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  1. Some test animations for the movie. This is how the animation will look in the final version. http://youtu.be/oFfZ2eiBMwU
  2. The quote from one of the authors about the second teaser: This teaser is one big technical experiment in which we wanted to: 1) test rotoscoping method, 2) work with animation of natural effects (some words about scene with Knuckles taking his shoe off: animator just wanted to practice with hand-drawn water effect there. The same situation with the scene in which Knuckles comes out of the water onto dry land), 3) show that Knuckles will wear a familiar hat during the main film, 4) announce the release date in non-trivial way, 5) show our vision of characters' anatomy. And that's all. This teaser originally wasn't focused on the humor or action scenes. As I said, it's one big technical experiment which made clear that rotoscoping isn't our strong point. Yet. Do not think that the film will have animation like in this teaser, feet-fest and such "humor". Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie 2 is a Russian fan project that is targeted on animating the sequel to Sonic OVA/Sonic the Movie 1996. The creators of the movie are Zarumo Team. The main goal of the team is to make a good Sonic movie to get the licence from SEGA to do official cartoons in the future. http://youtu.be/1KE6aTlS7iY http://youtu.be/eKkOv15EQ8k
  4. Also it can be more dinamic Nice Let's Play anyway.
  5. I'm living in Ukraine. And I hope to get out from there to normal country (or be captured by Russia). Because Ukraine is so stupid country in many ways possible.
  6. In this little topic me and Zenon wanted to point out some of the differences between Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It seems like it's the same game, what's the point? But S3&K was some kind of a "fix" of Sonic 3. And it made the differences apear. Some glitches were fixed, but due to that the new ones were introduced. The Launch Base Zone was changed a lot. Since it was the final zone in Sonic 3 it had to be harder. We didn't review the differences in music and sound, but we can point out however, that there are some changed tracks like "gaining a 1 up" sound, the invincibility/Super Sonic melody, the miniboss melody, the title screen belody and such. Do you know more differences?
  7. Sonic hates TV, so he desided to destroy every single monitor on South Island. Monitors list: Green Hill = 10+10+20 Marble = 10+11+7 Spring Yard = 6+3+11 Labyrinth = 5+9+17 Star Light = 15+8+17 Scrap Brain = 15+15(+7 in walls)+7 Total = 196 monitors (+7 hidden ones) P.S.: there are 3 more monitors in the walls, but you can't reach them =(
  8. Have you ever thought, that there are tons of little animals left inside their metallic cages called badnicks? A lot of people completed this game, which objective was to stop Eggman and free the tiny critters. And we decided to help Sonic and Tails to actually free all the animals and destroy every single enemy in the entire game. So Sonic (with his ability to become Super Sonic upon collecting all the Chaos Emeralds) and Tails go on the rescue mission. Sometimes badnicks do not spawn when you get closer to them from the right to the left. It can be easily fixed by going further to the left and back to the right. P.S.: All the Chaos Emeralds were cheated-in for saving time, because Special Stages reset badniks.
  9. Finally we get back to our minimum rings challenges. Although this time it's not gonna make a zero ring run, but we still hope it will be nonetheless enjoyable to watch. We also tried to make it as interesting as possible using different characters if it's not essential to use some particular powers. Ocean Base Act 3 - 3 rings are located in the narrow path, which can be hypothetically avoided using Knuckles, but he can't avoid three rings in the beginning of the level. Twinkle Snow Act 3 - 1 ring blocks a hole, the alternative path has three unavoidable rings in the way. So we choose the least of two evils. Cyber Track Act 1 - 3 rings are placed in the way along the transporters. Act 2 - 1 ring is in the narrow path. Act 3 - 8 rings are collected because of the transporters. Altar Emerald - the 3 rings are collected during a cutscene. Total of 19 rings.
  10. Yet another challenge of ours! We present you the continuation of the Knuckles' Broken D-Pad Challenge. Although it's rather a prequel, not a continuation. Action takes place in the levels of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The rules remain the same: no D-Pad at all. Jump buttons only.
  11. We decided to do yet another challenge. This time our goal was collecting every single Giant Ring in S3&K using Sonic & Tails only. At first, Zenon just wanted to make a walkthrough-guide to getting as many Giant Rings with Tails and Sonic in one go, but I improved the idea to getting all of them, even the ones, which are hidden along routes usually accessible by Knuckles only. One of our goals was to use Hyper Sonic only when it's completely unavoidable. He was needed for a few moments, because he can glitch through walls that only Knuckles can crush. We also tend to use glitches as seldom as possible.
  12. Poor Sonic seems to be paralyzed! Oh, no! But Tails is there to help him get through all the trouble and beat Dr. Eggman! This challenge is all about Tails carrying Sonic all the way through the stages if possible. Too bad there are some impossible stages, but we'll do our best to make whatever's possible as entertaining as we, & Zenon, can.
  13. Sadly, it's not possible (at least for the two of us) to clear the whole S3&K with Knuckles without using arrow buttons. So we decided to make a little bonus video with the walkthough of the levels in which it is doable at all. Hope you enjoy it =) These are the places which made our walkthrough six acts short: HCZ1 MGZ1 MGZ2 ICZ1 LBZ1 LBZ2
  14. It took us quite some time and required a lot of patience and creativity. The most terrifying place was, Zenon believes, Flying Battery Zone Act 2. It might look pretty simple with those speed boosters and all, however there are two paths which we thought for a long time to be impossible to clear. But in the end we scrumbled just enough momentum to finally pass these places. Overall it was not hard, since we got very lucky to find different ways to get through a lot of places. I happened to come up with a great move which helps gain speed when Knuckles tries to glide when he is about to reach the ground. We also found that it is thankfully possible to push the blocks and the levers which open doors in Sandapolis with just landing on the ground after gliding. But the two most huge advances of choosing Knuckles for such a challenge are that it's actually possible to move at all with him using only a jump button and the other one is about him being able to turn from right to left and the other way around due to sticking to walls and jumping off of them. Knuckles is also able to gain speed on the curves after gliding to the right. Although somehow the left-positioned curves work just like the first ones. And that doesn't mean that they make Knuckles gain speed to pass further to the left - instead they make him go back to the right with a lot of speed. Sometimes it could be used to help go back somewhere easily, but the other times it just didn't let us proceed further to the left if we needed.
  15. Hello there! We're back with the new ringless walkthrough. This time we've chosen Sonic CD. It's not just the regular walkthrough as we decided to get the good ending and all the Eggman's Machines are destroyed in it. It's very convinient since unlike the other Sonic games there's no need to get the emeralds which require picking up a lot of rings. We worked very hard on it. There were at least two places which were quite tricky to get through. A lot of precision and creativity were needed to complete it. It was very interesting to use different tricks to get to the necessary places.
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