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  1. Why doesnt Sonic retain a theme Song

    Weirdly, there is a relatively consistent theme that's appeared a decent bit throughout the series, that isn't Green Hill Zone. Sonic - You Can Do Anything. - Green Hills in Sonic 2-8 bit - Main Theme of Sonic CD - Mecha GHZ in Sonic Chaos - Invincibility in Sonic Drift - Arguably appears briefly in SA1 and SA2's Invincibility themes - Ocean View in Sonic Racing Transformed Beyond CD it's not really applied as a character theme as such, but it's still somewhat notable that the song's got more to it than CD.
  2. Continuity In Sonic Would Be Great

    No, Sonic changed his shoes in SA2 because SEGA got a licensing deal with SOAP. He doesn't enjoy shoes, SEGA/SOAP enjoy money. They changed his entire design in Riders to suit the extreme sports look anywho.
  3. Continuity In Sonic Would Be Great

    A lot of these can be explained by a single reason - Sonic is a game. Sonic hasn't forgotten how to drift in Forces, for instance. It's just not programmed into the game. Not everything needs some kind of 'canon explanation', it's just vidya game logic. Innit. Likewise for instance, Sonic hasn't mentioned Soleanna because there's no reason for him to beyond 'fanservice'. In inverted commas, because nobody really wants to remember 06, c'mon.
  4. UQVoZqt.gif

    Messed with After Effects today, wound up with this.

    It's Sonic Drift... with more Power. 

    1. Clewis


      Stop making me want things that will never exist.

    2. A hyper KING heavy engine

      A hyper KING heavy engine

      I love the new retro look they gave the new sonic and sega all-stars 3. Just like what they did for sonic mania.:wink:

    3. ShroomZed


      Sonic is Jeremy Clarkson confirmed

  5. Boost Sonic is the only way to make 3D Sonic.

    There was no such "missing context" in the rest of the post, I cut it for brevity - you did say what was written there, there was no "but Werehog" qualifier of any sort or "just boost gameplay", just "Unleashed was the best received".
  6. Boost Sonic is the only way to make 3D Sonic.

    You said reviewers praised Unleashed above the other games. I pointed out why that was bogus, and then Jez pointed out why that was bogus even in the context of purely the Boost formula. You can't just brand anyone who disagrees with you a 'troll,' that's not how debate works.
  7. Boost Sonic is the only way to make 3D Sonic.

    Ooh, mature. Jez already debunked your second point anyway, so don't get snappy, kid.
  8. Boost Sonic is the only way to make 3D Sonic.

    Rewriting history is a real fun pastime, but in arguments it's not particularly recommended.
  9. Sonic Needs Rebranded

    "Sonic's been in a bad game so Sonic needs a rebrand" is something I've seen a bizarre amount of on here recently. Sonic doesn't need a rebrand that'd divide fans once again, Sonic needs to be in good games. The last 'rebranding' of Sonic wasn't Colours - Convoy is correct in that it was Unleashed. Frankly the current brand image for Sonic works fine, outside of the fact the games are naff - and let's not rewrite history here, because Generations and even Colours did pretty well in reviews. Sonic's brand image isn't the issue, the quality of game mechanics such as controls and the like are the issue, particularly in Forces. All you seem to want is Sonic to be rebranded into something "serious", which if anything would make Sonic's brand perception worse. Forces was laughed at widely for being tryhard outside of close-knit Sonic circles, and I don't think doubling-down on that angle is going to work wonders for the brand's image.
  10. Tails' role in Forces.

    Yeah in hindsight that was a dumb point given Tails' development in SA1 and SA2. Shit, Tails literally thinks he sees Sonic die in SA2 and five seconds later he's firing everything he has in Eggman's direction.
  11. The Future of SEGA: Grim or glorious?

    Sonic fans really like to forget that SEGA are responsible for far more than Sonic. The Yakuza series is going from strength to strength, they basically have a monopoly on the PC RTS market, Football Manager exists, and if you're really only focused on Sonic, Mania was apparently their strongest title during the recent financial period, with SEGA doubling game sales over this time last year. SEGA aren't going anywhere, anytime soon. Even with games like Puyo Tetris unfortunately not doing so well, there's also their Japanese market to consider (KanColle Arcade alone likely made them utter bank last year). Asking about the future of SEGA as a whole just because Forces blows ass is hyperbole at it's greatest - asking about the future of Sonic Team is more sensible.
  12. DOJU9OsWkAASCty.jpg


    Mania 2, BAYBEE 

    1. Dejimon11


      We still don't have the exact sales figures for Mania

    2. Tracker_TD


      Given these figures (which are now around 110k at least) as well as it remaining at #1 on the eShop for ages, appearing towards the top of August's PSN charts, and being specifically cited in SEGA's financial report as a strong performer, I'd say it's done fine. 

    3. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      Well according to this data... It's sold more than 60,000 units more than Forces.

      As a percentage that's 1442.56% increase...

      For a game which coated less to make and was better received and has nearly the same RRP.


    4. Dejimon11


      Yeah it's doing fine I just wish we saw exactly how ya know? Like for example Cuphead sold 1 million in 2 weeks and that was across 2 weeks. I think that would be something they would of announced by now considering how the social media team had faith in it. 

    5. TheOcelot


      SEGA like to keep sales figures close to their chest.

  13. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    'K, let's check OpenCritic with 15 critics. http://opencritic.com/game/4793/sonic-forces Oh, right. There's not some Metacritic conspiracy, the game's just a bit naff apparently.
  14. What is so bad about Forces gameplay?

    I've seen people hypothesise that they reverse-engineered Lost World into a Boost game, which while that would be bloody bizarre, stands to reason.
  15. What is so bad about Forces gameplay?

    Remember Generations? Imagine that with the level design cut in half lengthwise, and with much of what exploration was available neutered. Also, make half of it 2D, and have the platforming be blockier than many Mario games. Then axe much of Sonic's versatile moveset from Generations, including the drift, and make his acceleration the equivalent of Lost World but with the run button to switch removed (leaving an awkward jolt in its place between acceleration 'gears'). Classic I can't attest to since I haven't played the full game so I can't say I have a feel for his controls, but his level design looks naff. Then there's the avatar... whew. I like the concept honestly, but the attached gameplay is executed really damn poorly. But you didn't ask about that, so I'll save my metaphorical breath.