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  1. I don't think so, because Knuckles and Vector are younger in Knuckles' Chaotix than they were in Sonic Heroes. Knuckles was 15, and Vector was 16. There's also the issue of Espio being older in Chaotix than he was in Heroes. He was 17 in one game, and 16 in the next.
  2. So, what he's basically saying, is just because Knuckles' Chaotix wasn't developed by Sonic Team, then it isn't considered canon? What a load of crap. By his logic, Sonic CD isn't canon either, since THAT wasn't developed by Sonic Team. They even showed flashbacks of those events in Sonic Adventure, during Amy's story. That's most likely something he came up with at the list minute in an attempt to justify that massive continuity error.
  3. The "Eggman" name was also used in Sonic the Fighters/Sonic Championship, along with a misspelling of Robotnik ("Robotnick").
  4. Maybe he didn't have any rings on him at the time.
  5. Since other continuity issues, such as Blaze and Nega Robotnik/Eggman Nega being from the future, and the Sonic Advance 3/Sonic Unleashed plothole, I thought I'd go ahead and throw this one out there. I'm sure you've all see the cutscene in Sonic Heroes that took place before Egg Hawk boss battle when you're playing as Team Chaotix. Espio will state, "That's the evil genius, Dr. Eggman!", and Charmy replies with, "Dr. WHO?", as if they've never met him before. This clearly indicates a lack of continuity, since they all fought Robotnik in Knuckles' Chaotix, and the events in that game took place prior to the ones in Sonic Heroes. What's the deal with this? Was Sonic Team purposely trying to disregard Knuckles' Chaotix, pretending as if it never happened? Next-Gen Sonic, I could understand, since the events that took place in the game got erased from history, but there's really no excuse for this one whatsoever.
  6. Scorch

    Tekken Movie

    I saw that movie again for the second time in at least ten years, and I liked it. The only real problem I had with it is the fact that the fight scenes were a bit too short, and the constant mispronunciation of Kazuya's name. Everyone but Heihachi kept pronouncing his name as "Kah-zee-uh" (even though it was erroneously pronounced that way in the first Tekken, but still). Jin's name was also pronounced wrong at the end of the film.
  7. That's a lot better than what happens when you get all 120 stars in Super Mario 64. All you get is a brief talk with Yoshi, 100 lives (which I could easily get myself), and a modified triple jump.
  8. It lacked challenge and replay value, you say? I'm going to have to disagree with that. The Luigi mode alone was enough replay value for me (even to the point where I've beaten the game a total of 16 times), and it's proven to be slightly more challenging than when you're playing as Mario (particularly during the Cosmic Luigi races, since he's faster than Cosmic Mario). Also, they added difficulty to the boss fights during the Daredevil Runs (and the Daredevil Run at Melty Molten Galaxy had no boss- you had to go through the entire stage without getting hit). You clearly didn't read anything beyond that part of the sentence. "We" doesn't exactly apply to everyone, because Super Mario Galaxy is MORE than what I expected it to be. When the game was first shown during E3 2006, I thought it looked extremely mediocre, and it didn't seem vastly different from Super Mario Sunshine (minus the lack of FLUDD, the water pack, at least). My opinion on the game didn't change until about a year later when it was shown again during E3 2007. And when I actually played the game, I was amazed, because I felt that Nintendo had really outdone themselves that time. Super Mario Galaxy was a major improvement over Super Mario Sunshine, and was pretty much everything that it wasn't (not that Sunshine was a bad game, I just expected it to be a little better than it turned out to be). In my opinion, the game has even surpassed Super Mario 64, and I consider that (along with its remake) to be a true masterpiece.
  9. I don't see why people are saying that Super Mario Galaxy didn't deserve it. That's one of the best games to ever be released on the Wii so far (as well as being one of the best Mario games made in years). It really got Mario back to his roots by combining gameplay elements from Super Mario 64, as well as some of the past 2D Mario titles. It had tons of references to the older games (like the Koopalings' airships, minus the Koopalings themselves, of course), and the list just goes on and on. That's a lot more than what could be said about some of the recent Sonic titles (not that I hate them, but still).
  10. Scorch

