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  1. I like'em both. I just find a little annoying that he uses Eggman to refer himself when Sonic and pals uses to mock him and he seemed annoyed by that (SA). It's a bit incoherent
  2. At that point, Shadow already had a Chaos Emerald with him. Eggman used one in order to wake him up and caused Chaos Control in front of Sonic before. Also, Rouge was trapped inside, he had to use it to reach her.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  4. Well, color me hyped with this. The first time I watched Night of the Werehog I thought it would be great to watch a entire movie like that.
  5. The thing is that SEGA is not in bad shape economically speaking, I highly doubt they have low incomes from Sonic franchise (not only in games, but all the licensing/branding and merchandise sellings)...So why have they lowered the budget for Forces in first place?
  6. I personally have no problem with the paid DLC, but with this crappy and lame way to pull it out. Seriously SEGA? Just the Super Sonic skin and that's all? Someone there in SEGA doesn't give a shit about Sonic anymore, I don't care who is...But the situation is just very worrying.
  7. Eh, I'm glad they (kinda) returned to the Uekawa official art style. Never was a big fan of this year style.
  8. The only problem I have with the game was the story. No matter which branch you choose, it destroys everything set in Sonic Adventure 2, imo. The branch system was a very clever idea and it fits Shadow personality, but the plot was really bad. Everything else it's just fine by me. If anything, I felt the graphics very outdated by that time, especially comparing them to the CGI cutscenes.
  9. Electric Shield/Ring Magnet Shield. I really miss those times where they were other power-ups instead of wisps.
  10. I'm fine with the body proportions...It just seems they only thought about boys (and their simple outfit) but didn't think very much about girls (You only have one part for body with options like a scarf and that's all...you don't really have option to combine them).
  11. Nope, Avatar is only "Buddy" and "Rookie". I did enjoy the character customization, but am I the only one who thinks that lacks even more customization parts? Especially for girls...
  12. Kumatani left SEGA in 2008. She worked as event music composer in Sonic Colours though, maybe as external composer. I still think it was a great loss for SEGA and Sonic, she has a really unique style and since Colours it seems she hasn't worked on anything else after that.
  13. Why shouldn't they? They were released in the official sonic page after all.
  14. This + Story NOT written by Pontaff, really hate how stories have been developed since Colours. I rather have Maekawa back again with stories like Black Knight, for example. Or Kiyoko Yoshimura, Unleashed and Sonic X writer. Playable Characters. Not neccesary have to be like Sonic gameplay but make them optional to main game/sidequest/another perspective of the story like the Classics (like Knuckles in Sonic3K and Mania). So then no one could complain about "booh, I have to play as Big in order to see the final" ) Some difficulty like in Sonic Adventure 1 & 2. I want some challenge in Sonic games again. Collectables like Sonic Unleashed. I LOVED collectables in that game, specially the extra videos. Oh...and Senoue as Sound Director again. I really like Ohtani, but I think Senoue works as Sound Director were more varied and colorful (and Crush 40 OF COURSE)
  15. You know, Classic Sonic was silent in Generations and Forces and sure he's supposed to be different from Modern Sonic...but yeah, I don't really like that approach.
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