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  1. I've been back at modding Sonic Mania; for a while now I've wanted to be able to play Encore MSZ1 in Mania Mode instead of the Sky Chase act, but it's unbelievably hard to actually do that and have it work properly.

    I've finally got it working properly anywho.

    But the catch was the stage listing was now missing a slot, so the File Select menu was sending me to the wrong stages.

    ...so now I've added AIZ from Encore's intro in as an intermission zone between Hydrocity and Mirage Saloon, and I'm extending it a bit and adding some Mania Mode exclusive extras


    1. Diogenes


      that's a pretty clever solution; i always felt the game could've used a little more connective tissue between HCZ and MSZ to explain why they're suddenly on the tornado, so returning to AIZ (where it was presumably left) fits pretty well.

    2. TheOcelot


      Nice. I've always wanted to play Encore MS act1 in Mania mode.

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Mania just somehow got better

    4. Plumbers_Helper


      That's a really clever idea, using Angel Island as a short 1 Act bridge between Hydrocity and Mirage Saloon, though I'm curious how you plan to transition from Angel Island to Mirage Saloon - if you have any plans at all. I don't know how possible making a Phantom Ruby style cutscene transition is, but I know you did some pretty cool things with your Hatsune Miku mod.

      I know and understand why you don't have any plans to release this for now, but if you ever do someday, I'd like to see a version released that keeps the original Sky Chase-esque Mirage Saloon Act 1, but still uses Angel Island between Hydrocity and Mirage Saloon. The act could end with a sign post next to a parked Tornado.

    5. Tracker_TD


      Funnily enough it actually ends next to the Tornado already; even though the Sky Chase act is cut I feel like it helps explain how they got there. I might try porting a stage outro though, just to see if it works.


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