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    The Man On The Inside reacted to Bobnik in Real talk, how would I import a Sega Series X? Assuming such a thing will exist of co   
    You buy an Xbox Series X and slap a SEGA sticker on it.
    Sega Series X.
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    The Man On The Inside got a reaction from Supah Berry in I like how this looks to play. Probably not the grand reinvention of 3D Sonic people   
    A good, accurate-looking remake of AIZ, with the bosses, and solid slope physics. Just being able to freely run around as Sonic in a 3D space with full camera control is something we're starved for right now, so the fangames are filling that void perfectly. It probably won't happen but to see the rest of the game like this would be awesome. The creator has done an amazing job
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    The Man On The Inside reacted to Blue Blood in Not sure if this was posted yet but... This might happen.   
    Confirmed fake. Thanks @Indigo Rush for helping Mr with a source.
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    The Man On The Inside reacted to Thigolf in So the latest rumour is that SEGA will become an Xbox exclusive dev. If this is true,   
    Wasn't there also this "Sega and Google are real close and have lots of Stadia exclusive games!" rumor last year? Let's just throw this rumor on that pile.
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