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  1. There maybe be a sequel to colors it may be for the 20th anniversary of Sonic T. Hedgehog, the last boss of Sonic Colors may have shown a sign of a sequel or maybe not, but they are making hopefully a really sweet game for the 20th .
  2. nazi zombies vs shadow who will win?

  3. hey your topic came back

  4. could not upload picture from phone plz understand. so i got one of the internet. When I went to my grandparents house the told me to clean the attic. when I first went up there the first thing I saw was this Super Sonic plush. That made my day
  5. TAILS; sonic you are a life saver. SONIC; speaking of life savers im eating some right now lololol

  6. people that are reading this please share (if you have any) experiences with respect with respect it is earned by rep you need to show how you can become a good sonic fan I Have been trying to become better with topics and posts i will be curtious to other people
  7. sorry for calling you mean you are just doing your job
  8. why do we rip on people that make silly mistakes and why are we here in the first place to talk to people that have the same passion for sonic that we all have. can we all just get along.
  9. well first of all if you say lockbait; actually read this statement!!!!!! first of all if there is a sequel to sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles ANYING IS POSSIBLE. I know they cant get the old voice actors back but they did leave us off with a cliffhanger so it may be possible you never know please leave YOUR OPINION!!!!!!!
  10. if sa3 is coming I think that it is great and sonic the hedgehog 4 episode 2 would be even better
  11. well of corse sonic's story is way better than Mario's story because most of Mario's games is saving the princess, saving the princess, SAVING THE PRINCESS!
  12. well i chose the SATam tails because he acts and sounds like a 8 year old boy
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