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  1. Marza have been putting out art of the Unleashed ghosts consistently for like, a year now. It's just a way to raise awareness of their own properties - they frequently draw them interacting with characters from their other IP, for example. Given the amount of fanart they receive from fans who only know them for their Sonic work, I kind of expected them to throw Sonic fans a bone at some point - but I don't think it's implying a new animation or anything like that. It's just a cute way to thank Sonic fans for supporting their Twitter.
  2. https://www.segadriven.com/2020/02/numerous-sega-soundtracks-vanish-from-spotify-overnight-including-virtua-fighter-puyo-puyo-and-team-sonic-racing-osts/

    A not-small number of SEGA soundtracks have been removed from Spotify, including bizarrely, Team Sonic Racing's OST.

  3. This isn't just a collection of pirated PC games - you do need the actual original games in order to use them within the Reloaded program.
  4. Towards the end of last year, I actually catalogued all of the Sonic Twitter's posts from last year. I mostly did it as a way to debunk the "Adventure focus" they'd supposedly had, but it works for this purpose too. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BvGVKvE3KfgTS-fUS0blLIAmm8cc7vn1/view?usp=sharing Out of the posts catalogued there, only one was about Sonic 2006. And it wasn't even dunking on 06 either! And as of more recent, their only Sonic 06 related post was less a joke about 06's problems and more just a joke about Sonic dying and coming back to life. In response to a Peanut advert. A lot of the frequent criticisms of the Sonic social media are fairly outdated by now - even the meme usage has been considerably cut back, and if there are memes they're usually just memes spawned from actual Sonic media. It's not a 100% solid rule, but still. That may have something to do with Aaron being on a bit of a sabbatical, as Katie's been running the show instead for quite a while now, as far as I'm aware. All the complaints of self-awareness here feel like they're from someone who hasn't actually looked at the Sonic media in a fairly decent while.
  5. Jak and Daxter were actually owned by Sony, so it's different. A better example a la Snake and Cloud would be say, Crash Bandicoot - who was the 'mascot' of the Playstation, but is now owned by Activision. Like I said, it's not totally impossible that someone like Jax could get in, but I wouldn't have expected it over a character like Byleth.
  6. No, they're Square Enix and Konami characters respectively.
  7. I don't really see what Nintendo would get out of putting in a Sony character. At least with Banjo & Kazooie, they were darlings of the N64 era, and Microsoft's put a few things they own on Switch, such as Ori, so you can argue it's mutually beneficial (especially PR-wise). Not that it's impossible, but it makes a lot more sense for Ninty to have put in the main protagonist of a massively successful game of their own than a company who's main tie to them is a major fallout that resulted in one of their largest competitors.
  8. Whew, Cyberpunk just got delayed to September. Squeenix breathing a big long sigh of relief there, then. 

    1. Soniman


      Fucking everything is getting delayed 

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Don't worry @Soniman, because Byleth is still coming on January 28th and that will tide you over until September.

    3. AlphaRuby


      Isn’t Squeenix’s Avengers out in September?

    4. Soniman


      Byleth can tide me over for a decade honestly 

  9. Just gonna echo what I said on Twitter: While it can be seen as an anti-climax, I think leaving Byleth till last probably made some sense. They'll have wanted to get the big hitters, the huge surprises, out of the way earlier to get people to buy the Pass sooner - by now most people who were gonna buy the Pass have it, so they already got their money and it's not like they can take it back - whereas a pick like Byleth earlier on might've made people uneasy about buying that pass given the reputation Fire Emblem's garnered with a lot of Smash fans. Anyway, I'm not mad about it. Byleth looks fun, the stage in particular looks crazy-good, and I love the Mii outfits we're getting. Main thing for me is that Arle still hasn't shown up as a Mii outfit, and with six more fighters on the plate... I've got my fingers crossed.
  10. New Sonic remix from Tee and Senoue - Under Ground Zone from Sonic 2 8-Bit!? 


  11. While not a SEGA AGES title, M2's just put out a game in Japan I'd like to bring attention to (and hey, SEGA's on the copyright so I suppose it counts) The latest game in their ShotTriggers shmup line, ESP RA.DE PSI has just been released in Japan on Nintendo Switch and PS4. For those unaware, ShotTriggers is a bit like AGES but for shmups, although they do quite a bit more than AGES to try and justify their far more expensive price tag. In this case, ESP Ra.De has never seen a release outside of Japanese arcades due to legal issues with Atlus publishing it originally. I guess because they work with SEGA so much, who now own Atlus, M2 were finally able to cut a deal and sort it. Rather than playing as a spaceship, you take control of one of three ESP wielding kids, and blow shit up. It's a bullet hell game, and immensely satisfying to play - and there's a slew of extra stuff in this version, like new modes, new voice acting, a newly arranged soundtrack, an entirely new character to play as, and... a room designer side-mode for the characters? Huh. Anyway, interestingly it's been found that there's a fully translated list of trophies for the PS4 version, which one of the previous games in this line, Ketsui Deathtiny, didn't have. Which gives me some hope that this might make its way overseas - perhaps SEGA are more interested in getting it out here alongside their AGES titles than Cave were alone?
  12. All the Adventure hype lead up to something far better than an SA Remake it gave us the anime space opera 20 years in the making
  13. Assuming Vergeben's not talking out his ass (which is steadily becoming harder and harder to believe):
  14. Sabi's dropped another apparent deconfirm: With that said...
  15. To be fair, he didn't know that - it was based on 'Dust Hill' to him, because he evidently didn't know that Dust Hill was just Mystic Cave's early name, like we didn't until a week or so ago.
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