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  1. The Geek Critique's Sonic 06 video is pure genius because it looks at and so competently explains the REAL effect of the game - it erased the legacy of sonic from the timeline. The unlisted videos and the links to them at the end perfectly sum up what it's like to browse through Sonic videos on youtube.

  2. Tomb Raider was released on consoles that didn't have analogue sticks when the game was made. But really, here's my argument for Tomb Raider: As this music plays, you turn a corner and discover a huge, long-broken statue of King Midas - only the feet and a broken hand remain. The reveal, combined with the music, create a sequence of awe and wonder - especially for players in 1996. Tank controls or no (even the brand new 2018 God of War has a quick turn button), little moments like those make the TR games classics.
  3. Sonic Mania is Digital Foundry's GOTY 2017!

  4. Not gonna talk about gameplay really as it's really all been said elsewhere, but I will say this: It has lovely graphics and music (to this day it looks wonderful), it has a very charming overall look and feel to it, and the different destinations feel like holiday destinations you would want to visit (except Eggmanland of course). So in that respect, Unleashed is a success - it sells its "travel the world" idea to me (e.g. I remember thinking "oh, I wonder what kind of food I'll be able to buy here") etc. Travelling through that world was an adventure and this "charm" was refreshing.
  5. Absolutely not. Get that sh*t out of the games.
  6. Clearly the worst part of Forces was when Vector said "less" when he should have said "fewer" :P

  7. The first time we saw double boost and that song played. I hate that song, and after of years of blissful instrumental soundtracks (Sonic Runners hnngg), having a cheesy rock theme with 0/10 vocals was and is a massive step back into the 2000s. Then I reasoned that it wasn't aimed at me, and that's what Sonic Mania was/is for. When I saw that, my thinking went from "can't wait" to "hope it's not a trainwreck" (which thankfully it isn't but still not good enough).
  8. I remember we worried about Generations because the demo was of Green Hill Zone, but people called it Straight Line Zone. However, when we played the game and got to Sky Sanctuary, it was a marvel to behold the multi-pathed level design. This continued as the game went on. Seaside Hill Act 2 is often brought up, as it was at the start of this thread, as an excellent example of multi-path level design in a modern 3D Sonic game. Forces doesn't reach anywhere near that. Yes there are a few examples of an extra path here and there, but that Seaside Hill act still beats all of Forces in terms of level design and interactivity. Every level ends about 90 seconds in after holding boost for well over 40 of those seconds. Classic is worse than Generations because it's even further away from Mania than Generations. Sonic behaves in ways you wouldn't expect, and much of the sequences where you roll up an incline are scripted. He feels like he has a huge iron weight chained to his legs. This is one of the worst jumps in a Sonic game. Avatar doesn't need to exist, but that's not the question being asked in this thread. What's wrong with the Avatars is that they lack air control (or at least the hedgehog does) meaning you can't correct yourself during a jump. All of the wispons are the same in that you press fire and everything dies with the possible exception of Drill. The actual wisp abilities are reduced in what they can do from Colours, and you can only use one of them at a time (I'll be honest, they probably don't need to be in the game at all). Automation, scripted sequences, heavy jumping controls, but all worse than before. That's it really. Back to the drawing board (while Sonic Utopia and Green Hill Paradise Act 2 are playing on a nearby screen)...
  9. Unpopular opinion but I feel like those Avatar tracks would be better without vocals - it's not that the singers can't sing, it's more the lyrics themselves are way too cheesy. I really hope that they release an official OST on Spotify with instrumental versions of those tracks. Listening to Park Avenue has me cringing one moment and smiling the next - same goes for Spaceport. "THIS IS JUSTICE THIS IS WHAT'S RIGHT", please no. I honestly wouldn't mind the lyrics if they weren't so cheesy (probably originally written in Japanese and then translated).
  10. What they probably will do, is look at review scores, sales etc., take some but not all of it into consideration, think of an idea that they want to try out, shoehorn it into the next game, receive a 68 on Metacritic, rinse and repeat. What they need to do however is go back to the drawing board and make Sonic work in 3D. Successfully translating what makes something like Sonic Mania good into 3D is, perhaps unfortunately, what it would take for this series to shine again. And yes, getting another group of developers to create a Sonic Adventure-esque game in the same way that PagodaWhiteHeadCannon made Sonic Mania is an interesting idea.
  11. Tee Lopes stream back up

  12. Iizuka suggested Mania be the way it is? Huh. For all the hate he gets, that is a brilliant move on his part. You would have thought he would have said no to something like that, but wow.
  13. It's strange to think that that hype, those trailers, and that legendary E3 was ten years ago. Honestly, while many people here and across the web see the game as source of fun in a joking/mocking way, or as source of rage due to its glitches, to me it's a source of pure sadness due to the effect it has had on the franchise (or perhaps, the way the franchise is now perceived by the general gaming culture). Without this game, would we still have all the memes? Would that sonic dreams collection thing even exist? Would several YouTube let's players be half as famous without it? It's depressing to play and talk about this game, because of what it has indirectly caused. Sonic 06 is basically responsible for the current "times", in which the Sonic franchise is a meme and exists to be made fun of by the internet, rather than a beloved gaming classic.
  14. So, publishers like bethesda and reviewers like jim sterling are in a constant battle with each other. What they fighting over is greater influence. Believe me when I say that reviewers and journalists are fully aware of the power they wield to "influence the conversation", if you know what I mean. That's probably too much power, so this is bethesda trying to take some of that power away from them. Excuse me if I wax lyrical here, but: Personally, I don't like how a reviewer can call a game bad, and then that becomes the gospel truth. I once heard the argument that a review is just an opinion that you don't have to agree with, but I don't feel like this is really the case. A review takes the opinion of the person writing it, and empowers it with such weight and influence, that it ceases to be an opinion - it becomes the truth. Now you look like a fool for disagreeing with the truth. The truth is, with a million people watching, they don't just listen - they believe. Restricting the privileges of the games media to try and reduce their power is something I can personally get behind.
  15. Beautiful music, scenery, and controls. Toggling whether or not Sonic is curled by pressing a shoulder button is exactly what I would do were I to make a 3D fangame, so that was nice to see in there It is labyrinthine in design, but as a result is filled with secret areas. Discovering these, as well as gazing across the landscape at some distant corkscrew and wondering "how do I get there?", put a huge grin on my face. I was finally playing what I had imagined in my head when discussing the perfect 3D sonic game. There are tons of slopes and winding paths, and staying on them is the challenge. It's fun to perilously navigate these at high speed, barely make it, but hit a ramp with all the speed you've managed to maintain by not falling off, and fly high into the air, fully in control of whether or not Sonic is curled up the the whole time. I was so happy to be playing this. I am so happy that this exists. Seriously, this is like a cure for sadness - it's just so nice to run around this environment with these controls and this music and it all working so well. This is excellent stuff, and crucially, this is the type of thing that doesn't require being a Sonic fan to enjoy. Now, to compare with GHP2. GHP2 features a truer representation of the classic physics - the direction in which Sonic is travelling is the "updated" forward, meaning it gets overridden when going down a slope, for example. I think I prefer that to the physics in utopia, as there were occasions where I wanted to drop into a half pipe, but it didn't really work as I was perpendicular to the direction of the ramp. While this makes sense for a snowboard or a set of wheels, Sonic isn't a cylinder, he's a sphere - meaning when I roll down that ramp despite facing 90 degrees to it, that ramp's direction should become the "new forward" when I roll down it. GHP2's physics + utopia's music, level design, aesthetic, and crucially, controls = perfect 3D sonic game?
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