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  1. Yeah. I just realized SEGA blew a bunch of money on the Boom games, so they probably shouldn't blow a bunch of money of something like that. It'd pretty much be Sonic reacting to situations around him in-game, or what he does. I'll give you some examples. Sonic boosts, and and he starts getting a focused face, while having that smirk that defines Sonic's character. Go underwater, and he'll start holding his breath, but if you go too long, he'll start to LOOK like he's drowning alongside having the counter. When Sonic gets hurt, his face will definitely show it. Or if Eggman's ship or something suddenly appears, Sonic will look surprised. I could definitely see that mechanic working for Sonic.
  2. Hey guys! How would you feel if the whole game (in-game and cgi cutscenes) had the Sonic Unleashed opening style of animation? I'd love to see those graphics. Especially on the current-gen's hardware. It could work as it's not photo-realistic, while being better than the previous generation's Sonic games at the same time. Also, another thing I'd like to see is the use of in-game facial expressions. Kind of like LoZ Wind Waker did. That would really work for Sonic.
  3. But I always liked multiple characters. I grew up playing as Shadow all the time in his game, and helping Sonic and friends, or joining the dark side and helping the enemy. Heck, Shadow the Hedgehog, the Sonic Adventure games, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic 06 were some of the games I played to get ready for Sonic Lost World, and I was very surprised by how much they dumbed down Sonic, and that none of his friends were playable anymore. I'm one of those people who enjoy the alternate gameplay styles. Especially that mech shooting one. I dislike Sola-Sonica as much as you do, but we don't exactly have a say in what SEGA does and doesn't do in Project 2017.
  4. That's what I'm thinking. SEGA seems too scared to go back to the point where other characters were important.
  5. I would really want them to do that. Apparently, Limited Run Games' stuff becomes rare really fast.
  6. Um... I was trying to find brand new copies of Sonic Archives 24 and Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Comics: Ultimate Edition, but their prices appear to have inflated to about $90-$110. Anybody know why this is? I swear these comics came out just about a year ago! I can get older graphic novels brand new for much cheaper! O_O
  7. Discotek generally releases their DVDs in a region-free format, so the only thing you'd need to do if you find out it's region-free is import it from North America.
  8. I wasn't able to watch the PAX West stream... They just kept bombarding me with ads on their Twitch channel when SEGA was supposed to be on.
  9. Here's another translation made using some URLs! Although I can't translate the articles or code an English copy, maybe it'll be a little bit easier to navigate through the Japanese site for until I find someone to code an English site.
  10. I think I just might have a better idea than separating the universes. Let's have Classic Sonic be a year younger than Modern Sonic, then all the classic stages would be on South Island, while the Modern stages would be in a variety of locations. I just wish they could change Classic's design to look more like that fan render. This Generations one just looks too cutesy and chubby to me. And maybe he could stand have the attitude amped up? He doesn't have to talk, but he could be like in Sonic CD or something.
  11. Yeah. That's what I mean. I don't actually have evidence, though. I'm just kind of grasping for straws. I would honestly prefer to keep them in separate continuities. I never really liked the idea of Classic Sonic being young Sonic, but that's just my opinion. I always thought Modern and Classic were the same age, but Generations kind of messed that up and made Classic into a little kid.
  12. Maybe this'll be like the Sonic Sagas of Universe, but without legal issues. Meaning that there will probably be releases of Universe Sagas while Universe is still going. I think that maybe they'll just delay the pre-reboot comics for until the mess with Penders and that other dude are cleaned up, or maybe until they have enough money to start releasing the pre-reboot stuff. Glad I won't have to wait for forever to get to the post-reboot Universe comics for when I start reading all of that.
  13. I wonder if Classic Sonic's appearance has anything to do with Sonic Mania, and separating the timelines of Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic?
  14. I honestly think the best choice for Archie is to just release the post-reboot and Boom stuff, and delay the pre-reboot comics at least until their money issues are solved, and the copyright and royalties are all fixed up.
  15. Is Pirate Plunder Panic a post-reboot comic? If so, I think I remember having an idea like just might be doing: make post-reboot Sonic Universe GNs as an all new GN series, then they can also release the main Universe GNs. I think this may be what they're doing since this looks to be the first in a new GN series. My hope will not die unless they confirm the pre-reboot stuff is cancelled!
  16. I can let PSN friends try the game, then they might buy it if they like it. I remember asking an online friend if he was gonna get a game, and he wanted to try it through Share Play. I never got to that since I was too busy.
  17. Yeah, that was it. They give you an hour to use it. I don't know how often it was used, though. I'll probably be using it more once Project 2017 is out.
  18. Anybody else think that Playstation 4's Share Play could benefit Project 2017?
  19. I was thinking of a 1:1 replica.
  20. Does ditching Classic Sonic include any possible sequel to Mania and just ditching him in modern games, or do you mean that Classic Sonic will never be seen again in any game?
  21. I know we have the Sonic Channel thread, but I thought this deserved its own thread. I've always wanted to have an English version of Sonic Channel website, so I decided to start a little translation project. We already have most of the character profiles, and the Sonic Channel comics, so why not have the rest of Sonic Channel in English? I already started translating based on the URLs (may not be accurate, but will probably do.). I've got a picture of my work so far (This is a photoshop, I didn't actually code anything): And we also have most of the character profiles here: http://www.sonic-jam.org/sisghzs:other-sonicchannel-index And the comics here: http://forums.sega.com/showthread.php?535321-Sonic-Channel-Comics I'm trying to do as much as I can for someone who can't speak any Japanese and doesn't know any coding. I can easily translate small things just using the URLs. I just can't translate the more complex stuff. By the way, I think this is the source code for Sonic Channel. http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/atom.xml Maybe I can do a bit more later.
  22. The former. I would do it, but I can't remake the entire website in English on mobile, nor can I understand Japanese.
  23. I'm surprised nobody has made a fully translated version of the Sonic Channel website.
  24. I'm honestly just setting my expectations very low. Especially since we had 6 years of "BALDY MCNOSEHAIR HAHHAHAHAHAHAH!" "That was cool! Pun entirely intended" and "No copyright law in the universe is gonna stop me!" *cringe* Yeah, I don't wanna set myself up for disappointment like what happaned with Lost World. I heard about Lost World from a friend, and was expecting a serious story (I wasn't really caught up on the Pontaff era at the time. I got into Sonic from Shadow the Hedgehog, and I bought a fair amount of the pre-Pontaff games.)
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