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  1. I am in mid-season 2 of Digimon. Awesome, some of these episodes are really emotional, yanno.

    Hey, how are you? Long time no see, so I hope you had a great Christmas and a very cool New Year's!

  2. Hehe!

    I'm fine thank you, how are you?

  3. To Vulpine; While I respect your opinion, I completely disagree with what you've said. For one, you're not 'better' than anyone and saying so just makes it sound like you have a stick up your butt and that you like to inflate your ego. I'm glad that you finish games 100%, that's good for you. You seem to enjoy it. But trying to use that as a reason for you being better than probably over a thousand people? No. That is not good, and you should try to not repeat this mistake again because, really, it does you no good. As well, some people just don't like certain Sonic games. Yes, their opinion may be influenced somewhat by what they've read online but, in the end, they are choosing to form their own opinion. The critics and reviewers aren't shoving words into their mouths, or sentences into their posts. In regards to this topic at hand, I'm not sure if the fan base can really be 'fixed'. As I've said, no matter what SEGA does, some people will just not like certain Sonic games. In my honest opinion, from what I've seen, the fan base doesn't seem broken to me. But maybe that's because I don't really focus too much on people who dislike the games. Yes, the fan base is divided, and I'm not sure if anything will ever change that. It'd be nice to see the fan base united and agreeing, but hey... then we wouldn't have interesting discussions like this, right? And besides, as long as it doesn't end in wars or arguments, I enjoy a good debate every now and then.
  4. Simba: A childhood favourite of mine. I enjoyed the way they portrayed him as a child, so innocent and a bit selfish, somewhat imaginative. Then, after his father's death, he went through some changes. When he became an adult, that was even better because he had developed so much (or went through the development, depending on how you see it). Still, Simba as a cub will always hold a special place in my heart. Fox McCloud: Not sure if this counts, since he's a video game character. But oh well! Fox is a favourite of mine because, well, he's just so determined. And even if things happen to go wrong, he does his best to keep his eye on the prize while still considering the best interest of his team (or planet, if you look at Adventure). Prince Tricky: Another from the Starfox series; Tricky was a prince that followed you around during Adventure. And, I have to admit, at first he bothered me. I'm not certain why, but I just got this bothered feeling whenever he was around. Slowly though, I warmed to the kid and he eventually became a favourite of mine. Falco Lombardi: Yeah, he had an attitude, and he could be ungrateful at times. Still, deep down Falco does care, and that shows and develops through-out the series. I enjoyed him most in 64 though cause, well, he got plenty of time there. Plus it was interesting needing to save him then listening to his various quips. Slippy Toad: Shocker, isn't it? Yeah. I like Slippy. I get that some people can view him as annoying, and that's okay. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, after all! I like him though because I try to remember that he's the youngest on the team. And while he had the skill to pass whatever training they had to make him part of Star Fox in the first place, Slippy is still trying to ascend from that rut of 'trainee' into a full-fledged pilot. He makes mistakes (albeit a lot of them), but who doesn't? Basil of Baker Street: Oh, the Great Mouse Detective. A fun movie to watch whenever you're bored. I enjoyed Basil's character, because.... well, he's Basil. Watch the movie and you'll understand why. Charlie B. Barkin: I hope I didn't spell his name wrong. If I did, forgive me. But yeah, Charlie from All Dogs Go to Heaven. He's a con artist sure, but he's still got some care for certain people in him. Which is good, at least he isn't that much of a jerk. I like his character development in the first movie, and the second movie was pretty good too. Beast: I wonder if he counts? I mean, technically, he started out as a human and was turned into a beast... Either way, Beast from Beauty and the Beast was a favourite character of mine from the movie. Even if he did scare me somewhat as a kid, the amount of depth he had was interesting. You know, considering what he went through and all. Yeah, he started out selfish and angry, but part of me doesn't blame him. At least he learned his lesson in the end (as with Disney movies). Mittens: Remember that black feline cat from Bolt? Yeah, she grew on me. I enjoyed her accent, and her character. Plus she scored points with me for having the same name as a cat I had owned as a child. ...I'm sure there are more, but I can't exactly remember any others off the top of my head right now. Whenever I do, I'll probably post again (assuming it's not a double post), or edit my current post if I might be in risk of double posting.
  5. That idea about the soundtrack would be amazing, thank you for the offer! I adore the music from the Digimon Adventure series. ^o^

    Also, about the co-op match. Perhaps. I don't think I can access wifi with my DS, but we'll see. ;] And, my day has been good. How about yours?

  6. *Proceeding from cut-off, damn I need to stop typing so much in comments hahaha* Shortly after starting to play Heartgold, how about we do a co-op match or something?

    And pardon I forgot to ask, how was your day? I'll do things real special and ask that at the end instead of at the start. XP

  7. *Gasp* Heartgold is just like its name, a big golden

    I have got the original soundtrack of the two first seasons of Digimon if you'd ever be interested (doh, I am such a FREAK, or used to be at least, when it comes to anime background music, haha!)

    Shortly after starting to play Heartgold, how about we do a co-op matc...

  8. Oh yes, the Japanese versions of Digimon Adventure and Adventure two were a blast to watch! Also, yes, I've been meaning to try the newer Pokemon games. I actually own Heart Gold but haven't gotten around to playing it that often. :]

  9. *Proceeding from previous comment that was cut-off*

    Also, you like Digimon too, I see? I used to watch the Japanese (German) version. They were a real blast. That version was much more terror-like and capturing, I feel.

  10. Halloween isn't much celebrated around here. Our country didn't start using the tradition until just a couple of years ago. X3 But! I was ALWAYS a fan of the Halloween spirit, so thank you, and happy Halloween to you too (god allehelgensaften!)

    You need to try the new Pokémon games. I find them very fun.

    Also, you like Digimon too, I see? I used to watch th...

  11. Raichu, huh? Interesting choice, but I can see why you'd like that pokemon!

    I recently started playing Pokemon Blue again myself. Ahh, the nostalgia.

    On an unrelated Pokemon note: Happy Halloween! Hope your day goes well :]

  12. I usually make my own sigs, but that particular one was made by my girlfriend (:

  13. Did you make the image yourself? ^^

  14. Thanks XD It's silly, but fun. Glad you're doing all right too.

  15. Ah, I'm doing fine. ^^ Good to know you're doing good!

    Just thought I'd say hello. Love your signature by the way.

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