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  1. ShadowSJG

    Sonic Forces - Early 2016 Script Leaked

    Ian said him meant to write is false
  2. ShadowSJG

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I mean spindash and spin charge are the same thing pretty much
  3. God, why do they always have to do a human focused adapation?
  4. ShadowSJG

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Why don't they ever give Sonic his boost as as a move?
  5. I feared this. I really worry this movie will end up like TMNT/Transformers.
  6. So with Sonic being the only playable character, I notice there is a significant part of the fanbase who doesn't really like that. I know there were issues with multiple playable characters in the past but could it work now?
  7. Look, we're all aware of the trainwreck that is Shadow the Hedgehog but honestly, the idea of Shadow having his own game is still a good idea. Do you think it's possible we could see another attempt. I mean, we got Sonic Mania, another classic styled game which I am sure many of us were never expecting to see again along with Mighty and Ray being playable, which is even more unexpected. So, do you think Shadow could get another chance?
  8. I'm someone who loves videogames a great deal but I'm really disheartened to see the amount of racism within the community. It's utterly absurd to see people like PewdiePie or Idubbz drop the N word like it's no big deal and when they get called out, they defend using racial slurs. I've also heard stories of people online acting racists like it's n big deal. So, what's the deal with racism in gaming?
  9. Why'd you put 'I can't Breathe?"
  10. I know. I asked this thread to get advice to stop looking for this,.
  11. This is related to a previous thread I had, in which I guess I went about it the wrong way. So since exposing isn't the right way to go about it, I wanted to ask, what's the best way to deal with prominent individuals in fandoms who have expressed racist or bigoted views. I know I should let it go as dwelling on it is negative, but honestly, I'm just frustrated that people like this are racist and can get away with it as a minority myself. So, what do you think is the best way to deal with these issues?
  12. ShadowSJG

    Should racist/bigots in fandoms be exposed?

    The thing is, what annoys me is how this guy has gone on saying he's been 'bullied' and 'slandered' for just having a different opinion. while leaving out a lot of details and people believe him. I just want people to be aware of what kind of guy he really is.
  13. ShadowSJG

    Should racist/bigots in fandoms be exposed?

    Well, he is still racist, right/
  14. ShadowSJG

    Should racist/bigots in fandoms be exposed?

    Nah. He's racist. First, did you see him say only easily offended people offended by using the N word and it's simply a word/noise? Not to mention insulting someone for getting offended. Also, here's evidence: Ben shapiro said this: Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. This is not a difficult issue. #settlementsrock And he defended it here: https://sta.sh/0a5peex01j3 Also, defending Nazism: He claims this: Now, let me just say at the offset that I am totally not cool with Nazism or bigotry in general, I don't think there are many on this site who are, but this is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Yes, the video was stupid and immature, I'm sure Dank realizes that and he is known for being a "shit-poster", but arresting someone for this is taking it way too far. Again, if people make jokes like this, they should expect backlash, but what Dank did is in NO WAY going to be a threat to anyone's well-being. but also said this: "Count Dankula" uploaded a video of him teaching his girlfriend's pug to respond to Nazi slogans like "gas the Jews" and to put his paw up in response to someone saying "Sieg Heil". Now I know you're probably disgusted with hearing this but he did mention at the end that he is not racist, he just did this as a joke to annoy his girlfriend. Fair enough, right? " And in the thing I said, he defended Pewdiepie jew thing.
  15. ShadowSJG

    Should racist/bigots in fandoms be exposed?

    He's not just on DA. He has twitter. I imagine sharing it among the community. Again, does he seem racist?

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