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  1. My highlight from WonFes:


    ZILLION MERCH. IN 2017. It even comes with Opa-Opa, bless

  2. C48-q6OW8AU9T7T.jpg

    I played that newfangled Nintendy Switch mcguffin today

    Splatoon 2 is good. So, so good. 

    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      What did you think of the switch? are the next 12 days going to be an excruciating wait? and did you try Bomberman?

    2. Athena Cykes

      Athena Cykes

      We only had Zelda, 1-2, Splat, ARMS, Mario Kart and Snipperclips.

      ARMS was the best thing there, hands down.

    3. Blacklightning


      Of course Mando was the first to reply =V

      How's that HD Rumble shit working out? I'm honestly curious as to whether anyone noticed a difference between it and regular rumble.

    4. Tracker_TD


      Can't say I especially noticed it in most of what I played.

      I did try the "count the balls" game in 1,2 Switch though and there it's madness. I actually got that shit right! Feels great.

    5. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Well none of the other games have any specific utilization of it, but it does result in reduced battery life loss

    6. Blacklightning


      I kinda figured that might be the case, but I just wanted to be sure. Oh well, I'm sure better uses of it will come out in time =V

    7. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Well I heard there were some in ARMs to enhance the game, but it really goes in the flow of the game

  3. I didn't choose the nuggets, the nuggets chose me. 

    1. Soni


      Living the nugget life!

    2. Yosh


      you and hol need to just fuck already, this sexual tension is ruining the chicken nugget thread

    3. Tracker_TD


      I kind of prefer the nah life, but I'll take nuggets, sure.

    4. Brad


      just providing some nuggets of wisdom for ya

    5. Soni


      Should I chicken out?

    6. Tracker_TD


      Sorry Yosh, but this board's rated E for everyone. 

    7. Soni


      I though it was E for Edge?

    8. Dee Dude
    9. Yosh


      sure it is, Tracker_TD, sure it is

    10. Soni


      The TD stands for "Totally Dateable"

      cause I'd date him.

    11. Brad


      now you're just trying to batter him up

    12. Tracker_TD


      Soni's right, I am the True SSMB Paragon of Sexiness


    13. Soni


      omg dat's hot, you, me, date, now!

    14. TheChickenWing


      Chicken Nuggets are garbage.

    15. Tracker_TD


      I'm sorry for the loss of your chicken brethren, Chicken Wing.

    16. TheChickenWing


      They just don't compare to wings, my guy.

      I pray you have the desire to quit them with how shit they are.

    17. Soni


      Chicken is pretty crap anyway, we all know bacon is the best meat.

    18. TheChickenWing
    19. Soni


      never, I always speak the truth

    20. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Look at these plebs, squabbling over low quality processed chicken. Don't you know that the finest meat is Wagyu A5? 

      What? No of course I've had Wagyu A5 meat. I didn't learn about it from some anime. <_< 

    21. Soni


      this is why anime is a bad influence on people

  4. No, I mean GAME actually did do a physical release for Sonic 4 that was just that. I still see them instore today. Pretty sure they were GAME exclusive though, yeah.
  5. GAME actually did that for Sonic 4, so who knows?
  6. I dunno. But if they say it's coming, regardless of list status, there's precisely as much reason to doubt the Switch listings being legit as there are the other consoles getting it now.
  7. You don't need a confirmation from SEGA for the Nintendo version, but you do for everything else? I mean, it's you, I'm not exactly stunned, but c'mon.
  8. June 30th.
  9. BlueParadox found a physical listing for Mania on Argos: Then got in touch with customer support: So if it is a thing (it seems like a pretty safe bet at this point), it might not be exclusive after all. Feels good.
  10. Bless Pachter Bless his wee soul Anyway, hyped for the release announcement. Crash 2 was my first game period too, so seeing those screenshots fills me with sheer joy.
  11. This article suggests it was part of the reconfirmation of Mania coming to Japan at TGS 2016. I'd like to find a better source, mind, but this stands to reason.
  12. They're not gonna be demonstrating versions of the game on JP streams that aren't releasing in JP, are they? Handily the Boom stream's vanished, else I'd go check whether it was a Dualshock or generic PC pad myself. Even then, I don't get your point.
  13. ...what? Mania was confirmed for Japan ages ago, where have you been? It's been played repeatedly on JP streams too, I assume on either PC or PS4.
  14. I feel this is perhaps relevant, huh.