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  1. Only SEGA/SonicTeam can at the same time fix and break something splendidly... Sonic Team died after SA2 for me, all we have now are charlatans.
  2. SEGA STILL HASN'T FIXED THE CYAN WISP GLITCH! You dont know how suicide inducing this stupid glitch is, you basically stay stuck on a cyan crystal until your cyan power runs out! SEGA doesn't wanna fix it, it brings them more money from desperate fans, just as doctors dont wanna give the cure to cancer away as they will lose all the money. Earth sickens me, 90% of people are pure evil incarnate, I hope a huge meteor hits this mud ball called Earth.
  3. Is Halloween Amy really Halloween Amy? So many Halloween characters! Any date when she will be available?
  4. Why do they even bother? Or rather why do they make it so blatant/obvious? XD
  5. I'm sorry this happened and I feel ya, Ive lost many of my fav characters and have gotten repeat characters! (Ugh, repeat Blazes just like The Speedstar 7) Do you press the wheel while it spins? I used to and it ALWAYS landed on the bottom eggs, I decided to just let the wheel spin on its own lately and been having better luck...I think. Its like the wheel punishes you now if you try to get it to land where you want like in the BETA version, now that wheel was fair and timing based! This new wheel is totally rigged, laggy and 100% random, and hates when you interfere! My best advice is to treat this game as a pile of junk which SEGA will pull the plug one day and you wont keep your characters or anything you spend hours on (I just do the daily challenge per day) so never waste money on this game or any online only game! God... I hate online only games! I want to keep my characters and items even after the stupid online servers die (You literally waste hours of you life and money for NOTHING), I miss local 2-4 player games. Gamecube's PSO Ep1 and 2 was an example of a great game with Online plus Offline, plus Local! Too bad the GC memory cards got corrupted easy but that was Nintendo's fault back then. :/
  6. Team Dark are all dressed up for Halloween, I wonder if Team Hero will be dressed up for Christmas....Ugh, I hate that wheel.
  7. I feel ya, and worse! I can barely play the game with the latest version and the Wisp glitch still exists! The game has tried to corrupt twice and luckily I survived that ordeal! But yea I've lost most of my favorite characters because of how garbage the wheel can be, maybe they will be purchasable later like Amy.
  8. How my game looks if I manage to enter. Cant click on anything
  9. Well, most of you are certainly quiet about it, and by "some people" you mean me right? Nah I'm not thinking such silly things, I'm just tired of everything.
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