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  1. Ohey, thanks for the friend add. We'll do lunch. c:

  2. thanks for adding me as a friend

  3. Somecallmejohnny Has uploaded A review For Sonic 4.
  4. For both versions: Sonic Colours: Wisp Quests.
  5. Hi there. Im starting this topic to discuss on thing on my mind... IS SONIC A GOD?!?! Believe it or not, there was a time where to have a sega megadrive you had to have Sonic the hedgehog on it. you were considered a pussie if you didnt. So lend me your ears and SAY SONIC IS GOD IN HEDGEHOG FORM.
  6. Ok. time for ranting. Here are some of the problems with this game: 1. Another Sonic Riders game? Seriously? I for one have no problem with the riders games... but they somehow, bother me. 2. SINCE WHEN THE HELL CAN SONIC SWIM?!?!?!? in the trailer you can see one of the worlds famous Non-swimmer sonic the hedgehog, SWIM. FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU 3. Does it have to be a Kinect game? I would rather use a controller. So yeah, Post your Opinions.
  7. Hey there! Welcome to SSMB! Im not sure if there is, but you can post them in the Miscellaneous Works via a new Topic. So once again, Welcome to SSMB.
  8. Proberly Sonic 4 and Colours. Might get Free riders since ive preordered kinect.
  9. http://uk.xboxlive.ign.com/articles/112/1123849p1.html Huzzah.
  10. God itll be awesome if we could see Hyper sonic.
  11. Im making this topic to think about what could be in S4 episode 2 (and 3, too!) so... im thinking things like these: What will the cast be? Sonic? Amy? Big th.. WHOOPS I MEAN TAILS. Heh. What will gameplay be like? 2D Platformer? 3D MESS? Post your predictions Below! EDIT: I have just realised. if there are 3 episodes, and there was Sonic 1, 2, and 3... MAYBE IN EPISODE 3 WE WILL SEE HYPER SONIC!!! :DDDDDDDDDD
  12. SHWEET. Hope for Xbox its like 400 points per episode. i dont wanna spend a bunch of cash everytime a new episode comes out.
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