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  1. I don’t see this as the result of this mentality at all. Largely because content is directly tied to gameplay, but also because the gameplay isn’t that great either. Adventure Mode is a tedious slog of repetitive missions with teammates that can and will screw you over, as well as missions that can be more trouble than they’re worth, and the time when the game actually works as it should (Online) doesn’t work period, at least on PC. Gameplay, in terms of Sonic, is far more relevant to content than it is to graphics or story, which is what the “prioritise gameplay” crowd usually mean. Not “give us less content”, though I will say personally that a shorter extremely good game is preferable to a longer mediocre game, which is why I like Mania most despite it at a glance being shorter than most Sonic games.
  2. I think the difference is IDW goes out of its way to be more in-line with the game universe, whereas Archie only really delved into that for the straight-up tie-in stories and to a lesser extent towards the end of the run. Like, I see your point, but I do wonder if the marketing and how the IDW comics are constructed in relation to the games (even if it's still not exactly a "comics = canon to games" situation) have changed the viewpoint here.
  3. Recycling perfectly good animations is fine. Shit, that's what everyone wants them to do with the Pokemon for the sake of the Dex. It's passing them off as new or 'much higher quality' that's the problem here.
  4. Deep Cuts. Joking aside yeah it's just... a thing that's there for content. It's weird but honestly given it actually differentiates the 'Lost World' from Sonic's world unlike the rest of the game, I think it's fine. Hidden World in general is pretty weird compared to the rest of the game.
  5. I do hope there's a bit of meat on its bones - it's $30, which seems kiiiiiinda steep for a game of this sort usually. Or that could just be my brain forgetting that's about £20-25 which sounds a touch fairer.
  6. No, the examples you posted were "look at someone getting out of bed", which is dumb. She's not naked, it's not a shower scene, they just... show a tiny bit of skin. Big whoop. Everything else was "there could be a panty shot here!", when there isn't. You're literally making up scenarios to be upset at to justify being upset. Kunio-Kun is a beat-em-up series that came before SoR. It's like saying Mario's riffing on Sonic. Streets of Rage 2's pantyshots weren't even in the international versions, and this isn't a Japanese made game! You're looking for sexualisation where there really isn't any here. At most the girls are just conventionally pretty, and even then that's not wholly in-line with the game's premise given you're playing as delinquents. This isn't Shantae, where every girl is a stick with boobs and no variation, or has that gaudy as hell "magic outfit". It's just a game starring schoolgirls. It's like if I say Taiga Aisaka in my avatar/signature is sexualised on the basis of her wearing a school uniform. Senran Kagura, this ain't.
  7. You're looking way too hard into this. I don't often play the "you're trying to be offended" card but... yeah, I think you're really trying to be offended for some kind of weird moral-points here. The 'hints' you've raised are just "here's a thing they didn't do, but THEY COULD'VE!" It's not even riffing on Streets of Rage, it's a bloody Kunio-Kun game!
  8. Shantae's character design on the whole is pretty naff (really, anything that Bozon touches has the samey "everyone's gotta be a boob stick" thing) but... this? Really? They're just delinquent schoolgirls with bats and knuckledusters. That's fucking rad! They're not even remotely sexualised, unless school attire is in of itself sexualised to you in which case... well uh, I have some questions to ask. Just because other games sexualise characters in this kind of attire doesn't make it some kind of terrible no-go, that's like if I said sweaters are banned because of the virgin killer sweater fad. They're not even a strict proper uniform in the case of Kyoko's DRIVE-ass bomber jacket!
  9. Then why can't I worry about that if Mania 2 sucks? We're not there yet. I mean, yeah it sucks - but I don't think selling out to a melting pot of niches is going to fix that. It can cater to all these other factions of Sonic fans, and even if that were to boost sales, it doesn't mean the quality is going to go up. And quality is what counts more to me. Say Unleashed sold millions - great and all, but that game's a mess - I don't want more messes. Even 06 hit Platinum sales, but I sure as hell don't want more of those. I'm not sure what you propose to get Sonic out of this rut if "good games" isn't the solution, because I don't really think it's "make it not like the highest rated one in 25 years and more like the games that get roundly panned". Sure there's some mythical third option, but it's really not clear what that is beyond some out of the blue, "it's a really good game in some way" option... which Mania already was. I think it's also important to take budget into the equation here. Mania may have only sold 1 million (probably more by now honestly - IIRC those figures are from before Plus, which brought a physical release, DLC sales, and a lucrative double-pack around Christmas time), but it did so likely on a very small budget compared to the average Sonic game. Forces, bad as it was, probably cost a staggering amount to make compared to Mania, so SEGA will have seen far more return on Mania. Even bearing in mind its $20 price tag, Mania selling 1 million copies may well have been better for SEGA than had Forces sold 2 million. This is true - but Okami was also extremely niche. Sonic as a brand is inherently less niche. It served my point about quality not equalling sales, but I don't think it serves this point as well.
  10. So much talk about sales and like... I'm not a SEGA shareholder. I couldn't give a shit if Mania sold 10 million copies or 10,000 copies. It's really damn good. That's what matters to me. And apparently SEGA get that too, because despite Forces and Mania both apparently doing "well", they sure did carry on promoting Mania a lot more, because they knew full well people gave a shit about good games. Okami sold like ass, but I don't see people hold that against it. Breaking quality down to sales, pointing to sales as a need for change, is annoyingly reductive. Point to bad games as a need for change, not sales.
  11. Not really - the ones that were on 3DS carry over the features from those games, but they also add more. In addition, the lineup has also already included games that haven't received modern ports such as Thunder Force IV, or include overhauled versions of the game (Phantasy Star), or have never been officially released in a localised state (the upcoming Ichidant-R and, to an extent, Puyo Puyo). Even Sonic 1 includes the first commercial release of the Mega Play arcade edition. Just putting these down to "rereleases of the same Genesis games" does them a large disservice... particularly as there's only two Genesis games out of the 10 released games thus far.
  12. SEGA AGES: SPACE HARRIER is now available in Japan! As well as the 3DS addition of Haya-Oh as a new final boss (who is now easier to get to), the main new attraction is Koma-Inu barrier mode. The two doggos who guard Wiwi Jumbo, the Stage 17 boss, now act as Harrier's Guard dogs - you can crash into environment hazards for points! However, bullets still hurt you and if the doggos get hit they're stunned and the barrier goes down, so while it's an easier mode there's still a modicum of challenge to it (though unlike Original Mode, it is set to Free Play). This mode also gives every level its own flavour text a la Fantasy Zone II!

    Etika has been found deceased by the NYPD. RIP.

    Though primarily known as the lovable over-the-top streamer, Etika was also staff for this very site under the name Iceman once - and also volunteered as staff at Summer of Sonic. It's an awful end to this story. 

    1. PaddyFancy


      What year/years did he volunteer at SoS?

    2. Tracker_TD
  14. http://www.segadriven.com/2019/05/sega-ages-wonder-boy-in-monster-land-releases-may-30th-in-japan/ Wonder Boy is out this week! Has the Vintage Collection trial modes, maps alchemy to a button, and has an extra 'money-hungry' difficulty.
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