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  1. Sonic Adventure's original Japanese release has plenty of differences. Notable ones: Cowgirl sign in Casinopolis that moans when you touch it. Uh, yeah. Casinopolis had no ball counter, and you couldn't shake the table. Bit naff. Sonic has a blur effect on his feet, similar to the classic games. Trial Mode's level select is sorted by Internal Level IDs of all things, something I only realised upon looking up the game's debug mode level table. Utterly bizarre. Finally of note, you can stand on the Burger Man statue; which allows Amy to use it as a platform for her hammer jump... ...and access Casinopolis without cheats. It has a somewhat unique level layout (it's mostly Sonic's version, but with the Sonic statue from Knuckles' version present) and it's fully functional (besides the pinball tables, which do work surprisingly well, just with no pinball physics). It's possible to complete it, as the mech-arms in the vault do work; but the game crashes after the result screen.
  2. CoiWT08WAAAhSyH.jpg

    New Sonic Channel comic, in which it's revealed how Shadow got his name.

    ... ; - ;

    1. Tracker


      Here's the rest, translation was sent to me by a follower

    2. JmTsHaW


      I know I'm a picky piece of shit but wasn't it due to the project being called Project Shadow?

    3. Tracker



      This is cuter

    4. -Ace-
    5. Fusion Runners

      Fusion Runners

      Oh the FEELS in this one.

    6. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy


    7. Auto


      holy shit

    8. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      What Rusty said.


  3. Good to see he still hasn't figured out how to run in Lost World... Anywho, there is one hefty detail missing from this; PagodaWest also have a history in Sonic. Particularly a little fan-project called Sonic 2 HD. Much of Pagoda's staff (perhaps even all, I'm not 100%) worked on the first iteration of S2HD, before L0st's DRM nonsense got it canned. Other than that... it's a video, I guess.
  4. This is incredibly common, I'm afraid; the Game Gear is known for being failure-prone. It's to do with the capacitors, if I recall. I have two of the things, and neither work properly; all I can recommend is find a service that can fix it (I think friends have had some luck on eBay, but I'd ask around).
  5. The Nise one I posted does, it just has the 2 + 3 from those games' logos included as extras.
  6. Ha, cool throwback to S3&K; Flying Battery had a couple of Special Stage rings accessed in a similar manner, if I recall. Also that ring animation gives me the strongest SotN/NitM vibes: WE SEGA SATURN NOW, BABY
  7. You're not going to find an official release; and even if there were, it'd cost hundreds, possibly thousands. NiseSEGASonic gets the job done for me:
  8. They've pushed it as "a new experience" (not sure if that was the exact wording, but something like that was stated by Iizuka before the trailer). Pretty sure it's more than just the name he's talking about.
  9. CoYJFrnXEAAhuZ6.jpg

    How I imagine the next Sonic 2017 trailer could well go

    1. Dejimon11


      YAY now we can play as 3 sonics

    2. Gabe


      i almost kinda wish now that boom sonic showed up instead of classic sonic

      just for the meltdowns alone

      (regarding the first teaser trailer)

    3. Kiah


      As much as I can't stand Boom Sonic,  would of rather had him show up than Classic Sonic in the trailer due to the fact that it would be a different crossover with Sonics if indeed we are forced to have one.

  10. Precisely this. The way Classic shows up in the trailer, with the random blue particle effects, reminds me considerably of the Generations partnership missions. It's just a hunch, but that's my current line of thinking.
  11. It's not a huge leap to assume they're doing something different with Classic's inclusion, given they've repeatedly reinforced that this is a "all-new experience" and not 'Generations 2.' I've simply got a hunch that the "new experience" will be to do with this idea of "building a resistance"; something that would suit a buddy system, lest they code like, all of the usual Sonic folks as playable (assuming they were to be part of this 'resistance', that is; they could just have a very cruddy 'resistance' of Modern and Classic, which isn't too intimidating against those giant mechs, but w/e)
  12. Just because he wasn't a buddy in Runners doesn't mean he can't be here. Different games, and the buddy idea would likely be expanded in a fully-fledged title like 2017.
  13. Imagine; you beat Sonic Mania, a message flashes up

    You Unlocked a hidden character!

    Who could it be? Amy? Mighty? Someone else?

    And then.


    1. Falonso14


      I'd be ok with this tbh.

    2. Clewis


      Does he come with Sonic 4 physics?

    3. Kiah


      I would have no problem with this. Since Classic Sonic is crossing into Modern Sonic's game I'm totally okay with this crossover being reciprocated in Sonic Mania. 

    4. Gabe


      Like how this pic went with the Smash Bros. 4 approach of having his irises in his eyes be a gradient between fully black and green.

  14. It's already been confirmed they're using the "boss in every act" setup from S3&K, at least. No idea about zone transitions.
  15. Try it in Megamix. It keeps the speed up, it's so incredibly satisfying to use.