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  1. What do I want to see in the next Sonic game?

    *More playable characters than just Sonic. Seriously, they've been doing this in nearly every game for the past five (going on six) years, and it's gotten old.

    *The return of deeper, more story-driven plots. I don't know about anyone else, but in just about every modern Sonic game as of late (especially Colors and Generations), I've found the storylines to be incredibly underwhelming.

  2. Admittedly, I haven't played the game myself, but I have been watching some Sticker Star footage on Youtube lately, including that of the final boss, and I have to say that this game turned out to be a major disappointment. In fact, I'm so disappointed in it (along with all the New Super Mario Bros. rehashes) that I'm about this close to just giving up on the series entirely. I've tried to be as open-minded about this game as I possibly could, but the more things I learned about it, and the more video footage I saw, I found myself getting less and less excited about it.

    This game, in my opinion, is an absolute slap in the face, due to the fact that they went out of their way to remove so many things that made the series so great in the first place (after they had originally presented the game as a welcome-back return to the original formula). It's like they've completely forgotten what this series is all about, and this is coming from someone who thoroughly enjoyed Super Paper Mario (and has beaten it several times). Honestly, what was Miyamoto thinking? What made him think it was a good idea to just take everything that the previous games have established, and just throw them out the window? Sticker Star doesn't even have half the charm that the first three Paper Mario games had.

  3. I've heard about the Iizuka interview quite a few times over the years, and up until now, I never saw it for myself. Having grown up with Knuckles' Chaotix and thoroughly enjoyed it like the rest of the classics, I just cannot find the words to describe how much it utterly sickens me how they're going out of the way to pretend that game never happened. Not only that, but Iizuka outright insults peoples' intelligence by claiming that they were new characters, simply because they were given a redesign. Going by that logic, I guess that must mean Modern Sonic, Tails, Amy, Robotnik, etc. are entirely different characters from their classic counterparts, too!

    I can't say I understand why so many people are buying into this, considering the fact that this is the same guy who claimed that Casino Street (and the other Sonic 4: Episode I stages, too, if I'm not mistaken; I'll link to that interview if I ever find it again) weren't based off any of the previous Zones in the series, and tons of other similarly false claims like that one. In other words, this guy has a history of telling utter lies and BS in interviews that only serve to insult peoples' intelligence.

    Strangely enough, though... I'm not sure if this was mentioned already, but during the Last Story of Sonic Heroes, Vector somehow seemed to know Knuckles, as well as having knowledge of his "powerful punches", even though they supposedly never met prior to that moment.

    • I find Sonic CD's Japanese/European track to be overrated. While it's not necessarily terrible per se, it's not nearly as flawless as all the fanboys make it out to be.
    • Sonic Colors (Wii) and Generations are also overrated; the latter game was especially a disappointment.
    • Even though I'm far from being a classic fanboy, I have a passionate hatred for the "Dr. Eggman" name, and consider it to be one of the worst names to ever be thought of for a villain.
    • Despite their flaws, I actually liked Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 ( the latter only to a certain extent).
    • I also enjoyed Sonic 4: Episode I, despite the physics issues.
    • On the subject of Sonic 4, I don't think Jun Senoue's music is nearly as bad as many people say it is.
    • I like the Nighttime/Werehog gameplay in Unleashed (360) better than the Daytime gameplay.
    • I've grown tired of nearly every game nowadays only having Sonic as a playable character.

  4. Ah, the typical strawman against the JP/EU soundtrack appreciators, saying that the only reason why they like it is because of it's Japanese origin.

    it's been used though to discredit the appreciator's of media originating in Japan, trying to claim that the only reason JP/EU lovers like it is solely because of where it originated from despite no one even vaguely hinting that that is the case, you know, said likers thoroughly explaining why they have the preference.

    I never said that now, did I? Nowhere in my above post did I say that hoggy liked the Jap/Eur track because of it originating from Japan. As Asagi pointed out, I'd be a hypocrite for saying something like that, since I've already made it perfectly clear in my original post that I do have some degree of respect/appreciation for the Jap/Eur track, and that I often find myself alternating between that and the American one on a regular basis whenever I play the 360 remake.

    The point I was trying to make, is that hoggy, as well as several others I've seen throughout the web, seem to hate the American OST solely for being a replacement track, not because of the fact that it didn't come from Japan. Even back in the day, when the game was first released, critics were given a Japanese copy of Sonic CD first, and then gave the US version a lower a score, solely because of the soundtrack change (as stated in this interview).

