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  1. I don't think the name of the world is really all that necessary to get invested in it. I'm not losing sleep over whether the planet in Mario Odyssey is called Earth or not, because what matters are the locales and people in it, rather than its name. Two Worlds has its own impact on that sure, but the name of the planet? Eh. It's never even really brought up in the games anyway. As for emotional stuff, people seem to forget that Sonic's lack of tears aren't new. It's not that Sonic can't get sad, it's that he's just doesn't like tears. I'm guessing he sees himself as the kind of guy who's gotta keep the positive face going even if things look bleak, and that in of itself is a character trait. From the mouth of his creator, even : Checks out to me, anyway. Seeing those scrapped Archie panels where Sonic's a blubbering mess... it just looks extremely daft for the kind of character Sonic is.
  2. Mobius was a localisation thing, so I'm not exactly arsed on them returning to it. In fact, Spinball's Japanese plot summary attempts to bridge the gap - it establishes Mobius as a separate planet in Sonic's solar system, called "The Star of Peace"; Ristar vibes, man. Would also handily explain why the cartoon characters never show up again, I suppose.
  3. Sonic 1 and 2's Taxman versions have been decompiled. So if you have the rsdk.data file from the Android version... you can now play those versions natively on PC!


    It's bloody beautiful. 

    1. Tornado


      I feel really bad for the guy who was developing Community Cuts; especially when a video about it just released this morning.

    2. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      How did you find that RSDK file on Android? I've been trying to and can't find it? No idea how to do this.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      SEGA Forever Ads free, I presume? And could it potentially have similar modding capabilities as Sonic 3 Air



      I guess they could somewhat live in harmony the same way Sonic 3 Complete and AIR had  (this account did give a shout out to the later) where they end up porting the cool tweaks and settings of the "enhanced rom" into the "decompiled game" through mods. Though except for easy stuff like modding the drop dash into these like they did with the CD, I don't expect them to bring in all the stuff from 2CC overnight, so at least that'll have some stuff going for it for a while.

    4. Tracker_TD


      You can open an apk file as a .zip file with 7zip or something. Then there should be a file somewhere in there called data.rsdk.xmf. Extract it, remove the .xmf extension from the name of the file, and you should be good to go. 

    5. Plumbers_Helper


      I just did a quick test and the only major thing that needs to be fixed is the B button jumps and pauses the game at the same time. I can't find anyway to fix this yet.

      Hopefully local co-op and multiplayler can be modded in someday. Also a mod for Hidden Palace Zone so it uses the beta theme is something I've been dreaming of since 2013.

      @Tornado @Supah Berry They've already said that they are discontinuing any further updates so they can add all the features from their Community Cut into this. They've already ported both games to the Switch and modded the drop dash into Sonic 1.


