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  1. I’m not saying it’s not an opinion - but it feels pretty clear to me that consensus lies more towards “Sonic characters are naff” and I think that’s something Hogfather was getting at. Or at least, it’s what I was.
  2. It can, and then you’d probably be laughed at. Unlike with Sonic’s cast, where most folks (particularly outside the Sonic bubble) would agree with you. For Sonic’s cast, most of the appeal they can give only comes when you’re already deep into the series as a fan. Whereas something like Opa-Opa - he’s just charming innit. I didn’t need to know the insane backstory he has in the Fantasy Zone series to love him in ASR and I recall many others who were amused by him likewise - and that was well before I got more into SEGA’s non-Sonic ventures. Same with AGES in ASRT. Also helps that the “naff SEGA characters” at least came from actually good games, whereas half of Sonic’s cohort are now synonymous with trash - especially right after Forces.
  3. Is it really self-entitled when he’s just summed up the sentiment outside the Sonic fanbase? Just take a glance at ResetEra or Twitter and see how loved Sonic’s merry band of furries are compared to the SEGA cast. Furthermore - Hogfather pointing this out is entitled, but you championing it because your favourite characters such as Infinite and Sticks - characters who are divisive within the fanbase - now get their chance to ‘shine’? You’re fine with these not particularly beloved characters taking over from the well-loved Sega cast, because hey - at least you like them. ...who’s the entitled one here? For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re actually acting entitled, but then neither is Hogfather.
  4. I feel that’s less to do with the likes of Charmy Bee and Tikal and more to do with Sonic himself - well, him and the usual ‘Team Sonic.’ Particularly so since until Forces most of the other characters had next to no involvement in the series for a relatively long period of time - without the series particularly suffering for it.
  5. Perhaps not then - but either way I wouldn't say the logical next step for Sumo and SEGA doing a kart racer was "strip out the much-loved SEGA IP, and replace them with Sonic's middling furry cohort"
  6. Because it's coming off the back of a popular series from the same devs that involved both Sonic characters and SEGA characters, hence the disappointment that it's not a successor to that game.
  7. I mean yeah, I suppose - but if they did it 3 times over I don't really get the sudden cold feet, I guess. It may shock you to learn some people here like more than just Sonic, then.
  8. What I don't get is why this is a prohibitive issue now, when it wasn't for All Stars Racing, or All Stars Racing Transformed, or Project X Zone, or Project X Zone 2, or Tennis, or... etc. Like I get style guides and restrictions and all that exists, and I recall the Panzer story from S0L vividly, but for it to suddenly be prohibitive of the entire project strikes me as odd.
  9. Sumo's been doing work for Sony, Deep Silver, Disney, and Microsoft. They were likely just fully booked. That, and perhaps they just like... wanted to do other things? That, and what Hogfather said.
  10. http://www.sonicretro.org/2013/05/all-stars-racing-transformed-moves-1-36-million-copies/ All Stars Racing Transformed moved 1.36 million copies in roughly 6-7 months, indicating it may have been the most successful non-Olympics Sonic spin-off released since SEGA went third-party.
  11. If this is all indeed the case, I'm incredibly disappointed. Sumo's passion for SEGA has been made damn well apparent throughout all of their projects with the company, and I feel a generic Sonic kart racer wouldn't do their passion justice. Ergh. Are you effing kidding me?
  12. Aye, I get that - my point was more that you'll still get Sonic in a SEGA kart racer, but you won't get SEGA in a Sonic Kart Racer. Or at least, not to the degree of ASR.
  13. We just got Sonic Mania, for christ's sake. Also Sonic is a SEGA character. You can still play as him and half of his furry cohort. It's just that general SEGA fans also get thrown a bone every now and then. Again, I wouldn't sing this tune if this weren't a kart racer.
  14. Even before Zhuge’s hints people were already guessing it might be Sonic only, so that doesn’t have much bearing on it tbh

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