  5. The Japanese/European soundtrack by a light-year.

    The US soundtrack is the second worst (only beaten by Generations) in Sonic history.

    Just what the hell were SEGA US thinking in choosing Spencer Nielsen to right the soundtrack. He wouldn't know how to right music if it came up and bit his face.

    EVERY track on the US version of CD stinks worse than a skunk with BO. Nielsen TOTALLY DESTROYED the game with his trully horrendous soundtrack.

    Give me this:

    [Toot Toot Sonic Warrior]

    And this:

    [Cosmic Eternity]

    Any day over Nielsen's crap.

  6. A topic like this is better-suited for a poll, but apparently, they've been disabled on this forum for some reason. I can't say that I'm sure why, but...whatever. I guess this'll do.

    To answer the topic question myself, I happen to prefer the US track, but unfortunately, in a lot of places I've been to, it doesn't seem to be very well-liked. Whenever the subject of Sonic CD's music is brought up, many people seem to prefer the Japanese/European soundtrack, and are quick to label the US one as garbage for being different from it. Let's take this for example. Seventy-three people voted in the poll, and the US track didn't even have half the amount of votes that the Jap/Eur track had, and I honestly don't understand why. In my opinion, the US soundtrack has the Japanese one outclassed in almost every way.

    My reasons for preferring the US track, aside from nostalgia, is because of the songs being more atmospheric, and fitting the stage environments and the general mood a lot better. It's especially apparent with the Bad Future songs, with many of them sounding a lot darker and sinister, and generally doing a better job at conveying the feeling of a ruined, apocalyptic future. Plus, I love the type of musical variety that many of the songs had, ranging from rock, jazz, and others. I also happen to think that the soundtrack was very unique for its time, and really showed what the Sega CD was truly capable of.

    Now, don't get me wrong... I'm not saying that the Jap/Eur soundtrack is terrible by any means. I like that one, as well, and I often find myself alternating between the two soundtracks in the Sonic CD remake. Lots of the songs are catchy and conveyed the stages' mood in its own way, but at the same time, I can't help but feel that it's just a tad overrated, but maybe that's just me. What are your thoughts?

  7. Since we're posting Toonami promos, one just can't leave this one out:

    At first, I only used to watch Dragon Ball occasionally, but the moment the King Piccolo saga aired, I was hooked. Every day I came home from school, I would patiently (or impatiently) wait 6:30 for the show to come on, and it was well worth it. Although, a few months later, it started airing at 5:30 instead, which was pretty convenient for me. Everytime I watch this clip, it always brings back a lot of memories. It's a major blast to the past.

  8. Some of the recent pieces of artwork (in addition to the trailers, themselves) have only further proven my point that this is going to be nothing more than a mediocre Mega Man 2 fanservice cash-in title. The only thing even remotely appealing about the extended trailer, was the fact that a Spark Man remix was playing in the background.

  9. Pffft. What garbage. This game doesn't seem to be anything more than yet another Mega Man 2 rehash. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm severely disappointed. I don't care anymore. Any enthusiasm I might have had for this game over the past month or so, has officially flown out the window. This is one game that I won't be wasting my money on. In fact, this piece of crap could bomb for all I care.

  10. I am BEYOND excited for this. I really am. I've waited SO long for this. For the past five years, ever since the Wii was still called the "Revolution", there's been quite a few claims that a Donkey Kong platformer was going to appear at E3, and so far, it hasn't happened. However, this time around, I'm pretty sure that it's more than just a rumor, since there's quite a bit of evidence to support it.

    -This page shows that it was hinted at on a certain Twitter page.

    -Retro Studios was asked about what their next project was last year, and they responded with, "I think you'll be very excited when you find out what we're working on."

    -Yoshiaki Koizumi, one of the producers at Nintendo, was asked if a new Donkey Kong game was in development, and he responsded with, "Oh, I can't tell you that."

    -Oh, and of course, there's the claim that Famitsu Magazine made back in 2005, that a new Donkey Kong game was in development. Over the years, that link got changed into a Barrel Blast article, but keep in mind, though, that this article was made at the time that game was still on the Gamecube, under the name of "DK Bongo Blast".

  11. Ironically, I'd say Bowser's worse off than Eggman on the count that he has very little variation in any of his plots outside of "capture the princess, then wait for Mario".

