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  1. Tracker_TD

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    Mark Cerny is making far more at PlayStation than he ever would at SEGA. Man’s making the PS5. He’d never go back.
  2. I probably should've updated that thread when 1.04 rolled around... oops. Anywho as I said over there, SRB2 Kart is something I love. I've been on a bit of a break from it recently but I'm planning to jump back in now (and just finished a new mod for it to boot).
  3. Tracker_TD

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Oh aye, this is just our first image of it (and that in the JP version, it's literally referred to as "Gacha").
  4. Tracker_TD

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    https://game.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1176/345/index.html Loooooot Boxes. Or rather, gacha. This article doesn't mention any paid method, fortunately, so it's likely just going to be like Mario Kart 8 where you unlock stuff at coin intervals.
  5. Both are implemented at the same time.
  6. If you have 3 on Steam, it automatically detects. Since I believe it uses the ROM in some way, I'm not sure how it'd run if you didn't. I believe you can trick it with a generic ROM but Steam is the easiest method. Probably not, since it relies on the Steam version primarily. It's much like the mod support the SEGA MD Collection has on Steam.
  7. Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited (or Sonic 3 A.I.R. for short) is a mod... remake... thing of Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It takes the Steam version of Sonic 3 and overhauls it using an external .exe, adding 16:9 support, Achievements (with unlockables attached to them, a la the Mania Medallions), options for both emulated and remastered soundtracks, level design tweaks, new control options (Tails can drop out of his flight into ball form), a Time Attack mode, and much, much more. Essentially, it's the Taxman version of Sonic 3 we've been waiting for, and the full game released today! I can't believe how quickly the remake's creator, Eukaryot, managed to get it all together - the full Sonic 3 & Knuckles experience is here, from Angel Island all the way to the Doomsday Zone, now in 16:9, 60fps, with smooth Mania style rotations and all! I've yet to play through the game in full, but this is a seriously impressive effort. I'm not sure to what extent we'll be seeing updates (I'd love the ability to play through the game with the prototype level order), but huge props to Eukaryot.
  8. On the contrary, this is very standard movie marketing. The same thing happened with Detective Pikachu.
  9. Given the Cinemacon trailer for Bumblebee launched 2 months after its CinemaCon debut, I’m not expecting the Sonic trailer to drop for about a month or so right now. Granted, Bee had to undergo reshoots which may have impacted the trailer launch timing, but I’d still say a month is a solid guesstimate. How in god’s name is it 2019 and this grudge is still going IGN is not hivemind - I mean for christ’s sake, its global publishing manager made this site!
  10. https://twitter.com/ign/status/1114400340030320640?s=21 Fairly In-depth scene by scene recount of the trailer here, with some definitely accurate visuals to help
  11. Given Slashfilm mentions rings being used for transportation and Eggman gradually turning into his game counterpart, it sounds like the Reddit AMA was legit too.
  12. Tracker_TD

    Team Sonic Racing - Team Up Trailer

    There's also the matter of the text not really resembling the Phantom Ruby's design in Forces. If it were actually a hint, they'd probably go with that. I get it, some folks are really desperate to blow the ending of Mania Plus into some pivotal canon moment, but... sometimes games just have humour. The sight of Eggman being flung from the cart into the portal was just there because it's funny. It's not another crazy game link.
  13. Tracker_TD

    Team Sonic Racing - Team Up Trailer

    On a level geometry level - yes they're straight lines and turns. You're forgetting setpieces that actually set the levels apart - and example in Mario Kart might be something like the cannons, or the wavy roads and loops in Rainbow Road, or conveyor belts, etc etc. There's not much in the way of that in the footage here besides the buzzsaw in the Planet Wisp bit. Again - we know they're there in at least some stages (like the anti-gravity bit in Mother's Canyon) but they're just not really being shown or aren't all that common. It's more tame stuff like "here's a flat road... with laser beams on it". Arguably the cannons fall into that too but I dunno - they at least feel exciting in the context of Mario Kart. As for Crash, they've actually marketed Crash using gameplay, so no, I wouldn't. EDIT: As for the pillars, apparently they're in the Team Gameplay spotlight too, suggesting they are indeed just Wisp items.
  14. Tracker_TD

    Team Sonic Racing - Team Up Trailer

    "Crash Team Racing has linear level design, excluding the parts where it doesn't have linear level design" isn't exactly a great argument. That being said - even if Crash can be considered to have linear level design, that doesn't really excuse it here. The footage shown here is very 'straight line' esque. There's no much in the way of interesting diversions for variety of anything, it's just long roads with curves and stuff, maybe the occasional jump, like something out of a simulator game. That's not to say they're all like this, because we know they aren't - the customisation trailer footage showed as much. But it's puzzling why they'd go with relatively boring footage to promote it.
  15. Tracker_TD

    Team Sonic Racing - Team Up Trailer

    The track footage was definitely a lot less interesting than the customisation trailer/b-roll footage, yeah. And the rock obstacles look extremely out of place. Hrm. I want to put this down to them just picking bad footage but given my earlier reservations on the tracks them being overly linear wouldn't surprise me. Alternatively - perhaps the obstacles could be an item? I dunno if we've seen them all yet.

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