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  1. What's defensive? I'm just refuting what others are saying. And yeah, maybe they will. They ain't, so tough innit.
  2. I'd argue thicker skin is needed. Innocuous video or not, I think it was dumb. Hilariously petty, innit. All of my Sonic fanart's innocuous, but damn right I'd tear my old stuff to shreds nowadays on account of it being utter wank. Tough, innit.
  3. Yeah, and anyone can critique it or praise it as they see fit, innit. Nobody's obliged to like something just because "someone made this!!", nor should they be told to hush because they didn't like it. Also this "only 30 seconds of gameplay" excuse is bloody nonsense. Else it's time to laugh at anyone praising it based on 30 seconds, too.
  4. Sonic fans are really talented; they actually managed to make me glad that Classic's the one in Forces!
  5. Yeah, regardless of what they said 6 years ago, it's pretty evident they don't think there's an 'Adventure Sonic' today. Also pretty sure they never revealed anything to do with an 'Adventure Sonic,' so much as there was a rumour there was gonna be at one stage (a pretty dubious one) IIRC EDIT: Also yeah everything that Blue Blood said, innit
  6. Colours is flaming piss. Half the sodding game's filler acts, with an overabundance of 2D and a neutered Unleashed/Generations moveset reduced to context-sensitivity as a result of the naff level design. But some folks find it to be good, and that's OK innit
  7. C7UZXVHX4AQ50RQ.jpg:large

    1. TCB


      Did people ape Mania's style before this tho

      Bet that got boring after a while for them dang sonictubers

    2. Tracker_TD


      See but the Mania style is just the general Classic Sonic aesthetic

      There's far more room for variation and it's more inherently Sonic

      ...unless they're just aping all the fancy orange shit in which case yeah I agree

    3. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      I'm tempted just to do that with the phrase "Okay. I won't ape this design for my channel" as the tagline in it for shits and giggles.

  8. There's a statement, then. It's... a thing?
  9. I'm OK with Flying Battery looking similar to the original; the only suggestion I keep seeing for aesthetic changes is "make it destroyed!" or "make it in ruins!" and just Nah I do love the idea of a thunderstorm gimmick though, gives me Sonic 1 Master System vibes and I could always go for those.
  10. Pfft, Drake's new stuff just premiered on Apple Music

    His new track 'KMT' samples... His World from Sonic 06.

    Well then.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I need to hear this.

    2. Ferno
  11. What a twist! Anyway: Good question. I could go for one more new zone, and maybe one or two more Classic zones. But yeah, your point about the new zones being revealed is fair too, so who knows.
  12. Yeah, SEGA don't see him as another Sonic. So uh, yeah. Also worth noting this mythical Dreamcast Sonic never actually showed up in Generations in the end, innit.