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  1. I randomly looked back through nearly a decade of my posts here on SSMB, and I've basically been shouting "we need classic physics and momentum in 3D" the entire time, to no avail.

    1. Faseeh


      HAHAHA i think that's a lot of us

    2. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano


      When the wrong series grants your wish.

    3. DryLagoon


      At least with Beta Windy Valley going from just a couple screenshots to modded and fully playable, more can see for themselves why it's desired.

    1. TheOcelot


      inb4 it's a mobile port of Sonic Adventure

    2. Thigolf


      oh boy...

    3. Cayenne


      Sega Game Gear 2ūüĎÄ


    4. The Man On The Inside
    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I can't wait for the all new Sega Duplex Sensor

    6. DanJ86


      A revival?


  2. Real talk, how would I import a Sega Series X? Assuming such a thing will exist of course :P

    1. Bobnik


      You buy an Xbox Series X and slap a SEGA sticker on it.



      Sega Series X.

  3. Tfw you see a youtuber positively review a game you worked on, and then on their channel they also positively review the classic Sonic games :D

  4. Just reading a few posts here and there in this thread. It's interesting to say the least. I am one of the "I can remember the good old days" people I guess. Basically up until 2005/6, it seemed that the way Sonic was discussed was that of a legitimate icon meant to be taken seriously as a AAA IP. There was a lot more respect from the wider gaming populace. I think it would be fair to assume that all Sonic fans, regardless of age, or what their first game was, or what their views are on extra characters/plot etc. would want that respect to come back. Lower review scores is fundamentally the root cause of the change in attitude. Surely that's a fair statement, right? Therefore, doesn't it follow that a sustained period of 9/10 or higher review scores would, over time, shift the direction back? Think about how different the conversations on Sonic would be in 2030 if, from now on, Sonic Team-developed exclusively 3D Sonic games all got 9s or higher from IGN and so on. Now you could say "but guys, in order to get higher review scores, Sega would have to appease a games media permeated by a purely dogmatic and totally irrational rejection of anything Sonic tried to be after 1994! Dooming the franchise to a series of Green Hill remakes and very little 3D gameplay!" To that, I'm not gonna say "but you're wrong", rather, "I hope you're wrong". I used to say similar stuff: "It doesn't matter how well-designed/polished the extra characters' gameplay is, or how well the story works, their existence in the first place triggers reviewers so they must go". I'm not so sure that this is true now to be honest. I feel like there are a few non-Sonic characters you could get away with. By that I mean characters that, if handled extremely well, wouldn't negatively affect reviewers simply by being playable. Tails and Knuckles definitely. Shadow if he's more of a "re-skin" of Sonic. Maybe Amy, Maybe Blaze. Again, if done well. Basically there's a "habitable zone" if you like, of acceptable tone, stories, characters and gameplay. But here's the thing, that habitable zone isn't just "run right and bop Robotnik on the checkerboard hill without talking", it still has large unexplored regions. I say this as someone who fits the description of "classic fan played Sonic in the 90s during early childhood got betrayed by dark age blah blah blah". A story involving all of the aforementioned characters could be done well if it stays in that zone. I think the Avengers movies capture what I mean - our heroes hilariously bickering with each other, personalities clashing but ultimately winning the day, precisely light-hearted enough to be endearing but still with real stakes and low points. With an adherence to classical story structure of course. I'm not saying I want the next game (or any game) to be like what I just described. More that I think that it's now possible to lift the "Sonic only" restriction, the "less 3D" restriction and the "simpler stories" restriction and still be within the habitable zone such that high (90+) Metascores are still possible. Most of the other dark age restrictions still apply though. TL;DR: We all want Sonic to be legitimised like he was. Consistently high (90+) review scores for 3D Sonic games, developed by Sonic Team, by way of "classic physics 3D" is what I believe would give us that, even with six playable characters and a big story.
  5. Are the special features available on UK digital stores? I can't see any evidence on their pages that they include any features. Am I just missing them?
  6. Sequels will often use this device where you invert the premise of the first film, so I can see Tom going to Sonic's planet for a chunk of the film.
  7. Game developers thrive on clear and consistent feedback. The clearer the feedback, the easier it is to steer the ship in the right direction. Imagine you're on a ship sailing the Atlantic, and you have no means of navigation. Eventually you get a compass, and then a map. The clouds clear away and then it turns night so you can navigate by the stars. Sure, there's nothing but ocean around you right now, but it's OK as you have all these indicators so you have a picture of where to go. Sonic Team, on the other hand, has been mired in stormy seas, drenched in fog, no map, no compass, with no means of navigation for a very long time. They've basically never had clear and consistent feedback. It's frustrating when you don't know what to do in terms of game direction, even after multiple launches and reviews. The sales figures might say A, the reviewers B, the player analytics C, the fanbase D, the focus groups E...imagine being Sonic Team in the 2000's having to deal with all kinds of different responses with a clear direction rarely (if ever) being provided. Sometimes the feedback is clear and concise, making it obvious what to do next. Unfortunately the feedback that was actually provided was essentially memes, where reviewers would wax lyrical on the story that was the fall of Sonic. Eventually certain things got through: "No guns, no werehog, no swords, no princesses, sonic only" - basically a list of restrictions, rather than a list of instructions, which eventually brought Colours. But at no point was there ever a clear path to a high (and by high I mean 90+) Metascore. There was never a clear message. I would like to think that a message has finally emerged, and it is one that I agree with: Make a momentum-based Sonic game in full 3D. The most popular 3D fangames we've seen over the last few years are the ones that bring the classic physics, the rolling, and the interaction with curved surfaces into 3D. As it turns out, it can be done, and it can be compelling.I think this is the path to the 90+ Metascore. As mentioned, the video on YT titled "Momentum in Sonic Utopia" has 1.5m views. There are tons of comments saying how good it is and there seems to be a general sentiment of "I would play this despite not being a Sonic fan." This is basically the clearest feedback you could possibly want, short of plastering "MAKE THIS" in Japanese over the video throughout its runtime as well. So many people outside the fanbase look at it and go "ohh, that's what Sonic should be"! Going back to the navigation metaphor, Sonic Utopia/Green Hill Paradise 2/Project Hero's popularity should, should be like clearing the weather away so conditions are perfect and then handing Sonic Team a real time satellite navigation system accurate to within a centimetre. Edit: found this video which was probably one of the first showcases of Sonic Utopia when it first was released in 2016. It has 4.7m views!
  8. Yeah, the "momentum in Sonic Utopia" video has close to 1.5m views. I don't think feedback can get any clearer than that.
  9. Video by Nerdstalgic covering the whole "1st-trailer/2nd-trailer/movie ended up good" story. Obviously nothing new but a well-produced, slick take on it. Refreshingly lacking in "Sonic games suck" meme-ery. "Sonic has cultural ubiquity" you're damn right he does.
  10. https://www.fxguide.com/fxfeatured/sonics-very-fast-redesign/ Don't know if this was already posted, but this article gives a more in-depth look at the process of redesigning Sonic for this film featuring comments from Ged Wright. Ged Wright was the VFX supervisor (also Oscar-nominated) on this film. More work went into this than I realised. His hands are not actually a consistent size, so they never look wrong! This article is full of facts like these.
  11. VERY interesting (SPOILER-RIDDEN FROM THE START) talk with Jeff Fowler and Neal Moritz about the film. They are asked really good questions by the audience (this seems like a film school filled with Sonic fans lol?) and give really good answers. I think you should watch all of it (AFTER you see the movie of course). After having watched it I can say this: Jeff Fowler is the hero we needed. Listen to his responses, especially about fans. If there was anyone who should be making Sonic movies, it's this guy.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_fiwjSP4Aw

