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  1. Tracker_TD

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    http://www.premiereline.com.br/2018/12/ccxp-2018-bumblebee-sonic-cemiterio.html via Translate: "Sonic's preview made Cinemark's audience agitated. The teaser began with a close on the face of the hedgehog, which is at the same time as caricature, textured and realistic. Something in Detective Pikachu's suit."
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  3. Tracker_TD

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    SEGA AGES: OUTRUN has been released on the Japanese eShop! The bad news is, the "global release" plan is well and truly dead in the water - SEGA has confirmed OutRun is only due out in the West for 2019. In brighter news, this is probably one of the highlights of the series so far. SEGA AGES OutRun boasts: 60fps, widescreen support (with all those lovely graphic filters) OutRun 3DS' car tuning feature The 3DS original tracks (Camino Mi Amor and Cruising Line) A slew of newly arranged tracks for the OutRun arcade soundboard! These are Step-On Beat (OutRun MD), Midnight Highway (OutRun 3-D SMS), Radiation (OutRun 2SP) and a track that actually goes beyond the soundboard - DRIVER'S MEGAMIX VOL.1. Driver's Megamix Vol. 1 is a synthwave medley of the original OutRun tracks and it's bloody magnificent. Overall, a really nice package and I'm glad it's already here (at least, if you know how to get JP eShop credit sorted).
  4. Tracker_TD

    Team Sonic Racing Comic

    I think the person who originally uploaded these images to Twitter from iBooks accidentally wrote on them with his iPad/Phone somehow. The squiggle isn't there on the iBooks store.
  5. I was using Sonic 3 as an example of the established tone/audience of the series, and why I thought Shadow was jumping around compared to it. That said, I see your point about ShTh’s audience really not being that much different to usual.
  6. If I had to pick a game that was more in line tonally with say, Sonic 3 (you know, the original series), I’d go with Lost World over Shadow. Not that Lost World is good, it sucks, but I’d say Shadow is more of an example of jumping around target ages than that. Shit, that’s what it was meant to be wasn’t it?
  7. Tracker_TD

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    That's just Market Street, the Rooftop Run track.
  8. Tracker_TD

    Sonic Unleashed Sequel: What Could Be Added?

    Unleashed doesn't need adding to, it needs taking away from. It's one of the most annoyingly bloated games I've played, and generally said bloating is done through extremely tedious means. By the time I'd be done, it wouldn't even be much of an Unleashed sequel - just "a better, less fatty boost game than Unleashed" - which Generations already was. But, for the hell of it - Remove the Werehog. I mean, duh. At the very least, streamline the hubs more. Having to constantly revisit Prof. Pickle after every damn stage was a pain in the arse and just resulted in an ungodly slew of load screens. I'd argue the 'main' hubs and the 'action' hubs should just be merged. Medals can fuck off. Or at least be completely optional. Quick-Time Events suck. And they really suck in Unleashed, where they're almost broken by the endgame (the timer's already halfway down before the bloody button graphics have loaded!) Shift focus away from being "the prettiest game evaaaar" and back to responsive, fluid gameplay. Sonic Forces may suck, but damn am I glad they prioritised 60fps. I'd even take a consistent 30 - Unleashed is only really pretty in still images, because it spends plenty of the time actually being played firmly wedged in Powerpoint mode, with input responses suffering as a result. There's a few side acts in particular where this is painful. Speaking of which - the side act level designs were bollocks. I'm fine with having them, but add... someone who can design less crap levels. As I've said - Generations already did most of this. So rather than an Unleashed sequel, I'd rather have a Generations sequel - just with all original levels and no Classic Sonic. Or just remove being a 'sequel' from the equation entirely and just call it what it would be - a better boost game.
  9. Stan Lee has died.


    1. E-122-Psi


      Tragic to hear, he gave so much to Marvel and still had so many cameos to give.

      I'm surprised he was 95 however, only makes his run more impressive.

    2. KHCast


      No...;_; it was a matter of time, but dammit I wanted him to live forever 

    3. Gabriel


      It's really a shame the last years of his life were mired in controversy it did between his caretakers who were reportedly trying to siphon off of his wealth at his expense. Really unfortunate.

      I wonder which upcoming Marvel film will be the last one he cameos in.

  10. Re: Spirits - it should be noted that the "playable character" spirits are all different forms of the character (i.e. Rock Mario, Super Sonic), or supposed to represent something specific (such as Yoga poses for the WFT). Fighters do have spirits, but they're a separate, non-equippable category called Fighter Spirits.
  11. http://www.segadriven.com/2018/11/sonic-forces-soundtracks-now-available-on-spotify/

    Sonic Forces’ soundtracks are now on Spotify, suddenly!

  12. Tracker_TD

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Don't have to be a chef and/or stand squatted over yer plate, etc etc.
  13. YUZO KOSHIRO BAYBEEEEEE. It's Guile's Theme!
  14. As I suspected - the DLC lineup is already decided. It was selected by Nintendo this time. Now everyone leave Sakurai alone, poor guy
  15. With the exception of perhaps Bayonetta at most, pretty much none of this has anything to do with the characters being guests in a 3/4 year old fighting game. Cloud’s games are coming to Switch, but so are like 3 other FF games. The common link is that the ports already exist, they just needed to be ported to Switch - which will be because the Switch is selling like hotcakes. A more logical thing to point to if anything would be Nintendo’s partnership with Square on Octopath, but I think it’s not even that complicated. Banjo’s license got renewed because they had to if they wanted to still own the character. It’d been 10 years since the last renewal. Ain’t nothing more to it than that. Minecraft is the other one where I can somewhat see it as a business thing - but it’s not really to promote anything, because Minecraft doesn’t need it. If anything in this case it’s the other way around, given how huge MC is. Mega Man saw a revival about 4 years after Smash 4, and whilst I think Smash had some influence on the decision, I feel like the constant fan requests regardless of such would’ve paid off in the end. See also: MMX Legacy and the supposed hints at MMX9. The Classic SF games being on Switch is the same situation as FF - why wouldn’t they launch a multiplatform port collection on a massively popular system that they now had access to development tools for (unlike during MMLC dev)? Overall I agree with Wraith - treating Smash as purely a marketing thing is somewhat depressing. And in this case I wouldn’t even say it helps Sora’s chances; you point to “hey, this character’s on Switch!” and like... Kingdom Hearts 3 isn’t coming to Switch. It might, perhaps, at some point in the future, but that’s a fair, fair way off yet if it even happens, and so it doesn’t really apply here. I actually want Sora for what it’s worth, and he’s been on Nintendo before so that’s not an issue. But yeah, I think I’ll go with Wraith’s reasoning of “it’s fine to just want things over other things and be honest about said fact.”

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