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  1. CvNvpprWIAETCy_.jpg

    Played through Sonic CD while waiting for the NX thing. First time I've nabbed all the Time Stones, at least on the MCD ver.

  2. CvKJjpnWEAEQUG4.jpg

    Let us ignore all logic that means Sonic Mania almost certainly won't get a fancy animated intro for 10 seconds, and instead DREAM

    1. BenderTheBatman


      What else has TRIGGER done?

    2. Tracker_TD


      Kill la Kill, Panty and Stocking, Space Patrol Lulucco, Little Witch Academia... they're pretty godlike.

      I'd want Imaishi of TRIGGER to handle Sonic, his frantic animation style would be perfect for Sonic. 

  3. I'd be down for an animated intro/ending, but beyond that I'd rather they stick with S3&K transitions. If they did get an animated opening, ignoring all logical budget limitations, I'd want it done by TRIGGER; specifically Imaishi. That style of super frantic animation would be flawless for Sonic.
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2 announced. Fall 2017, PS4/XBO. Trailer on Thursday.

    1. Marcello


      I don't like it being called Red Dead Redemption 2.

    2. Candescence


      No PC again? Bloody hell, Rockstar.

  5. This game was the focus of a good chunk of the SAGE 2016 stream the other day: (Starts at 13:39) Some mild language, mind. It was... an experience, I can say that much. I'll probably try it out myself later.
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      You're out of control!

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      We are the @Tracker_TD. Lower your forums and surrender your members. We will add your biological and technological nah-ness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

    3. Soni.exe


      Go Back to Retro!

      I'll never surrender!

