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  1. EN voice credits for PuyoTetris are starting to roll in. Arle's new English VA is Erica Mendez (Ryuko in KLK, Morgana in P5) and Satan's VA is... Xander Mobus, the Smash Bros announcer!? 

    1. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Huh, they got some good ones. I'm a bit surprised, but glad too.

    2. BlueTidalGamer


      Xander in that role is so ironic! XD

  2. I'm not sure where folks are getting the "more fluid than Generations" stuff from; Classic appears to actually lose momentum after doing just about anything in this. Most notable when hitting enemies and due to the hilarious amount of springs dotted about.
  3. My main issue is still the level design. It's so automated and hold-righty that it's approaching parody. Tiny ledge? Have a spring (that appears to cancel all momentum)! Tiny loop? Have a booster pad! Level design? Here's a bunch of straight lines! It's nigh parody, particularly with the first example (which occurs multiple times within the level, somehow). The music is ass. I was initially incredibly happy to hear an unfamiliar track, before I realised it's basically Sonic 4 Electric Boogaloo. Blegh.
  4. Towards the end, it looks like the Drop Dash from Mania is in.
  5. Footage of the entirety of Classic Sonic's GHZ stage.
  6. SA1's got plenty of collision issues (and perhaps some control issues too, but I've just gotten used to those by now), animation problems up the arse, some hilariously bad voice acting (not helped by some pretty obviously bad translation), a few spotty bosses, and Big the Cat. SA2's got the mess that was Treasure Hunting and the plodding Mech Stages, questionable voice acting, arguably worse Sonic stages than SA1 (and even Shadow's stages aren't as fun as Sonic's most of the time), more animation and translation issues (pertaining to the lipsync), and it's incredibly daft anime nonsense and/or often tryhard plot. SA2 also requires the Chao Garden for 100% completion, and sod that. There's the kart racing levels too, but I'm one of the three people that likes those things so w/e. Like damn, I love SA1, but it's pretty damn naff. SA2's even worse.
  7. Funny you should mention that... I should actually get back to working on this, huh. I'll likely release the .pdf for printing purposes, once it's all done and dusted.
  8. As long as reducing them to a pile of bolts is fun, I don't think I could give less of a shit about the Heavies' allegiance.
  9. Taxman's gone on record as hating CD's layout; the Mania layouts barely go to that styling from what I've played and seen. CD was open to allow for as much backtracking as possible; particularly flashy speed-sections and linear progress weren't a focus, because the idea was to explore for the Time Signposts and Generators. Mania's design is pretty evidently more linear, with a great number of paths to choose from. It's pushing you towards the goal unless you actively try to push back and go back (like in much of the Polygon footage, which fair play, that's what Nick was trying to do). I'd say the only way this game's really going to the CD side of things is in aesthetic and music, which CD did best anyways.
  10. Somehow, I think we're going to be fine, especially since the level design thus far is particularly evocative of 3&K anyway.
  11. More from the Famitsu interview with Iizuka. The gist; "On the developing process: The dev team, SOA producer and Iizuka are constantly in contact. The dev team brings up the concept first in texts, then Iizuka corrects them. The dev team then designs the levels based on this correction, and Iizuka looks at it again to add adjustments to such as the places to place rings, the terrain shape etc." "There was no discrepancy between my idea and theirs. On the contrary, since all of the dev team members are the mania of manias, they really know the points well. Creating 2D Sonic’s map requires a lot of skills, but to my surprise, they create good maps since they know the past games so well.” More in the Twitter thread.
  12. Yes. Yes there absolutely is so. ... ;p
  13. He meant the tweet "You'll never see it coming" is referring to the Persona 5 track. As for the Japanese, no idea. Going off Google Translate's photo mode mcguffin, the Japanese below "ACTION" does seem to mention "more clues" but not actually any clues as such. The others are all too garbled through Translate to make out. The one under jump spits out "Pride comes before a fall," so there's that I guess? Friend just chimed in to say under Spin Dash it says ""Good morning Kondo-san. How are you?""
  14. Anyway, today's cool thing; I finally got to the bottom of the unique Sonic art in SpikeOut. According to Naoto Ohshima, it was actually a test to see how just slightly changing Sonic from the Classic design to his Modern design would go. It wasn't supposed to be published, so he was quite surprised to see it made it into a game! 


    1. Ferno


      they kept trying to give him fangs

  15. I very much doubt Forces is gonna come anywhere near close to "killing Sonic"

    Like, I think it's gonna suck as it stands, but "killing Sonic" bad? Naaaaaaaaaah. It looks like a sunny walk through the park compared to like, Boom in that regard. 

    1. Strickerx5


      It's literally getting a lot of love by the general public.

      Only the fanbase seems up in arms about it...

    2. Tracker_TD


      I think we're looking at a different public. :v 

      PCGamer's Highs and Lows list for instance included both Mania and Forces; Mania was only on the "lows" list so they had a direct comparison for how bad they thought Forces looked, and that Mania being on a "lows" list was basically a joke. 

    3. Chris Knopps

      Chris Knopps

      Ehhh... I think it might make people feel Sonic is a bit too samey-samey but not kill him.

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      It won't kill Sonic the Brand

      But it isn't doing Sonic the Game any favors

    5. Cyrus


      I don't think anything could ever kill Sonic unless Sega decided to pull a Capcom on their Mario equivalent, which is as likely as Iizuka repressing his dash pad fetish

    6. Strickerx5


      @Tracker_TDI don't see how one journalist on a gaming site counts as the general public but I see your point (even if the entire article itself seems like a joke piece). I'm just going off of the other places I go to and general conversations in daily life.

      From those, it sort of makes some of the discussions on here feel... dramatic to say the least.