    This sounds amazing.


    When this started playing during the movie there wasn't a dry eye in the house.


  13. OK. So I wasn't initially going to see this. I was deeply troubled by the very existence of this film, ever since I was shown the trailer by a friend holding their phone up to me and I instinctively looked away as soon as sonic appeared. It literally hurt. "Why do I get this timeline?" I thought to myself. I just knew it would be a Cats-tier disaster, regardless of the Sonic design. Even if he looks perfect (and he does), I mean, just how can you make a Sonic film? After the movie released, I eventually looked at TSS. Whenever a bad Sonic thing comes out, the TSS writers will let you down gently. Makes it easier. Anyway, what do I see but a headline saying the film had the best opening weekend box office of a videogame adaptation of all time and that it had a 65% on RT (which is apparently better than it sounds - 65 would be basically terrible for a videogame on say, metacritic, but RT's numbers have different meanings I think) Then I finally looked back and saw the trailer and my interest was piqued. I saw Ben Schwartz's retweets to positive reviews of the film and a Forbes article praising it titled something like "How was this film good?". I found that the youtuber Chris Stuckmann gave the movie a B. That's actually good. What. Actual positive reviews. I caught up, quickly binge-ing on three months' worth of trailers, clips and interviews. Ben Schwartz, Josh Miller, and Jeff Fowler were praising the games, mentioning how they all had Genesises and played Sonic back in the day just like we did in interviews. Schwartz especially - talking about how great Sonic 2 is to this day, and his love of Sonic Mania. I was stunned. Wait - do these people...care? So as I was starting to see all this positive feedback, and started seeing more and more clips, I knew I had to see this film that I had once completely written off. So here goes: Overall a pleasant surprise and I can't wait to see what they do next. This was a good film, let's have an amazing film next time.
  14. The Geek Critique's Sonic 06 video is pure genius because it looks at and so competently explains the REAL effect of the game - it erased the legacy of sonic from the timeline. The unlisted videos and the links to them at the end perfectly sum up what it's like to browse through Sonic videos on youtube.

