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  1. In general, what is the consensus on these characters? If there was any way to fix them, how would you go about it?
  2. I agree with ship tease as well
  3. So you're saying Shiptease, rather than outright shipping?
  4. I agree, bu how do you regard the romance done in the comics?
  5. So we have seen forms of romance in the series(i.e, the archie comics). I was wondering, how does everyone view this?
  6. Despite its flaws, there are a few things I do like about it. For example, I do like the character of Manic.
  7. So in Sonic 06, I think a lot of us can agree that Sonic and to an extent, Knuckles and Tails had very little importance/minor role in the game despite being the titular character. I was wondering, how would you fix his role and I guess Knuckles and Tails's roles as well to make them more plot heavy/related to the main conflict of the story?
  8. Let me be more specific, does Sonic have enhanced strength?
  9. the thing with the robots starts around one minute
  10. I was watching the opening cutscene of Sonic Unleashed and during one part, he plows through a bunch of robots with his fist stuck out like they were nothing. So, I was wondering, does Sonic have limited super strength?
  11. Either a Sonic song or an EQG song.
  12. I was wondering, what would a guys night look like to Sonic if he decided to have one with Tails, Knuckles, Silver, (Doubtfully Shadow) and maybe the Chaotic? What kind of activities would they end up doing or something to pass the time?
  13. For me, I'd have to say Ash Mongoose from the comics. The guy is a total jerkass and his attitude is just unpleasant.. He thinks he can talk down to Sonic, who could like crush him in an instant.