    True, but you've got to admit that his plan in the first Paper Mario has probably outdone any other he's ever come up with. He stole the wish-granting Star Rod, and used it to make himself invincible, so that Mario wouldn't be able to defeat him. He also captured the Star Spirits, who were capable of piercing through his invincibility barrier, and had guarded in all these seperate locations to make sure Mario wouldn't be able to save them. Other than that, though, I agree. I don't think much of Bowser as a villain, myself, and there's tons of other villains in the Mario series that have proven themselves to be far more cunning, evil, and psychotic than he's Bowser's even been. I personally think Bowser is much better at being an anti-hero, but maybe that's just me.

  12. Of course, no one cares about how successful Robotnik is nowadays, because OMG MEPHILES KILLED SONIC OMG SO AWESOME KAWAII SEXY LOL!!1111

    Hey, don't get me wrong. I am by no means saying that Robotnik is a bad villain because of that, but I still think that Mephiles deserves some recognition for successfully pulling something off that many other villains, including Dr. Robotnik, have failed at. Again, that doesn't mean that I'm saying Robotnik's a bad villain, as I happen like him as much as the next guy, but his schemes definitely go out of control way too often.

  13. While they brought in Eggman's name to the US, they never did ditch the name Robotnik in the first place. Even though the guy is refered to as Eggman almost all of the time, the name Robotnik still has, and always will, refered to the same character. Even the folks who brought in the name Eggman know that fact.

    Alright, fair enough.

    Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention in my previous post, is that I actually DO like most of the modern Sonic games. To assume that people hate these games, just because they prefer the Robotnik name, is completely asinine. It's just a matter of personal preference. Dr. Robotnik just-so-happened to be the name that I grew up with, so that's what I continue to call him. It's as simple as that.

  14. Black Doom... everything about ShtH's lines was terrible. He was overdone most of that game's characters. GRRAGH YES YES, SHADOW YES. Who's going to trust an alien named Black Doom. Is there anyone in the fandom who likes Black Doom? He parodies himself. I've never seen anyone defend him.

    Personally, I like Black Doom. In fact, he happens to be my favorite one-shot villain in the series, next to Mephiles. I thought that he had just about all the qualities that make up a good villain (in my book, at least). He was cold, ruthless, sadistic, and power-hungry, just like a villain should be. He was also very arrogant, believing himself to be the most powerful being in the universe. Black Doom was definitely a bigger threat than Dr. Robotnik, and he's come a lot closer to succeeding with his world domination plan than Robotnik ever has (minus Sonic Adventure 2, at least). If it wasn't for the fact that Shadow was immune to that paralysis(sp?) gas in The Last Story, I think he definitely would have succeeded. Oh, and I also happen to like Black Doom's powers and abilities, if that counts for anything, as well as his dark, intimidating voice.

    As for Mephiles, I just happen to be a huge fan of villains that are cunning, manipulative, and just plain psychotic. Mephiles has also proven himself to to be far more cunning and evil than Robotnik's ever been. He's also the only villain to successfully kill Sonic without even breaking a sweat. What other villain has managed to pull that off? Robotnik DID come pretty close in Sonic Adventure 2, but still.

  15. Does Dr. Eggman's name really matter? No. Anyone who thinks so is either too invested in SatAM or something, or has no love for modern Sonic. The latter however is most of the people who rally for 2D only games. I think those old games were better, but 2D only is kind of... extreme.

    No, just...no. I'll admit that I like SatAM Sonic, but that has nothing to do with why I prefer the name of "Dr. Robotnik" over "Dr. Eggman". The way you worded that sentence, makes it seem as if SatAM Sonic is where that name originated from. He was called "Dr. Robotnik" in the manuals for the Genesis games, starting with Sonic 1.

    Personally, I'll never be able to understand why they felt the need to bring the "Dr. Eggman" name into the United States, anyway. Didn't that pretty much defeat the purpose of going through all the trouble of trying to think of a much better, Americanized name for him in the first place?

