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  1. I actually thought about Illbleed too honestly. I wish I hadn't because that game scares me to death, but it definitely sprung to mind. I'm pretty certain it's this Humankind thing, but it would be funny if SEGA suddenly turned around like "yeah we own Illbleed now". Back when SEGA did its round of Dreamcast ports I actually saw several requests for a port of it - I assume they saw Zodick and thought SEGA actually made the game.
  2. Teaser site is live. SEGA trademarked "Humankind" back in December.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  4. While that's true, I was under the impression Netflix Castlevania is really well-liked compared to the disaster he's talking about here. So I think he can get away with pointing it out.
  5. SEGA AGES Columns 2 released, Columns 2 is hard. The game is seriously insanely difficult. I've read at least 5 separate tweets from players who spent 4 hours on Stage 7. Out of 70. ...anyway the good news is I'm insane and poured 20+ hours into beating it, so here's everything in the Jewel Case so you don't have to Suffer Like G did.
  6. so altogether it took me about 8 hours to beat Stage 21 of Columns 2




  7. SEGA AGES: Columns 2 released in Japan today. I got it and for the first time in the AGES series I can finally say:


    why did M2 do this for AGES, this game sucks ass 

  8. Possibly, but the only announcement we know for sure right now is this AAA one. Also amended the OP because I forgot Relic are currently working for Microsoft on Age of Empires IV. The plot thickens. Again.
  9. "NiGHTS Dream Wheel" doesn't sound like a AAA title to me. Maybe a VR doss game at the most. Anyway - it's not the Creative Assembly thing, at any rate.
  10. Yakuza says hello. Hell, I'd be inclined to say Sakura Wars also says hello. Their RTS titles such as Total War are certainly no slouches either.
  11. Gamescom is nigh! Europe's very own E3 is approaching and SEGA's gonna be there. In addition to apparently being involved in the Doritos Pope's opening night stream, SEGA will be showing off upcoming stuff like Catherine Full Body, Two-Point Hospital for consoles, the Mega Drive Mini - and a new Triple A title, too! From their Gamescom PR: So yeah, something's a comin'. Shin Yakuza is getting unveiled on August 29th, so to be brutally honest it probably won't be that. Creative Assembly's been busy, but apparently it's not them. Along the same lines, Relic's been fairly quiet recently (Relic's on Age of Empires IV, oops). Time will tell, anyway! Just uh... maybe don't get your hopes up for Sonic Goes to the Store 2: Electric Boogaloo or whatever. I still recall when everyone thought a blatant SEGA 3D Classics teaser was Sonic 4 Episode III...
  12. Sorry to double-post, but news innit: Columns 2 launches this week! As previously mentioned, extra content includes a Endless Mode, an unlockable gallery featuring the art used in the SEGA AGES series’ cameo-rich intros, netplay, and even a single-player version of the original Columns. This marks the first time Columns 2 has seen an international release, too!
  13. I mean to be fair They mention Ado and Sylux in the post and their Twitter has fanart of Sylux and Ado hanging out being pals, which I can't say is something I expect many people to have drawn.
  14. For Sonic 1 and 2? New Wave/R&B. ...or at least that's what Wikipedia pins Dreams Come True as, and for all intents and purposes Sonic 1 and 2's music is really just Dreams Come True music. Like even beyond Nakamura being part of the band, quite a few of the tracks very blatantly reference DCT songs - even outside of the outright intended one, Sweet Sweet Sweet in S2's ending.
  15. Incidentally storyboarder and creator of Mao Mao Parker Simmons showed concept art for a young Crinkley and... ...yeah.
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