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  1. Ash was introduced to be a boyfriend for Mina and ever since, he's been nothing but a major jealous asshole. Even when he 'apologizes' he goes back to being a dick and up until his last appearance, he's still being a dick, especially to Sonic. I never liked this guy and he honestly sucks
  2. Shadow Best/Post STG: He's calm cool stoic and heart in the right place Worst: Boom/IDW, He's just a shallow jackass
  3. I discovered this song like two months ago and can't stop listening. It's that good and shame we never saw more acknowledgement of this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqf0f5Bbo64
  4. God that baby sonic is....uh Also, where does the idea of longclaw even come from? How do you think Sonic's movie personality was?
  5. This sad git is truly deluded. It's so clear he has a bone to pick with Ian. As for the Scourge talk, why does he still own him? By that logic, shouldn't he not be able to use the Lara-Su chronicles or shit like Echydnya or whatever
  6. It has the biggest opening for a video game movie? What the hell? We all thought it would fail. Amazing how a redesign can fix anything
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