  16. mm9boxart.png

    I don't know about anyone else, but I found this game to be a MASSIVE disappointment. Don't get me wrong, though. I don't hate the game. Not at all, but at the same time, I still thought it was a complete let-down. When I first heard about this game back in June 2008, I believe it was, I was VERY excited. I was glad to see that the classic Mega Man series was finally going to make its triumphant comeback, after being dead for the past ten years or so. Now, to get to the point, the fact that the game is in 8-bit wasn't the problem. It's the fact that this game purposely went out of its way to ignore what later games (after Mega Man 2) brought to the series. I will be one of the first to say that Mega Man 2 has GOT to be one of, if not THE most overrated Mega Man game of all time. So many people act as if it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, treating it like the Second Coming of Jesus, or something. As a result, Capcom/Inti Creates' sole purpose with that game was to please maninly Mega Man 2 fanboys, and nobody else. For example, they decided to remove Mega Man's charge beam and slide kick abilities, simply because of the fact that they weren't in Mega Man 2. Did they honestly think that people would magically forget about something that's been established in the series for over ten years? What's worse, is that Keiji Inafune, the creator of the Mega Man franchise, went and claimed that those "fancy moves" were "unnecessary", and didn't even come up with a real story-related explanation as to why Mega Man couldn't use them. Instead, Inafune and the rest of the staff just flat-out acted as if he's never had them. Sure, Proto Man might have had those abilties, but in my opinion, it just wasn't quite the same, considering the fact that he has the weaker Mega Man 4-style charge beam, rather than the stronger one from Mega Man 5 and onward. Again, don't get me wrong; I don't hate Mega Man 2, but I definitely do not consider it to be the best in the series. Contrary to popular belief, I think Mega Man 3 has outdone it in almost every way.

    Oh, and there's also the lack of Bass and Treble. That was another one of the biggest problems I had with the game. The way they left Bass out of the game and randomly threw his blueprints in the ending like that was MORE than just a slap in the face; it was a kick in the nuts to those who were looking forward to seeing Bass make his debut in one of the 8-bit games. We were kicked in the nuts even further when that generic, piece of crap police robot, Fake Man, showed up in the Special Stage, rather than him. Bass' absence from Mega Man 9 didn't make ANY kind of sense, and up to this day, I STILL don't think there was ANY excuse for that one whatsoever. Supposedly, he was undergoing some kind of "upgrade" or "adjustment" in the Mega Man 9, but there's several reasons as to why that doesn't add up. For starters, Bass has an ego the size of a planet, and already feels that he's powerful enough to destroy Mega Man without any upgrades or enhancements. Secondly, he specifically told Dr. Wily during the ending of Mega Man: The Power Battle, that "all [he] make is junk", so it made no sense for him to have accepted an upgrade from him in the first place. Thirdly, Mega Man 9's storyline took place MANY years after the previous games, so why is it that Wily had just now started, when that could have been finished ages ago? Lastly, they made it seem as if this was meant to forshadow something big, but then, in Mega Man 10, we find out that this had ZERO RELEVANCE to the storyline. Bass was pretty much left out of Mega Man 9 for nothing. What it all boils down to, is that they just did not WANT to include him.

  17. EggmanXEggman Nega FOREVER~


    ...You DO realize the two of them are related, don't you? It was explicitly stated right there in the first Sonic Rivals, that Nega is a descendent of Dr. Robotnik. Or was that a joke?

  18. I've never been a huge fan of the WarioWare series, but all these Mega Man mini-games that people keep making are genius. I'm actually considering getting this game, but it's not exactly my top priority, or anything.

  19. They removed some of Mega Man's abilities and just gave them to him for no real reason. Oh, and he's got a shield when he jumps- whoopedy-fuckin'-doo.

    Thank you. You, sir, have just hit the nail right on the head. That's another thing that bugged me about Mega Man 9. They just randomly stripped Mega Man of those abilities, and didn't even come up with a story-related explanation as to why he couldn't use them. They just flat-out acted as if Mega Man never them had them (Inafune even went so far as to call them "unnecessary" in an interview). Did they honestly think that people were just going to magically forget about something that's been established in the series for over ten years?

    At least Bass is different, but I'm hoping he'll have a downside of some kind.

    I'm pretty sure he does. Unlike Mega Man and Proto Man, Bass is unable to run while firing his Buster. The Bass-Buster's projectile's also can't fly through walls, and if I'm not mistaken, his shots are still considerably weaker (but faster) than Mega Man's and Proto Man's.

  20. You just don't know HOW glad I am to see that Bass is the third playable character. Like I said before, had it been anyone other than him, I was going to rage like you wouldn't believe. I was SERIOUSLY going to blow a fuse if they left him out again, because there wouldn't have been any excuse for that whatsoever this time. I am BEYOND excited for Bass Mode and the rest of the downloadable content that's getting released for this game. So far, Mega Man 10 is already shaping up to be more than what Mega Man 9 was, which was little more than fanservice to all those Mega Man 2 fanboys out there, and THAT'S a good thing.

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