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    Tracker_TD reacted to Scar in Sony's PSN Attacked Again! 93,000 Accounts Compromised!   
    Somebody is at war with Sony. A war, which if they lose, they lose......I mean they lose everything. Respect from Anonymous/other hackers, gamers, members of public, governments/administrations of the world. They will probably also lose their lives in a colossal jail sentence and a likely permanent restraining order from any peice of technology.

    Whoever is doing this is firstly, brave, and secondly really fucking stupid.
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    Tracker_TD reacted to SEGAMew in Sony's PSN Attacked Again! 93,000 Accounts Compromised!   
    The fun never ends with Sony.
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    Tracker_TD reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Sonic the Hedgehog - Bosses Through the Ages   
    The biggest problem with it?

    It's boring.

    It's just you beating the bosses, no offense but so what? Put a voice over on it of you talking about the bosses, or what you like about them, even something like how long it took you to beat them the first time you played the game, anything.

    I don't know if you are a Sonic fan or if you're just someone who enjoys playing the games, but even posting this on here isn't going to gain much interest because theres nothing there, we've all played those games and beaten those bosses. You've got to personalise the video more if you want people to watch the others.
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    Tracker_TD reacted to goku262002 in Sony files for restraining order against Geohot+fail0verflow   
    Call me what you want! I stick by to what i say. SONY has fucked me over soo many times that i couldn't care less (HURHUR I SAID IT AGAIN!) what there worthless fanboys try to say to defend it.

    So please explain why PS2 emulation can't be acomplished through your series of pictures, fanboy.
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    Tracker_TD reacted to azoo in What stages do you want to see in Sonic Generations?   
    Mushroom Hill Zone is a must from me. If there is to be a jungle stage, I want to see Mushroom Hill (or for better variety of a name, Mushroom Valley). Sonic and Knuckles was the Sonic game I played the most as a child, and I can't help but have a sincerely special place in my heart for this stage. The music, the environment, the giant mushrooms, the leaves, the swings and levers, and the changing weather. All of it is just wonderful and they really make me happy. It also would seem possible, since this game is using Unleashed style level design and the boss to MHZ was much like an Unleashed boss (being a chase sequence and all). Lava Reef is my other choice for a stage, because honestly it would be wonderful to experience running through the underground caverns that are overflowing to the brim with lava flow and dashing across the chutes.

    However, if we were to throw out the idea of Lava Reef in favor of Mushroom Hill when choosing a Sonic & Knuckles stage, I'd have to go with Multi's idea of Green Hill / Marble. That's a really neat fusion that I would love to see in action. It's not that impossible anyways, considering that Marble Zone is more block-like which leads to where it could work as random ancient buildings built around some lava pits that just so happen to be nestled on the edge of the green hills. Would be both a great way to freshen up the GHZ trope as well as give a continuity nod to the level progression in Sonic 1.

    One to really throw out there would be Ice Cap Zone. This essentially was the stage that defined most people's happy memories of Sonic 3. This stage is also one of the most beautiful in the entire Sonic series. Why not make a stage off of this? I know it technically has already been done in Sonic Adventure, but they should make it come back anyways. It's the only truly memorable ice stage the series has ever had. Plus, mixing elements of S3K's ICZ with Adventure's would make the best one possible.

    Casino Night. People probably will go "derp" at this one more than anything, because it's such a given. However they could always blend in some BINGO Highway and Casinopolis elements as well, like for throwing in those giant slanted pinball tables and railing chutes. Would be pretty awesome if done with good physics, which I wouldn't doubt they'd be good because UnleashedHD's physics were pretty nice.

    SPEAKING OF HEROES, how about Mystic Mansion / Hang Castle? Besides Mystic Cave or Pumpkin Hill, I don't remember any other specifically "spooky" stages. Plus, the gimmick where the world is going upside down and mirroring on itself was pretty gnarly. Also, if they don't do this stage I'd have to go for Bullet Station / Rail Canyon, because we need at least one stage with some grinding crap, and the desert canyon trope NOR the train-station trope has been covered as of yet.

    And, although not related to Heroes, wouldn't it be glorious if they remade Wacky Workbench just for the sake of pissing off the majority of the fanbase? :3

    Adventure stages? I'm not exactly sure about Sonic Adventure since the majority of these tropes have been covered... I'd have to agree with Multi. City Escape / Radical Highway / Mission Street would be pretty boss. Just as long I have the option to make Escape from the City become SA2: The Trial's instrumental version. :V

    Also for the final stage I will have to openly vote for the Death Egg.. that is if it doesn't return for Sonic 4: Episode 2. If it does, then I vote for Unleashed's opening cutscene. Not technically a stage, but I have had the sheer fantasy to play that scenario in-game ever since I saw that clip. Making it playable in this game would be the best move ever on Sega's part.
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    Tracker_TD got a reaction from Eternal EX in What stages do you want to see in Sonic Generations?   
    I would like to see City Escape, and with Tony Harnell recording a new version of "Escape from the City", there's your theme music.
    Ice Cap would be good to, as, if this is THE Sonic 20th Anniversary game, we need snowboards.

    Can't agree more.
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    Tracker_TD got a reaction from PeanutButterDimond in What stages do you want to see in Sonic Generations?   
    I would like to see City Escape, and with Tony Harnell recording a new version of "Escape from the City", there's your theme music.
    Ice Cap would be good to, as, if this is THE Sonic 20th Anniversary game, we need snowboards.

    Can't agree more.
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    Tracker_TD reacted to RidersDX in Classic or Modern Sonic?   
    I like both designs. But I grew up with the Modern Sonic design, so naturally, he's the one I prefer. He just looks cool, with a slick athletic body and that teenage like smile. Seriously, I've never loved Sonic's look more now. His appearance in that teaser is absolutely amazing.

    Classic Sonic has his charm too. He looked adorable in the teaser.
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