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  1. Why not? Eyes are an important part of a design, plus this is just fluff based talking.
  2. Don't say "black", because that's just a cartoon style. Most cartoon characters don't seriously have black eyes. I know Archie had Sonic with brown eyes in the Saturn period, and occasionally Tails with blue eyes. Amy had purple eyes during the early Adventure comics, for whatever reason. In Fleetway's comics they'd randomly put coloring for the eyes in some issues, but it was never consistent; brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes.. They eventually settled on blue for Knuckles, green for Sonic (eventually retconned into his natural color according to rerun covers), blue for Porker and Johnny, and brown for everyone else except Chaotix (who had black still). I'm fine with everyone's eye colors, though I do think Amy looks better with brown eyes honestly. Why green? Because she's a hedgehog, or is it a coincidence? To make a parallel?
  3. Well it is aimed more at teens. Plus, it's only hard if your kids have been censored their entire life most kids I know have little problem with such material. You see the same sort of stuff in a lot of Eastern series aimed at elementary - teen aged kids.
  4. Would the 'classic' SS have green eyes? I've heard he had them, but I don't see it in his sprites and he didn't have it in R or Fighters. I don't see why SS wouldn't be playable. He's connected to the Genesis games quite heavily.
  5. Fang. Well, he did win that Facebook poll a few months back. Tails, Knuckles, Amy.. The animal friends, and maybe some references to other "classic" characters.
  6. "Sonic takes place on Mobius". I've gotten into debates on this one. Even with all the contrary evidence, fans still think that. I've even met some who think the series has been rebooted.
  7. STC!Sonic was a nice departure from the typical happy Sonic. He had good character development too, so it's not like he was just a jerk. What's questionable about the designs? Knuckles has blue eyes, Knuckles has a silver collar, almost everyone else has brown eyes, and.. That's really it in terms of departure. The OCs look a lot better then the Archie ones.
  8. Sonic the Comic, the Fleetway comic from the UK. Arguably their main contribution to the Sonic universe. It's a rather obscure series, despite the fact how big the UK is and how popular it was. It hasn't even had archives yet, though that may be due to licensing problems or whatnot. We have the unofficial-official fan-comic that is StC Online but, hypothetically, how would you feel if they began a new continuation? Would the series be able to handle its differences from the games without changing too much? The Adventure arc was pretty sloppy honesty, but a lot of it has to do with time constraints and executive meddling. It still had errors, and the ending was abrupt, but it's still considered a great arc. Most fans don't have problems with the design changes, but I find Sonic's green eye retcon to be unnecessary (especially since they retconned him into always having green eyes). StC-O is doing a good job mixing the Fleetway-verse and gameverse together. An official comic would have no problem either.
  9. Four eras? People usually put it into 2. My fav is.. The Sonic era. Why chose between eras? To me, most Sonic games are good. Sonic is Sonic, you can't go bad with Sonic.
  10. To me there is no "Classic Sonic" or "Modern Sonic". Sonic is Sonic. He's the same guy, and these are the same games. A lot of characters change designs over time, and a lot of games go through different genres. Who says "classic" Sonic doesn't have green eyes? It's a common art style to portray characters with black eyes, when in "reality" they have an eye color. I'd love to see Sonic in his original design by voiced in Generations, but I presume they're going for a throwback so he'll be silent or only speak through the text. His current voice seems too deep, so I'd imagine a Sonic OVA type voice.
  11. My first Sonic game was Sonic Advance. It was also one of my first video games, well one of the first that was all for me (I usually played with my brothers back then). It was quite aggravating. I could barely get past Secret Base, and when I finally did I couldn't get past Casino Paradise. Even my cousin had troubles with it. Now I see it's a pretty easy game, but I still haven't beaten it.
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