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  1. Explain this to me. How could Colors DS and Colors Wii BOTH be canon at the SAME TIME. Besides that, it's too late for the SA3 that people want because there have been other games that filled that role already. SA2 has had sequels. It's over. There's nothing else to see here, just go home. Now, if you just want a game called SA3 that continues the SNG storyline then...you're just waiting for a name. Which is sad. And on the subject of whether or not Colors and Unleashed are connected...of course they bloody are! Think of them as self-contained episodes in an ongoing series. You know, one episode of Scooby-Do is different from another, but they both have the Mystery Van in it? I guess some people are hesitant to call it a "arc" when there isn't an overarching storyline between the games. How's the word "era" work out for you then?
  2. Not that argument again. This is a hypothetical discussion. If you don't like them, kindly leave. The original Robotnik and the current Eggman have alot in common. Most importantly, however, they're both buffoons blessed with extraordinary genius. They need to sound eccentric! Energetic! They need to sound off their rocker! But they also need to be able to be taken seriously. I love Deem Bristow's Eggman. I really do! It fit that Eggman perfectly. SA1 and 2 Eggman was a no-nonsense conqueror. The Eggman we have now, though? He's silly. Just as silly as Classic Robotnik was portrayed to be in official artworks. Edwin Neal pulled that off perfectly. Mike Pollock could do the same for C.Robotnik as he does for M.Eggman. Now, unless they remove the silliness of C.Robotnik's character, I can't think of anyone else who's played Robotnik that could do a good job. But really, with a big goofy grin like that, I doubt they're going to do such a thing. Noone else can do it. 'Cept maybe Mark Hamill.
  3. You think the guy that looks like a clown should sound like a mass murdering psychopath?
  4. I'd like Edwin Neal, but I'd settle for an Edwin Neal impersonation by Mike Pollock.
  5. I thought as much, but I didn't care to rewatch the footage to double check. Whoops.
  6. Maybe he automatically rolls before he hits enemies. Or maybe you can't just boost into them to kill them, and have to hit a roll button.
  7. I thought he was implying that they shooped it in. Not you.
  8. Off topic, but that version of the game doesn't look half bad.
  9. Ssh! I'm trying to encourage him to go back and watch the videos again without directly suggesting to do so to him!
  10. It's a reasonable assumption someone could make if they only gave the video a cursory glance, and didn't really watch it all the way through. I've been telling people to watch the videos again all morning.
  11. Characters and people are..very different. But okay, I'll admit there's a slim possibility. Slimmer than a sheet of graphene, that is.
  12. Precisely this. It only sounds similar to the CD jump effect because the CD jump effect isn't shit quality.
  13. To those saying that Unleashed HD gameplay needs improvement: You obviously didn't shout loudly enough for Sega to hear you. Complain harder!
  14. Sure it does. You were saying the Unleashed HD is bad, as if it's fact. But it's like, your opinion, man. And it's nowhere near the majority, either. You don't like Unleashed, that's cool . Just doesn't make it a bad game. It's all semantics, you needn't worry yourself.
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