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  1. Hungarian retailer has an Xbox One version for pre-order. December 8th release date. No idea if it's true or not, though even with evidence that the PS4 ver is only a timed exclusive, it'd go against the 1 year exclusivity I recall hearing prior.
  2. I didn't notice anything particular game-breaking about Sun when I played it; and given this game is basically the same thing with a different story, I see no reason it'll be worse. As has already been said, if anything they'll have been able to optimise the engine since Sun/Moon for the new titles.
  3. Nakamura isn't a writer. 06 was written by Shiro Maekawa.
  4. This thread. It was made for me. Me and my... mockups. Idea #1: Use the extended Sonic cast for the most logical thing, a Musou/Warriors game. It'd be a great way to use Sonic's super-fast action in a 3D space, in a way beyond a platformer or racing game. Also, scarves. The world needs more scarves, Boom naysayers be damned. Idea #2: Put those lovely people at French Bread (or ArcSys, but FB are probably more realistic) onto a proper SEGA fighter. Just stick it on the Dengeki Bunko FCI engine and I'd buy like, 5 copies. I'd take this over just a Sonic-only fighter tbh; more room for variation, I reckon. Idea #3: Remake Sonic Drift, but make it a proper Power Drift sequel. Sonic Drift is actually a spinoff to Power Drift in several ways, just limited heavily by the GG hardware. Give it a proper makeover with Power Drift style scaling, rotation and the like, get someone good like M2 to handle it (a la how they remade Fantasy Zone II, developing it on the System 16 hardware in the year 2008) and then stick it on the eShop a la the 3D Classics for £8 or something, and I'd be there. Idea #4: SONIC RHYTHM GAME. This mockup ain't even done, but c'mon. A rhythm game would be the perfect application for boost-style gameplay; keep the rollercoaster-like nature of the boost games but make the player more involved than holding boost and jumping a bit, while utilising the incredible music the series offers (also throw in some eurobeat because you gotta have eurobeat in a rhythm game). Wireframe concept here is less so a nod to Rez and more a way of ensuring a smooth framerate; though looking at Forces you could probably do more with it tbh. --- Alright, that's the main ones in my hoax/leak/mockup portfolio. Until I make another one, anyway.
  5. Ah, thanks for telling me that. I was always very fond of that Knuckles art, especially that stilted smile that Richard Elson used for a while too. 

    1. ShroomZed


      *stilted frown, really. 

  6. Sonic 3's EU boxart was by Duncan Gutteridge; I've got a print of the Knuckles art!
  7. There's something very off about this art from Japan's SEGA MAGA. Those spikes, man. Guess they were still deciding how to depict Modern from the front. While not particularly bad, the existence of an official human Sonic by the designer of Hatsune Miku, KEI, is something I'm probably never going to get the chance to bring up on here otherwise, so have at it. Also Tails is a girl here, because of course. ...I actually have one of the SeHa light novels where human Sonic appears. He uh, shouts at something I guess? Since I mentioned Miku I'm also obligated to mention the opposite to the above; that is, Sonic artist Yuji Uekawa's take on Hatsune Miku, for the Project DIVA extend pre-order album. Another thing I own for some reason!
  8. Talking. Whole lotta talking. Talky-talking.
  9. Data Discs are absolutely perfect for this. My hype at the initial tease back at SXSW was kinda dulled bc I assumed they'd go to IAm8Bit for it (and sod those guys, seriously), so I'm really glad to see a company far more deserving of the release get it. To be honest, Data Discs releases tend to come with a bunch of additional art (posters, cards etc), so if not that exact art we'll prolly get some kind of poster with it. Sample from the vinyl:
  10. Amazon JP do ship some items wordwide; if these don't fit that bill then there's probably proxy services for it. US-based site Tokyo Otaku Mode also got ANIPPON's other SEGA shoes in, so they may well get these in at some point.
  11. Yeah, fair play. Reworking level design, making new graphics, making new music, all that (and per act, too)... it just wouldn't be worth it when that time could go to more important things. I like Ocelot's suggestion though!
  12. GHZ 2 ain't cleanly ripped yet, but it's a strong contender for my favourite track so far. It's so goddamn NiGHTS. Like seriously, the style gives me all the Good NiGHTS Vibes, which is great given the whole Saturn aesthetic Mania's gunning for. The boss music is absolutely jammin' too. The game's soundtrack continues to impress overall though. Like, Chemical Plant 2 somehow takes the original and obliterates it. That good. Whew.
  13. GRANDLIFE.gif

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      Indigo Rush

      HE LIVES

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      brb gotta go post in every single Mania thread

      Making up for lost time, lads

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      I don't get it.

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      Fusion Force

      Is that the STIG?

  14. Forces GHZ is far more uninspired than the one in Mania. Hey shit, that was easy.
  15. I thought the age limit for this place was 13? I expect this kinda snark from a 7 year old.