    4. Indigo Rush
  7. Sonic: Round 7 is a fangame created by TheEngineerKappa. It reimagines the Sonic CD Special Stages, and was created in Game Maker: Studio in a mere 3 weeks! The game boasts 7 stages from Sonic CD, a new boss stage, plus an additional secret or two for the best players. The way the stages play has been completely reworked, with the focus now being on collecting rings (destroying the UFOs is still the focus, as each UFO gives 10 rings). The gameplay is incredibly smooth, and far more rapid than the original Sonic CD Special Stages. The game is heavily inspired by classic arcade games, with leaderboards, time limits (that result in a straight Game Over if not met), and other small details. The game also seems to take some small influence from NiGHTS, with a similar Bonus Time feature to that game being included here. The game has a huge nod to a certain SEGA arcade game too, but I'll let you all find that yourselves... Sonic's controls are now redone; he's got an acceleration button, which feels great and allows superb control (which you'll need for tearing through these courses). The game also contains a Time Attack mode, and there's even an all new boss fight with Dr. Eggman, in the unused 8th round from Sonic CD! The music tracks are a mix of Sonic CD's own Special Stage music, as well as the sublime track used for said stages in Sonic 3D's Saturn version, and it all comes together to form an very arcade-y experience that caught me off guard with how fun it is. Sonic: Round 7 is finished, and available to download at SAGE 2016:
  8. Sonic Incursion is a 2.5D fangame by Ell678. It runs on the Sonic GDK engine, meaning momentum physics are here in full swing, and it's presented in 3D as per the Unreal Engine. There's a plot to this, involving a "Metallix Empire" attempting to rise to power, and Sonic's attempts to stop them. That's not all though, because the game boasts a second playable character; Metal Sonic. Sonic and Metal Sonic aren't just naff palette swaps either; the easiest way to think of it is Sonic is Classic Sonic, Metal is Modern Sonic. Sonic's just got his Sonic 2 moveset, so spindash and the like. Metal Sonic can't charge his spin dash, but to make up for it he's got, well, plenty else; a homing attack, the Maximum Overdrive (Boost), a stomp, etc. The two also apparently have slight differences in their stages. One of the main unique gimmicks of this fangame is that Act 3 of each Act introduces a unique gameplay style, such as an isometric 3D environment somewhat similar to Sonic 3D. It's an interesting idea, though how well it works is... subjective. The game looks fairly decent, if a bit patched together; it reminds me quite a bit of 06, which isn't exactly the strongest impression to make. The music's also mostly from 06 to boot. I found it alright, if a bit clunky; working in a 3D space, even when the gameplay is constrained to a 2D plane, leads to the game feeling somewhat off at points. The enemy design is also, again, very 06 and thus pretty forgettable. Saying all that, the momentum physics all work as they should, and it generally works without many glitches, which is a definite plus. You can give Sonic Incursion a go with the 2 Zone demo at SAGE 2016: Just bear in mind this is Unreal Engine; it shouldn't be too taxing given the relative simplicity of much of the game's environments, but it may not run well on older PCs or laptops.
  9. Sonic Boom and the Smash Crew is a masterpiece. ...oh er, ahem, it's a fangame by MetalSonic3. Smash Crew is a party fighting game, much in the way of Super Smash Bros, that first appeared at RAGE (Really Amateur Game Expo) and is now back as a fully fledged SAGE game. Your aim is to get your opponents respective percentage up by beating them up, then launching them off the stage for points. Fun for the whole family! This Sonic Boom themed take on Smash Bros collects all of your favourite Sonic Boom characters, such as Sonic, Knuckles, and Marine the Raccoon, into one big slamfest. All of the artwork is beautifully hand-drawn, with a unique take on the lovable heroes and not-so-heroes of the series. Even the stage art is lovingly rendered, after what must have been well over 300 hours in MS Paint. The game is surprisingly fleshed out, with a free battle mode, a Challenge Mode a la Super Smash Bros' event matches (some of which take the form of platforming levels), a traditional arcade mode, and local multiplayer. The cast are also brought to life through magnificent voice acting; Knuckles' superb VA may be a highlight. There's also plenty of power-ups such as FOX ONLY and even 8 unlockable characters! Hot damn. So yes. You should play Sonic Boom and the Smash Crew. You should play it right now. Demo available at SAGE:
  10. I wasn't even aware Knuckles was in there! How odd. Maybe it's a button code?
  11. Emerald Ties is a fangame by Emerald Team, that's been in on/off development since 2004. This thing's like, 12 years old. Hot damn. Anyway, it's got a new build at SAGE, running on the shiny newest version of the Sonic Worlds engine, one of the most popular and most widely used Sonic fangame engines. This new build is much improved over the version of the engine used in Sonic Before/After the Sequel however, and Emerald Ties particularly feels great; the physics are incredibly accurate to the classic series, which surprised me as I've never been too fond of Worlds. The game's a classic-style Sonic sidescroller, though Sonic's using his Sonic Adventure 2 design complete with rockin' SOAP shoes. In the SAGE build there's three acts to play, each from a different zone. There's also new powerups introduced in Emerald Ties, such as the Tornado Shield that allows Sonic to glide for a short time. Visually the game looks pretty nice, though I'm not 100% sold on Sonic's spritework. The music's also great, with Relic Retreat's theme being a particular highlight. On the whole I was pleasantly surprised by Emerald Ties; I found previous builds alright, but this build really represents an improvement. Later builds are also planned to include a time/score attack and leaderboard function, to add replayability. The demo for Emerald Ties is available at SAGE:
  12. LEGO Dimensions has an appearance from a rather Big Sonic character. 

  13. Sonic Neo Genesis is a fangame by Felik, attempting to recreate the feel and atmosphere of the Classic Sonic games with a 32-bit splash of paint and several features not found in the original titles. The game emphasises the 32-bit concept with clever use of 3D within the 2D atmosphere, and overall the presentation is wonderful; and the gameplay's pretty damn stellar too. Being a traditional Classic-style Sonic game, your aim is to make it through each level, and defeat the boss at the end of each Act (we're on the S3&K structure here, 2 acts with a boss in each). Throughout levels there's plenty of power-ups and routes to find, as well as Sonic coins that unlock new abilities for Sonic such as the Super Spin Dash and Elemental Shields. The physics are relatively on-point, and feels just about right. The current build of the game at SAGE has two levels, Tropical Madness Zone and City Lights Zone. City Lights in particular is utterly gorgeous. The music's also absolutely jammin', with CD-quality tunes all around. There's a lot of care put into the presentation, right down to the Sonic 3 style pre-rendered opening. Sonic's sprites are almost fully reshaded and... look slightly odd, but get the job done. I can't recommend trying this highly enough. It's a joy to play with incredibly clever level design and staggering production values. Well worth your time. Demo available here:
  14. I had some issues with running it as well, but then that permeated across all games; all I can suggest is either restarting your PC, or switching off Windows 8 mode in Options if it's on. Fixed it for me.