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  1. New trailer is up, with some Sonical bits:
  2. I've been working on a manual for Mania, this clearly gives me authority on the plot. So BEHOLD: There, sorted. Nailed it. 100% accurate prediction.
  3. Yeah, this was confirmed when the game was announced. Playstation Blog mentioned it: Tax also specifically stated there'll be levels from both 3 AND & Knuckles on GAF.
  4. Good catch! Looks like we'll be going deeper underground, S1 SMS style then. Exciting stuff.
  5. Felt obligatory for me to do something, so here's admittedly a bit of a rushjob (Blame the JPEG compression on imgur): Based on Nancy Drew.
  6. It's not necessarily going be one returning zone per game.
  7. New footage. Highlights include: 4:17 - Sonic 06 joke 8:00 - The glorious return of AW YEAH, THIS IS HAPPENIN'
  8. The Japanese Fighters Megamix Guide book from SoftBank arrived in the post today! It's awesome; tons of high quality art of the characters, which I love. Also has some art of Bean and Bark I've never seen before!

    1. VEDJ-F


      I think that's the one I got a few weeks ago. 

    2. Tracker_TD


      Just checked, the one you've got was from Famitsu; this is a different one. Doesn't have the comics, sadly. 

    3. VEDJ-F


      I wanted the one from Famitsu, but the one that came through was from Soft Bank, I checked the spine. It doesn't have the comics. 

    4. Tracker_TD


      Oh right, in that case it'll be the one I got, aye 

  9. Cs4kqRYWIAA27BD.jpg

    Looks like there's a new episode of Hi-Scool SeHa Girls incoming, suddenly. It's not just MD, Saturn and DC this time either; MDII, Master System, SEGA MKIII and Robo-Pitcher have models now. 


    1. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Mega Drive II and Shadow the Hedgehog girl are my favorites right now hehe

      I loved this show, so I'm glad they're making another episode!

    2. RosaRosaRosalina


      hit me up when the sega pico comes along


      that's when this show'll be worth watching

    3. Ristar


      no game gear? :c

  10. You really think it was Whitehead's decision alone to add in all the old levels and stuff? You don't think maybe that was a compromise from SEGA, to tie into the Anniversary? This post's daft anyways (the romantic side of Sonic? Eh?) but I'm not worried. Tiny details like the Marble UFO streetlights and Club SEGA refs in Studiopolis show more than an understanding of art direction and developing an interesting and populated world, and the engine is perfect for Classic Sonic. If Spark the Electric Jester is to your fancy... maybe it's not a Sonic game you're after then?
  11. I'm holding my breath until we know the ratio of Classic to New levels. Could be anything at this point. Saying that, as long as the old levels are reimagined enough (and GHZ Act 1 alone gives me faith) I'll probably be fine.
  12. I don't expect to hear anything much else on Project 2017 until, well, 2017; even then, I don't think it's unreasonable to assume they'll only start dropping PR2017 info after Mania releases.
  13. Thing with the brighter shade in the edit above is it hangs closer to the shinier style seen in Sonic 3 onwards, whereas what I think they were going for was the more muted Sonic 1 style: I have tweaked Sonic's colours slightly for my Saturn Mania boxart, but it hangs much closer to the original colours than the Sonic 3 style. I've no idea why they'd go back to the Sonic 1 style instead of 3 onwards given it's obviously after 1 and the Sonic artwork used for Mania is from much later to my recollection (This set may be around '95-97? Similar material appears in SpikeOut IIRC) - but I also don't care because I much prefer the Sonic 1 shading style to Sonic 3's.
  14. Not quite; it's based on licensing art.
  15. I've gotten back to tweaking my own take on the boxart. Not 100% done yet, obviously, but I think so far it's alright. Knuckles is, like Sonic, based on licensing artwork; but completely reshaded by me. Tails is based on Tails Adventure artwork, and reshaded, though not to the extent of Knuckles.