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  1. I meant, why would Sega approve this?
  2. God, why do we need a live Sonic movie?
  3. What?! Why do you think a grounded real Sonic is a good idea? Realistic doesn't fit Sonic at all. Sonic is meant to be cartoony.
  4. The whole animated thing not serious is stupid. Animation is for all ages and so is Sonic. It fits him right. Who the hell asked for a grounded and realistic approach?
  5. has izuka said anything on this?
  6. So is the face real/likely? But this is coming out at such a bad time, people will compare to detective pikachu and make it look bad
  7. Sonic twitter is still dark. lol
  8. Why is the Sonic franchise consistently f*cking up?
  9. Pender is acting like his designs are any better?
  10. What the hell is this?! They are changing so much it's absurd. Like, why are they trying to make him real?
  11. I hear that the director only ever wants half of sonics face on the screen at a time since it would look weird seeing him head on. Is this true?
  12. Kenny's two cents on the topic:

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