  4. He actually showed up in an official Puyo Puyo calendar once, in reference to Mean Bean Machine; the calendar was made up of fanart, but afaik it was an officially licensed SEGA product, so it was amusing all the same.
  5. I have a soft spot for Advance 3 - it's definitely not amazing, but it improves considerably past the first level. The team-up mechanic is superb and something I'd love to see a Sonic game do again (Encore Mode sort of tried but wasn't as fun sadly). Advance 2 on the other hand is one of my more loathed Sonic games, and besides something like Sonic Blast, one of my least favourite 2D Sonic games period. It's a mess of awful design decisions, flair or not.
  6. I don’t think it’s really about seniority status; after all, series like Zelda have also gone without any major changes to their rep besides Link and aesthetic stuff for Zelda. At this point if another Sonic rep got in I’d be pissed off more than anything. In the base game, sure, it made sense, but it didn’t happen. I could only view Shadow showing up now as taking a SEGA spot from someone far more interesting like Arle. You can argue the same of say, Sephiroth and Sora or something, but I feel like the key difference between Shadow and Sephiroth is it’s fucking Sephiroth. (Frankly I also think Castlevania’s earned its two reps, so I don’t get the incredulity at it; play some Castlevania, damn)
  7. That's gotta be the best Smash trailer they've ever done. I feel like I keep saying that with every new reveal, but that was fucking madness. I've never even played FF7, but that was great. ok can we please mii costume geno and be done with it now
  8. Next interview in a few hours - with the legendary Rieko Kodama (AKA Phoenix Rie!)
  9. They outright said what the weeks would consist of at the start of the event, and this week ultimately wasn't too dissimilar to what the other weeks had. If you expected game news this week, you just played yourself.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  11. It doesn't exactly take a genius, or 'tangible evidence', to work out there's a new Sonic game being made. All this reads as is a very flowery way of saying "I just want to see the new Sonic game" than some kind of legitimate concern. If the game is revealed and it looks like ass, then I'll 'doubt their abilities' or whatever, I'm not doubting their abilities just because they haven't shown the thing I'm supposed to doubt their ability about. Not that I'm saying you must have confidence in them after previous showings, but still.
  12. This is largely a myth. Sonic Team hasn’t been closed, just restructured to be contained within the same division as some other SEGA studios. In all honesty it’s likely that the bulk of the next Sonic’s game development is being done in Japan, because I don’t think it’s been established that many actual developers have made the move to America.
  13. The next interview hits tomorrow and is with... Nagoshi! Which I'm obviously fine with but I suppose it is a bit of an odd thing to drop in Sonic Week.
  14. I don't think the other interviews dropped on Day 1 of their respective weeks; and Okunari-san's just kind of came out of nowhere. So I'm not totally cynical, but I don't blame other folks for being lol
  15. This hasn't just been an event squared on Sonic. The rest of weeks have had things of note in them; Humankind's release date and the interviews with Sato-san and Okunari-san come to mind. So there have been things of interest; just not particularly for Sonic in this instance. Even then, this event wasn't even particularly hyped up, given they outright said what the event would entail at the start of it. Furthermore, using hobbyists as a measure for this is idiotic; they don't do stuff "daily" unless you factor in a wide collective of artists on different schedules and timezones. SEGA's official team are also beholden to checks, legal clearances and revisions and mandates from the top brass, and you don't need that kind of thing to dump your Sonic gMod posing on DA. With that out of the way - yes, just posting a 2 year old interview for the first day is naff. And I hope there's something a bit more substantial later in the week. But suggesting people get fired over this is just daft.
  16. There'll probably be more - it is a Sonic Week after all - but it's probably not going to be anymore substantial than the other 'weeks'.
  17. Main thing I hope for is another interview; the ones so far have been superb, particularly Okunari-san's.
  18. Genda has bought the Japanese amusements division, as SEGA was making absolute jack from it thanks to COVID. It's about as far divorced from Sonic as possible. (Also despite the sale, SEGA's still making arcade games and the arcades themselves will still be branded as SEGA anyway)
  19. All part of SEGA's 60th Anniversary celebrations, rather than Sonic's 30th Anniversary. https://store.steampowered.com/curator/36333614-Sega-Promotions/sale/sega60th
  20. It might well be a nod to something, but I doubt it's something as obvious as "3 = Sonic Adventure 3". If anything I find it more likely that they used the SA image because one of the names given to that specific spiral is "The Golden Spiral", but even then. I'm sure in a year it'll turn out it was a hint that like, Katie has three favourite pizza toppings or something specific like that.
  21. But it's not better utility. It's not necessarily intuitive either, as Advance 3 demonstrated. It's just doing things for the sake of doing them. I really don't get how the Drop Dash could get in your way in a setup where they're mapped to the same button when you need to actively hold down the button for at least 1-2 seconds, before you hit the ground as opposed to the Insta-Shield, where you... tap a button quickly to use it. It doesn't make any sense; refer back to the earlier Fire Mario example.
  22. I mean sure, you could add more moves on different buttons, but we're talking about the Drop Dash and Insta-Shield. They really have no actual reason to be on different buttons, unless the mere chance of holding it for a second longer and triggering the drop dash animation that you can then instantly let go of just, upsets you to your very core.
  23. I also think it can come across an unintuitive - in Advance 3, the Sonic & Knuckles combo actually *does* map the insta-shield to B, and I frequently forget I even have it because having it be a double-jump action makes more sense. Same goes for the drop dash. You could move it another button, but there's no real reason to, nostalgia or not.
  24. I don't really see much point in splitting the Drop Dash and Insta-Shield across two buttons; is there any situation in which just doing an Insta-Shield before a Drop Dash would be a negative? It's like how if you're Fire Mario in [Mario Game], when you start running you'll throw a fireball because they're the same button. Like, sure you may have just intended to run, but it's not like the fireball toss has a downside per say. Just tap jump for an insta-shield and then hold it for a Drop Dash. The Max Control cheat setup from Mania, basically.
  25. Yeah, echoing the bosses thing. There's a lot of times where I'll hit the end of a zone and think "oh god this overly long boss" and just use the dev menu to skip it. Heavy Gunner didn't need that many phases, Hydrocity 2's boss is one of the worst, etc. It's maybe not too surprising given how bad Hidden Palace's boss in Sonic 2 Taxman was, but still. Maybe I should hammer out a quick mod to cut the Act 1 bosses... I'd also have at least made the save system more generous i.e. start at Act 2; I've had multiple friends give up at Flying Battery because of the saves working like Sonic 3. Other than that, it's just the tiny, small stuff really, like the bugs Plus introduced (that I also fixed through modding, lol)
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