    Tekken Movie

    As long as it isn't a live action movie, I'm all for it.
  11. You have a point, but I think we should also take into consideration that Sonic Team most likely hadn't come up with Chip and Dark Gaia at the time Sonic Advance 3 was in development.
  12. I was about to say the same thing, actually.
  13. No offense, but the "Mighty has no personality" argument is pretty stupid, considering the fact that the two games he appeared in had no dialogue whatsoever (as well as what was stated in the manual about him being a pacifist).
  14. I have both versions of this game. I brought the Wii version first, and I was originally going to just stick with that one until I saw the vast amount of differences that the 360 version had. The things I like better about the Wii version are: -Easier controls (with Sonic the Hedgehog) -It's easier to get to your next destination, due to the lack of adventure fields (I hate adventure fields, even in Sonic Adventure and Next-Gen Sonic). -Sonic starts out with all the abilities (rather than getting them in the form of "upgrades" like in the 360 version). -You could actually use the speed boost while riding the sled in Holoska and Robotnikland (yes, "Robotnikland", as Robotnik called it in Sonic Adventure. I hate the name of "Eggman" with a passion). -The fact that you could actually kill that huge machine you encounter at the end of Apotos (that you have to avoid by using sidesteps. That thing couldn't be killed in the 360 version). -The Punch Out!!-style battle with Dark Gaia, as opposed to the one in the 360 version, where you had to be lightyears away from Dark Gaia, and you have to get closer to him with a slow boost, while barely avoiding his attacks). -Robotnikland was more than one stage, as opposed to being one, hour-long stage in the 360 version. The things I like better about the 360 version are: -The graphics (I don't play games based soley on graphics, but still.) -The Werehog controls are easier (and the gameplay mechanics themselves were executed a lot better). -There's no limit to the amount of extra lives you could obtain. -The level designs were less "linear", and to a certain extent, were similar to Sonic 1's, where you had to push blocks. -The engine, for the most part, feels a lot smoother. -Achievements. -The amount of Werehog stages were pretty much equal to the amount of Hedgehog stages (unlike the Wii version, where there was WAY more Werehog stages than Hedgehog stages). -The inclusion of the Tornado Mini-Stage, Empire City, and the Mazuri Action Stage, which wasn't present in the Wii version for some reason.
  15. I don't think so, because those events got erased from history at the end of the game, making it so that it never happened.
  16. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm not all that fond of Mike Pollock's Robotnik voice. I'm not saying that he sounds downright terrible (unlike Charmy's voice actor in Shadow the Hedgehog, which made me want to break the TV), I'm just saying that I don't think he sounds evil enough while doing his voice, as opposed to the way Deem Bristow used to do it.
  17. It was nice to see Heavy and Bomb on that poll, but unfortunately, the two of them had no chance whatsoever of winning in that poll. I actually like those two characters, as strange as it may sound.
  18. It wasn't always their fault. The only time it was when they fired the other voice actors and replaced them with the 4Kids cast. The guy who did Omega's voice in Shadow the Hedgehog quit voice acting for some reason.
  19. I've been a fan of the Crash Bandicoot series from the very beginning, ever since the first game came out back in 1996. It had the same basic gameplay style as other series, such as Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong Country, etc., where you have to run, jump, kill enemies, collect coins, rings, fruit (or whatever it is that's in the game), as well as other gameplay mechanics. Lots of people feel as if the Crash Bandicoot series went downhill after Naughty Dog stopped making them, but in my opinion, the series went downhill after Traveller's Tales stopped making them. I actually enjoyed both Wrath of Cortex and Twinsanity. I consider Crash of the Titans, Mind over Mutant, and pretty much any game that came out after Twinsanity to be garbage. My favorite Crash game of all time would have to be the first one. Sure, he didn't have any of those "fancy" moves that he had in the sequels, but I actually found it to be slightly more fun and challenging than the others.
  20. So do I. Judging from the gameplay videos I've seen on Youtube, Sonic X-Treme looked as if it had LOTS of potential. It had nice music, beautiful 3D environments (for its time, of course), and the gameplay itself seemed to almost perfectly emulate that of the 2D side-scrolling games that were on the Genesis (with the only difference being that it was in 3D, of course). I think it definitely would have stayed truer to the classics than Sonic Adventure did (not that it was a bad game). I also thought Tiara Boobowski was a pretty interesting character.
  21. I actually liked both of those games, but as Mahzes said, Sonic the Fighters/Sonic Championship wasn't on the Saturn (although a Saturn port WAS originally intended). Sonic R had some crappy looking character models, I'll admit (even for its time), but I still enjoyed the gameplay, as well as the music. Like I said before, I'd take that over any of the Sonic Riders games any day. Sonic R was FAR more deserving of a sequel than Riders.
  22. Actually, the Wii version of Jungle Beat has quite a bit of changes that weren't present in the original game. Also, I don't understand what's taking them so long to release it here in America, either. Especially since the game has little to no storyline, and hardly any dialogue that needs to be translated, so what's the hold up? Also, the game got rereleased in Japan the same month that it did four years ago, why couldn't they do that in America and Europe?
  23. He was like this in Sonic Wildfire, as well. Particularly the taunts he did during the boss battles. "What's the matter, Erazor? You don't look so good!"
  24. I have both Rivals games, and I love them both. I think they had just about anything to like about a Sonic game. The 2D side-scrolling gameplay, which is similar to the Genesis titles (to a certain extent), the graphics (even though I don't play games based soley on that), the sound/music, and the storyline. I especially liked the Circus Park stage (or whatever it was called- I don't remember the exact name) in the first one. The race against Metal Sonic in Act 2 reminded me of Metal Sonic race that took place in Sonic CD, when Stardust Speedway had a Bad Future. The only gripes I have with both games, is the fact that Blaze made no appearance whatsoever like I had hoped, and some of the voice acting. Nega Robotnik's voice in particular made my ears bleed. His voice was just as bad as Sigma's was in Mega Man X4.
  25. You can? I didn't know that was possible. If so, I would have done that long ago, since I happen to hate Chao.
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