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  1. Was derived from the word "Nanites". Nanites - nites + oRim = NanoRim
  2. Finished Paper Mario Color Splash a little bit ago and am currently shuffling through my backlog on what to play next.
  3. Nope, I've played it a little bit around the time I initially got it but I don't recall getting that far so it still has that new game feel. : 3
  4. Since I'm not overly fond of turkey and my father doesn't feel like cooking, we're probably just going to order a pizza and watch TV all day.
  5. ~I've thoroughly enjoyed Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and am super bummed that it's very unlikely to receive a sequel to tie up that cliffhanger, hopefully SEGA will try their hand at another Sonic RPG in the future. ~Additionally a new Sonic Riders would also be cool, I love All Stars Racing as much as the next guy but it's been quite a while since the Blue Blur showed off his Extreme Gear skills and it would be cool to see the Babylon Rouges return. ~Big is actually pretty awesome. (I'll think of more later.)
  6. Egg Rocket/Cosmic Angel Zone. (But moreso Egg Rocket for it's intense atmosphere and music, it really makes it feel like there is a lot more at stake.)
  7. As someone who tries to remain intensely optimistic about a cast of characters, it's pretty rare for me to genuinely dislike a character... but if I were to pick one it probably would have to be Peggy Hill from King of the Hill. She's painfully insufferable to listen to.
  8. Indeed, cats are adorable little critters. My cat Mario always seems so sassy and self-aware.
  9. Probably will be changing my wallpaper soon.
  10. Sunset Hill Zone for me, especially considering it's glorious remix. : 3
  11. Thanks man. Of course, whenever I get something finished I'll be sure to spread it around.
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