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  1. Well, they don't have to be direct relatives...If we count Maria as cousin (though we don't really know their relationship), that means Eggman has uncles around there somewhere...
  2. Amsterdam? Personally, when I saw the level for the first time, Porto came to my mind instantly, lol. Even half of the building there are all in a pitiful condition
  3. SEGA launched this game on Steam today... I don't know if it has something to do with the countdown...
  4. SA and SA2 are definetly my faves...Pretty challenging and at least they awarded you with some content bonus...Never tried with Unleashed, but since I've never heard anything about getting something when all S-ranked (besides some achievements/trophies, I guess) I didn't really get concerned about it so much... and like others I think Colours/Unleashed had a pretty lame ranking system...I don't really like when things come that easy. PS: I have the feeling that since all this Achievements/Trophies system were set up, games hardly include rewarding bonus for completing them (not only in Sonic games)...and that's lazy :V
  5. I'm pretty sure that if Lego Dimensions doesn't have some Sonic tracks is because SEGA said TT to pay copyright taxes in order to use that music (Not sure about Howard Drossin music, but certainly they have to pay for Nakamura's songs). I think they had more a money problem than a problem of permissions itself.
  6. It seems that even if you're a great/famous dev, if you're not in a great company, it's no that easy to get financial aid. Sakaguchi's (Final Fantasy's father) latest game, a mobile one launched in 2014 (Terra Battle) and Suzuki's Shenmue 3 kickstarter campaigns come to my mind.
  7. What about if they return to the 'Land of the Sky' and 'Land of the Darkness' from Sonic OVA concept idea, being the latter the place where humans really live? That would explain Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Unleashed conceptions...
  8. I think Special Stages will be hidden in the levels à la Sonic 3 & Knuckles...Lego games really like hidden zones.
  9. Amazon Spain has listed the game but it's not available yet...So, I guess other countries will have their edition too. EDIT: Whoops, I didn't read the Playstation Blog Post so forget what I said...
  10. Non-UK fans want extremely detailed pictures of the exhibition from lucky pals who are going!!
  11. Those game boxes seem different for a normal 3DS it some kind of special edition?
  12. I love the new theme! Any possibilities for an american/european release? I'm getting the 25th anniversary edition but I don't think I can use the theme since 3DS eshops are different between regions...