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  1. Makes you wonder who approved the first design at all? Like, they need to be fired. Who looked at that and thought "This looks great". Man, I wish Eggman looked like himself now
  2. I saw someone mention this in regards to how characterization has been changed so much due to sega's mandates and past games/events aren't mentioned so much.
  3. I like this show, should watch it more honestly. Excited to see this. So Sonic exists in the same world as Ghoul School. My elementary school headcanons have been fulfilled
  4. Yeah, what everyone else said why the human cast focus is awful is spot on
  5. Good they're changing his design but he shouldn't have looked like crap in the first place Movie will still suck
  6. Any reason why this movie is repeating every bad cliche despite experience showing that they don't work
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