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    Megaman 10

    Oh, and I suppose Proto Man does? Capcom NEVER seems to have a problem adding him into every Mega Man game, regardless of whether or not he has any relevance to the storyline. In fact, he didn't even HAVE a story in Mega Man 9, despite the fact that he was a playable character. There's really no reason why they couldn't do the same for Bass.
  2. Scorch

    Megaman 10

    ...What? Even now, there are STILL people who think Roll's going to be the third playable character? Give me a break. Did people forget that she ended up getting sick and bedridden from the Roboenza virus? As far as I'm concerned, Roll's playability is out of the question for that reason alone. I'll be putting my money on Bass. I know I've said this many times at other places, but if this third character happens to be anyone, and I mean ANYONE other than him, I am going to rage like you wouldn't believe. There weren't enough words to describe how pissed off I was about them leaving him out of Mega Man 9. That was one of the reasons I was so excited about that game being in 8-bit in the first place; because I wanted to see Bass and Treble make their debut in an official 8-bit game, since they weren't around during the NES titles, but then they completely blew it. The way they slapped Bass' blueprints in the ending wasn't just a slap in the face, but it was a kick in the nuts to his fanbase. Before anyone says anything, yes, I know... Supposedly, he was getting upgraded during the events of Mega Man 9, but there's several reasons as to why that doesn't add up. Number one, Bass has an ego the size of a planet, and he already feels that he's more than capable of destroying Mega Man without any upgrades or enhancements. Number two, Dr. Light said, during the intro, that Mega Man hasn't had to fight in a while, meaning that it's been ages since he's had to fight Bass, so that upgrade could have been finished ages ago. You'd think Wily would have done that long before then. Number three, Bass specifically told Dr. Wily, in Mega Man: The Power Battle, that "all [he] make is junk", so it made no sense for him to have even bothered accepting an upgrade from him in the first place. And so, with that said, there won't be ANY excuse whatsoever for leaving him out of this one.
  3. Scorch

    Megaman 10

    The third Robot Master has recently been revealed: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, wow. And people thought Sheep Man was bad.
  4. Scorch

    Megaman 10

    I certainly hope that it IS him. I'm seriously going to be pissed off if they leave him out of this one, too, just like they did with Mega Man 9. Supposedly, he wasn't in that game, because he was getting "upgraded". There definitely won't be any excuse whatsoever for leaving him out this time.
  5. I don't recall the Penguin Suit or the Propeller Suit being in the DS version, either.
  6. Scorch

    Mega Man

    The only two Mega Man series that I find to be enjoyable are the Classic and X series. I consider anything after that to be garbage.
  7. I guess that would explain the white door that was next to Wario's. It seemed like they just threw that Power Star in there at the last minute.
  8. Super Mario RPG and the Paper Mario series. I don't think any RPGs, not even Final Fantasy, can top them.
  9. I predict that Nintendo is going to pull the same stunt this year as they did at last year's E3, where they completely disregarded their actual fanbase.
  10. As I've said at several other places already, I just hope Nintendo shows some actual games this time around, unlike what they did at last year's E3, where they just completely ignored their fanbase. I swear, if I see another Animal Crossing and/or Wii Fit type of game, I'll probably end up losing it like this guy did.
  11. Truthfully, I honestly don't see the point in Sonic and Shadow being rivals anymore. Honestly, they've already settled their differences in Sonic Adventure 2 (and Shadow the Hedgehog, but the "Dark" ending isn't considered canon). Also, they both fight for the exact same reason; saving the world.
  12. The controls are completely different from the ones in Barrel Blast. Jungle Beat's controls were modified in the Wii version so that it'll play more like a traditional platformer with regular controls. There are still a few parts with motion controls, though (such as the boss battles against the evil Kongs), but for the most part, Donkey Kong can be moved with the control stick, you could make him jump with the "A" button, etc.
  13. Yeah, I know that there's probably a lot of people who don't particularly care for the games in the New Play Control! series, since they're mostly just ports of Gamecube titles with modified controls, but Jungle Beat, on the other hand, was more than that. I think this game really stands out, due to all the extras and modifications they've made. I haven't played the game myself yet, but from what I've seen in various pieces of video footage, it definitely looks promising. One gripe I've always had with the original game is that it was a bit too easy. The bananas (or "Beats" as they were called) were used as Donkey Kong's energy meter, and since you could get about 100+ bananas (and never, or rarely ever get hit), that made it almost impossible to die. In the remake, the "Beats" are no longer used as Donkey Kong's energy meter, and they ended up adding a three-heart life meter to up the difficulty. I also like how they added more rerferences to the Donkey Kong Country series, like the blasting barrel cannons and DK Coins.
  14. I happen to like the soundtracks of both games, but I prefer to the U.S. track, mainly because that's the one I'm used to, since I grew up listening to that one. From what I've read at other places, the U.S. soundtrack is generally disliked due to the fact that it apparently sounds as if they slapped a random rock and roll track into the game. Yes, I won't even deny the fact that it sounds like a rock and roll track, but at least the songs are actually GOOD, very memorable, and suit their respective levels very well. If that truly is what they did, then it's definitely one of the best rock and roll tracks I've ever heard.
  15. Scorch


    I am SO glad to see that I'm not alone on this one. The only difference with me, however, is that I don't like any game in the Battle Network series, period. In fact, I consider any Mega Man series after X to be garbage.
  16. Scorch

    Tekken 6

    Same with me. Well, it's the last numbered Tekken game I've played, at least. Technically, the last Tekken game I've played is Tag Tournament. It looks like I've really got some catching up to do.
  17. Maybe so, but I just wasn't impressed with it. I tried to enjoy it, I really did, but I couldn't. It was a bit too mediocre and boring to me. I remember someone saying to me before that the game is more fun when you're playing with somebody, and I did just that when I played it with my little brother, and it still sucked. Regardless of whether or not you play the game by yourself, or with friends, the outcome is still bound to be the same.
  18. I don't really know you, but thanks for adding me as a friend anyway. I really appreciate it.

  19. Well, whatever. Honestly, I don't know whether or not I could say I'm relieved, because this game is still guaranteed to be nothing more than a complete joke just like the last one, and no amount of characters they add to the game is going to change that.
  20. Isn't that why the ARK was shut down in the first place? I seem to recall that place having to be reactivated when Robotnik had to go through the "Lost Colony" stage in Sonic Adventure 2.
  21. Wow. Way to make things worse than they already were.
  22. In response to the topic title, Earthbound automatically comes to mind for the reasons I've already explained in this topic.
  23. Bleh, like I said before, this game is guaranteed to be just as mediocre as its predecessor.
  24. I've said it before (at other boards), and I'll say it again: I think that the Earthbound is nothing more than an overrated/overhyped, mediocre piece of garbage. I tried to enjoy the game, I really did, but I found it impossible. Unless it's about the storyline and/or the fact that Nintendo of America refuses to acknowledge the game's existence (even going so far as to remove the Earthbound demo from Super Smash Bros. Brawl), then I'll never understand what the hype is about. Sure, the game might have had a good storyline, but in my opinion, that doesn't mean anything if it has such boring, mediocre gameplay that you have to put up with to progress through it.
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