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  1. SEGA's done a couple of interviews that put the Game Gear Mini into context a bit better than the initial announcement, I think.

    - It wasn't intended as an actual MD Mini successor, but rather a small product to celebrate SEGA's 60th Anniversary and the GG's 30th Anniversary

    - It's not getting a general release; only a handful of online retailers are stocking it

    - They referenced the VMU for the buttons and D-Pad, on the "actually playing it" side of things 

    - chibi-tech did the menu music this time around

    They also mention that most of SEGA's plans for the 60th Anniversary sadly got axed, due to COVID-19. That's rough. 

    1. Wraith


      That last comment puts things into perspective. I hadn't seen the point thus far in sega's theatrics for the year, but it makes sense that there was going to be more. 

    2. Thigolf


      Plans as in celebrations or products? Because products must've been in the pipeline way before, right?

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