guess you could call me a "Sonic Maniac." XD
  21. I just hope they have a car charger with the NX having such a short battery life. Car chargers were always such handy devices for your portable comsoles.
  22. Although this looks cool, I actually prefer the old controllers that came out, such as the Gamecube controller. The GC controller was cool, wacky, colorful, and just looked like a fun little gadget. I'm so glad they're not forcing you to use the gimmicky controller like how the Wii U did. I remember playing Sonic Lost World, and despite the fact that it probably wouldn't even need the controller, they force you to use it anyway. :q
  23. Sadly, the words are way too small for me to read, but thanks for putting that up anyway. Anyway, this game is so exciting! It's cool that SEGA is doing something great to cater to those kids who were in the 90s playing the original trilogy.
  24. This is so exciting! Looks like I'll need to put some money aside for Project 2017! 2017 will definitely be a good year! ^.^
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