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  1. Those are some brilliant trailers. Its awesome to see some of the missing footage for the first time, particularly the clips of pre-UNIT 'Colonel' Lethbridge-Stewart.
  2. It is indeed. I have to admit for along time I never thought we'd get these episodes back!
  3. As I stated in my previous post, they did not recover all of the Web of Fear, the highly significant episode 3 remains missing.
  4. Has just been revealed, the recovered episodes are all of 'The Enemy of the World' and all but episode 3 of 'The Web of Fear'! http://www.doctorwho.tv/whats-new/article/two-missing-doctor-who-adventures-found Well, I got one of the two stories I was most wanting, even if it is minus the all important 3rd ep which featured the first appearance of the Brigadier (or Colonel as he was at the time).
  5. Happy day that you grow a year older!

  6. Happy Birthday? Why not? Happy Birthday!

  7. Another significant update, the website of former Doctor Who companion Deborah Watling, has reported that she and Frazer Hines will be helping the BBC launch the newly found episodes tomorrow! http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2013-10-09/doctor-who-newly-found-classic-episodes-to-launch-on-thursday-says-patrick-troughton-companion Deborah played Victoria during Patrick Troughton's time as the Doctor and Frazer Hines played long serving companion Jamie. The fact that they are both involved in the reveal suggests that at least some of the episodes recovered are from their time on the show. Its particularly good news for me that it will be revealed tomorrow as its my birthday tomorrow. Am very much hoping for the return of some of the stories I've wanted to see for so long. Evil of the Daleks or The Web of Fear would be amazing!
  8. Its been rumoured for months, but now the BBC have finally confirmed: missing Doctor Who episodes have been found!! No details on which episodes or how many have been found yet, though apparently more details will be revealed later in the week. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-24448063
  9. As someone who travels by train a lot, this is very annoying for me as well. I've signed several petitions against the fares going up but always suspected the government would do it regardless of how much people objected (or how unfair it is). Yes, its always annoyed me that they do that. I'd happily travel by public transport but the prices round where I live are so extortionate its unbelievable. Unfortunately with this government thats never gonna happen, they only care about the rich, the rest of us are second class citizens as far as they're concerned. As a number of people have said to me - the government wants to make it so train travel is only for the rich. I'm all for going back to British Rail, I'm sure it wouldn't be perfect but I'm certain it would be better than what we've got now. As you say, there is no real competition (apart from in a few select areas such as the west/east coast mainlines) because everyone is basically stuck with whoever there local train operator is. I'm reasonably fortunate to have South West Trains as my local operator, they're certainly not perfect but a heck of a lot better than certain others. They use a mixture of old and new stock and while the new trains are nicer, the old ones have some advantages over the newer ones (as I discovered recently when I ended up stuck on a newer train that broke down for over an hour because it had 'software problems').
  10. More news and pictures have been revealed. Also Knightmare creator Tim Child has said the special could lead to a new series! The full article: http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/what-s-on/cult_kids_tv_show_knightmare_makes_its_return_to_norwich_1_2300299
  11. I was fairly busy so didn't have time to do that much but I played Sonic 1 on the mega drive, then later on played the Wreck-it Ralph game on DS (its kinda Sonic related - plus I had it on rental & was planning to return in the next day). To finish off the day I listened to my True Blue: The best of Sonic the Hedgehog, CD.
  12. I'm incredibly disappointed by this news, though not surprised (prior to the announcement of David and Billie returning I was half expecting it to be Moffat era characters only). They could easily have brought back all the surviving Doctors, it may not have been practical to give them all major roles but they could definitely have all been included. Them having aged doesn't matter, I can think of several ways that could have been accounted for. I'm not sure what Moffat thinks hes doing but he really needs to go.
  13. That’s interesting. I haven’t seen that particular cel before but haven’t seen some other similar cels: http://www.rubberslu...0Ring%20Cel.jpg http://t3.gstatic.co...rHbiizfsHYaIBcH http://t3.gstatic.co...pfKZVO0aPb6zV7X Agreed, its definitely just the ending of the intro. Can’t help but wonder whats happened to it now. Clearly Brian Ward didn’t come across it when he was compiling extras for the SatAM DVD set, otherwise it would have been on there. Really hope the footage wasn’t destroyed. I think the links I posted above are what you're talking about.
  14. From what I can tell, this seems to have gone mostly unnoticed by Sonic fandom. Certainly I only discovered its existence today, though its been on youtube since 2010 (though originally as part of a longer video). Its a short piece of animation, which appears to be the ending of an unused set of opening titles in the style of the SatAM pilot episode: Its a very interesting watch and gives further insight into the development of the cartoon. I certainly hope the original footage still exists.
  15. Theres been some interesting developments in regards to the Daleks: http://www.bbc.co.uk...letin_120330_02 It certainly seems like theres a very interesting storyline ahead!
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