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  1. Sonic Heroes for me. Not a bad game at all, but easily has some of the most uninspired level design out of all the more recent games. The milquetoast bosses don't help either. : /
  2. Top notch good sir! Can I ask what you use for your arts?
  3. For me it would be Unleashed. Not just because the obvious Werehog issue, but I think the regular Sonic stages are too fast. I mean it's really cool to get that sense of speed with the the whole motion blur effect, but 9 times out of 10... usually causes me to crash into something due to sensory overload. I always thought the Wii version was the best because of how scaled back the speed was, but still gave you that thrill of rushing through a level at break neck pace.
  4. Kirino from OreImo. For a main character of an anime, she's extremely unlikeable for her bitchyness.
  5. sMy_PANCAKES for my PSN. Go figure, right? I play mostly Mortal Kombat X, semi obscure anime fighters, and Star Wars Battlefront.
  6. Anything from Sonic 3 or Sonic & Knuckles would make me a happy camper.
  7. Wow these are really nice and chill covers. Good job. It's nice to hear a straight acoustic version amidst all the normal techno/metal covers you usually hear of Sonic tunes. Plan on doing any covers of older songs?
  8. See, I dunno if this is an unpopular opinion, bug I KINDA liked Sonic Riders. I thought it was a solid racer with a semi decent drifting mechanic.
  9. That pretty much sums up what I think. As far as critics go, I tend to lead towards Yahtzee and Jim Sterling. I think their views are a whee bit more educated than most other Internet reviewers, but I tend to disagree with them from time to time.
  10. And by perfection, you mean the perfect candidate to Photoshop projectile vomit coming out of his mouth? : P
  11. You know now that you mention it, Adventure 1 I only really liked the Sonic stages. Tails was alright but the rest felt like a slog to get through. And can I use this time to bring up how I'm kinda disappointed with how they've handled Knuckles since? Feels like every game after the fact he gets stupider and stupider? I get that he's gullible but damn he's like fallen for the same trick since Sonic 3! And all he did for the Adventure games were go on glorified scavenger hunts. On a semi related note how about them Sonic Adventure 1 faicial animations?
  12. I have decent reason to believe that if SEGA isn't talking out of their ass (in regards to the Atlus announcement) that the next Sonic Boom will be alright at least. Unfortunately, I think because of how bad the reception of most recent Sonic games have been, I have a bad feeling that it's not going to sell well. Despite how reviews go, good or bad, I think most people are already decided on that the game will be trash. Thoughts?
  13. Oh man this looks freaking cool. Really does have a Platinum Games vibe to it, doesn't it? Interested to see how the Freiza tail is used if at all.
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