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  1. Make new characters that don't have the baggage tied to them. Like I said before, its a clean slate. Sega has nothing to loose by not using the FF. They can be background characters but that's about as far as I'd take them.
  2. Boom used Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles. All of them are game staples. Guess who isn't? The Freedom Fighters. Pre Genisis Wave just broke up the previous canon, shook it up and pieced it back together as best it could. Still grounded in Archie lore. This totally new comic can't use any of it. Is it really a thing in comic books where a popular and beloved character's backstory is constantly being rewritten from scratch? Or is it just re-imagined and reshuffled a bit. That would get annoying. I don't understand what you're saying here. How is what I said incredibly contradictory? Both of those statements make sense to me. Sega would want a comic that reflects its product. I personally, wouldn't want a recycled Antoine. So here are the options I guess. Use the FF's but they probably won't be known by that anymore. And they have a much more subdued role. Or create expys of the FFs that are for the most part new characters but remind the reader of someone from the past.
  3. I don't think being selfish or inconsiderate is really an issue when it comes to the comic book business. If I'm Sega and I got games to sell then I want the comic to reflect those games. Not an alternate universe where Sonic's cast is filled out with characters who will never appear in the games. Sooo. The FF can be used, but everything that made them who they were has been erased. We can't retrace Archie's footsteps. Antoine will look like Antoine but he won't be the same character. In appearance only but not in a way that counts. So I'd rather get new characters instead. We have a clean slate. Use the clean slate.
  4. Three words "Trim the fat" oh. and "Less is more". There are already enough characters to write a story with even without the freedom fighters. There's nothing you can say that proves me wrong. And Sega probably wants a more concise and cohesive universe. This comic only exists to promote the games/ whatever product Sega has interest in. At best the FF can be reorganized or used as extras as most stories have secondary and tertiary characters. But I don't see them being main characters like they used to. They aren't as important. It doesn't hurt anything by them simply not being around anymore. I'd be more upset if I never saw Vector than if I never saw Antoine.
  5. Aaaaah she's so cuuuuteeeeee! I want Sally to look like this 5 everrrrrr!!! I love Sally with black hair and I love that tail. Thanks Nerfluffle! As odd as this may sound. I'm actually leaning more towards retiring the freedom fighters. Not because I don't like them, but because people have complained for years that they take screen time away from characters they actually want to see. Yeah, that's the game characters and I think they have a point. Sonic has a chance to start over and it only makes sense they focus on characters who are in the games, you know, the things Sega are trying to sell. Sonic has a healthy cast of characters already, without the freedom fighters. Give the game characters more attention. Surely they can fill story critical roles just as easily as the FF could.
  6. Lol, thanks but that isn't it. It was drawn by a member of this forum. I searched nearly 300 pages for it but I guess its gone. It was Sally colored more red instead of brown with a squirrel tail that had a black stripe going down the center of it. It was cute but for the life of me the picture is lost to time.
  7. I've popped in here in search of a picture. Its been...several years. Way back when talk about Sally's redesign was a hot topic. Someone, an artist, drew a really cute picture of Sally as a red squirrel with a long tail and I think a black stripe going down the middle. I've looked all over for that image but I haven't found it. Does this description spark anyone's memories? I really want to find that picture.
  8. http://imgur.com/r/Undertale/9OKMiZe So I gotta ask, what exactly is determination? I can make a guess that no monster has the ability to bleed. So maybe determination is blood?
  9. I don't get why everyone assumes all of the fallen humans were children (if that were the case I'd believe more easily that they were being tossed into the underground and not just lost wanderers) And how many of them ever even made it to Asgore? If where you find their special item is where they fell in battle, then Frisk is the only human who ever made it to Asgore. Which means either some other random monster or Undyne killed the rest. The farthest any human got seems to be the Mettaton resort. Edit: It seems way back in 2013, Toby said that the other victims were children. But anyway while I'm here I'd like to ask a question. Tumblr is literally soaked with Undertale Alternate Universe content. There are so many right now that I fear they will become self aware, but a few of them are kind of interesting. For example I like Aftertale and Underswap is kind of cute...do any of you guys know what I'm talking about...?
  10. Saddening? If Frisk is dead it feels kind of pointless. Though the King Papyrus ending always makes me feel bad.
  11. Unless it's explained in a sequel, I honestly believe this is a plothole. Because...technically none of the neutral endings are canon anyway so why would he waste his time expounding on them. (Though some of the neutral endings have interesting scenarios to ponder) That's why they're just phone calls, so you get pissed enough to play again to see the true ending. I've seen a couple of theories but they are far-fetched at best. It could very well be purposeful misdirection. But I already think people rate this game's narrative too highly and Toby isn't the messiah of story telling. He can make mistakes. Also giving an explanation in some side material like a comic does not count.
  12. You know I just realized that the neutral endings have a plot hole in them. There is no way for Frisk to pass the barrier without a monster soul. Right? (This is a really stupid and contrived implementation by those wizard guys anyway but still...) The whole point is to get to Asgore and take his soul. Then with your human soul plus a monster soul, you can pass the barrier. But no matter what, Flowey shatters Asgore's soul and humans cannot absorb another human soul...and Flowey by default is soulless. So in reality Frisk never gets out even though there are some neutral endings that make it really obvious that you supposedly escaped. Edit: Huh? What the heck, where did the spoiler option go?
  13. I know who I want a comic to be about now. It's obviously burgerpants. I've listened to that youtube dub video like 20 times. IMO its like...perfection. Also there is an excellent Bratty/Catty one that I love.
  14. You know everyone is going to want a comic about sans. I hope it's not Chara. I mean you can say that her existence is contrived. But the mystery around her is pleasant.
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