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  1. Why? Why does this game exist? Why when we have both the previous Sonic Jump and Doodle Jump? The game hasn't had much improved upon it from the previous game. Just a shitty timer on it now.
  2. Hope you had a great day today!

  3. happy birthday!

  4. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  5. We might get lucky and get a huge last day rush for the first additional chapter, especially now that Paypal is an option for backers. But I doubt we could pull in another 100k on the last day.
  6. Opening a seperate Paypal account seems typical of most Kickstarters though, since there's a large amount of people who can't or refuse to use Amazon. Even MN9 has a Paypal. I don't see any cause-and-effect here related to MN9.
  7. Seeing as we're not even close to the alt costumes stretch goal, much less the initial goal, i don't think there's demand.
  8. Seriously? No one's awake to throw a fangasm over it hitting $2.2 million? Also no one made a topic for the Mutant Football League revival Kickstarter?
  9. A sound theory, but also remember we're still in the Kickstarter phase. The 1 individual most likely spread the word to his/her "network of friends" to donate NOW, as opposed to waiting to buy the game later. So that 57k most likely already consists of a multitude of "networks." I do suspect there's still a large number of people who for whatever reason won't ever donate to the Kickstarter and will just buy the game itself when it comes out. How big that number is compared to the current number of actual donaters is I have no idea.
  10. Yong

    Xbox One Discussion

    The acquistion of the domain name has nothing to do with them "liking" the nickname. They're just securing it to insure no one uses it for their own intentions, such as to direct to a site dedicated to bash the Xbox brand.
  11. Would it be $2.2 million Capcom would've gotten? Remember people are donating way more money than they would actually be paying for just the game itself. The actual number of donaters is just over 37k. For something that looks like it'd be a $10-15 game that'd be more like around $500k in actual revenue. Here you have people paying an average of about $58 each. Then again I don't know anything about economics so what do I know.
  12. Yong

    PS Vita

    Do you mean PS+? BTW you don't need a PS3/4 to be a PS+ member. And PS+ will still probably release Vita games that require touch features.
  13. Yong

    PS Vita

    Wouldn't touch screen features be an obvious choice for that game, cause..... you know..... T&A....?
  14. Yong

    PS Vita

    Still a bit sad since I'm finding more appeal in this for the PS1/PSP games than for actual Vita games. The compatibility issues cut a huge chunk off the very small list of Vita games I'd want to play.
  15. Yong

    PS Vita

    Yeah no reason to get a normal Vita, assuming you don't want to play any Vita games that make use of the touch or mic features. Which there's a lot.
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