  15. Sonic Mania is Digital Foundry's GOTY 2017!

    1. TheOcelot
    2. JosepHenry
    3. TheOcelot


      Here's the video:


    4. Wraith
    5. TCB


      Who dat again lol

  16. Not gonna talk about gameplay really as it's really all been said elsewhere, but I will say this: It has lovely graphics and music (to this day it looks wonderful), it has a very charming overall look and feel to it, and the different destinations feel like holiday destinations you would want to visit (except Eggmanland of course). So in that respect, Unleashed is a success - it sells its "travel the world" idea to me (e.g. I remember thinking "oh, I wonder what kind of food I'll be able to buy here") etc. Travelling through that world was an adventure and this "charm" was refreshing.
  17. Absolutely not. Get that sh*t out of the games.
  18. Clearly the worst part of Forces was when Vector said "less" when he should have said "fewer" :P

  19. I remember we worried about Generations because the demo was of Green Hill Zone, but people called it Straight Line Zone. However, when we played the game and got to Sky Sanctuary, it was a marvel to behold the multi-pathed level design. This continued as the game went on. Seaside Hill Act 2 is often brought up, as it was at the start of this thread, as an excellent example of multi-path level design in a modern 3D Sonic game. Forces doesn't reach anywhere near that. Yes there are a few examples of an extra path here and there, but that Seaside Hill act still beats all of Forces in terms of level design and interactivity. Every level ends about 90 seconds in after holding boost for well over 40 of those seconds. Classic is worse than Generations because it's even further away from Mania than Generations. Sonic behaves in ways you wouldn't expect, and much of the sequences where you roll up an incline are scripted. He feels like he has a huge iron weight chained to his legs. This is one of the worst jumps in a Sonic game. Avatar doesn't need to exist, but that's not the question being asked in this thread. What's wrong with the Avatars is that they lack air control (or at least the hedgehog does) meaning you can't correct yourself during a jump. All of the wispons are the same in that you press fire and everything dies with the possible exception of Drill. The actual wisp abilities are reduced in what they can do from Colours, and you can only use one of them at a time (I'll be honest, they probably don't need to be in the game at all). Automation, scripted sequences, heavy jumping controls, but all worse than before. That's it really. Back to the drawing board (while Sonic Utopia and Green Hill Paradise Act 2 are playing on a nearby screen)...
  20. Unpopular opinion but I feel like those Avatar tracks would be better without vocals - it's not that the singers can't sing, it's more the lyrics themselves are way too cheesy. I really hope that they release an official OST on Spotify with instrumental versions of those tracks. Listening to Park Avenue has me cringing one moment and smiling the next - same goes for Spaceport. "THIS IS JUSTICE THIS IS WHAT'S RIGHT", please no. I honestly wouldn't mind the lyrics if they weren't so cheesy (probably originally written in Japanese and then translated).
  21. What they probably will do, is look at review scores, sales etc., take some but not all of it into consideration, think of an idea that they want to try out, shoehorn it into the next game, receive a 68 on Metacritic, rinse and repeat. What they need to do however is go back to the drawing board and make Sonic work in 3D. Successfully translating what makes something like Sonic Mania good into 3D is, perhaps unfortunately, what it would take for this series to shine again. And yes, getting another group of developers to create a Sonic Adventure-esque game in the same way that PagodaWhiteHeadCannon made Sonic Mania is an interesting idea.
  22. Tee Lopes stream back up

  23. Iizuka suggested Mania be the way it is? Huh. For all the hate he gets, that is a brilliant move on his part. You would have thought he would have said no to something like that, but wow.
  24. It's strange to think that that hype, those trailers, and that legendary E3 was ten years ago. Honestly, while many people here and across the web see the game as source of fun in a joking/mocking way, or as source of rage due to its glitches, to me it's a source of pure sadness due to the effect it has had on the franchise (or perhaps, the way the franchise is now perceived by the general gaming culture). Without this game, would we still have all the memes? Would that sonic dreams collection thing even exist? Would several YouTube let's players be half as famous without it? It's depressing to play and talk about this game, because of what it has indirectly caused. Sonic 06 is basically responsible for the current "times", in which the Sonic franchise is a meme and exists to be made fun of by the internet, rather than a beloved gaming classic.
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