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  1. It comes down to what series you're trying to sell with what tone. Sonic more or less started as "Speedy cartoon hedgehog who fights against fat manchild scientist." Bright and colourful backgrounds are how half of the game looks, with some more, for lack of a better word let's say, more serious places where the stakes are up still have some vibrant colours to them. A good story can balance different kinds of tones even when sticking to the one tone. So all the Mega Drive era games are always fun and simple looking games, and as the games progress, the stakes raise a bit. (I would hope any of that makes sense. I'm not that great explaining things) Sonic Adventure tried telling a full story, because why not? It's a big event, so you want it to be a big(ish) story. So some of the usual story stuff you'd come to expect and some big serious story elements in places. And Sonic Adventure 2 was meant to be seen as "The last possible Sonic game" at the time, so they went with all the stops with what people liked in SA1 and expand on that kind of element more so. If these stories were just the exception rather than the norm, that might've been fine. People wanted it to be the norm, and you know how that worked out. I might also be remembering this wrong, but I think what they were trying to focus on at the time was attracting their older teenage audience who grew up with Sonic/or latched onto SA2 thru the Gamecube, rather than attracting more kids to play these games. (Also, a lot of these people grew up with SatAM, SA2, Archie, etc, so I guess the serious and dark storytelling was the norm for them rather than the exception) So it was all adding in all the stuff the teenage audience wanted in their games (forums, polls, comments, stuff like that) so they tried to appeal to their audience. Mixed reactions came out of that. It's also good to mention that this was mainly reserved for their big console games, as the odd spin-off (especially handheld) barely touched on that tone or go into story in general. (I'm starting to feel I'm not sure what point I'm trying to make) Bad story writing and presentation was a problem for those games, yes. Lots of people kept complaining they didn't like them. So a change in tone was needed, and everybody praised Unleashed, Colours and Generations for having a better presentation befitting Sonic (nothing grim like, a lively atmosphere, some serious moments mainly reserved for the end of the games, all that). It's only after Lost World came out (with a story fully written by the people who mainly just wrote the dialogue for the previous games) that people started to feel like they're not getting anything out of it. And the "Super Mario" settings threw people off a lot. And it's that game that sparked this whole debate. (That, and maybe Boom and Runners. One can say Rise of Lyric tried to be the kind of tone we're talking about here, but you know.) (Also, some examples of shows with different tones people were talking about probably don't work with Sonic here. Ninja Turtles was talked about. Batman is the rare exception of a character who can do both, but even then that's mixed. And its main premise is a man in a costume fighting all kinds of crime. Transformers is the same, mainly because it's about war in general. Same with Avatar. Secret of Nimh and Watership Down are used as examples of with animal characters taken in a serious setting, but that was the setting it started out and put itself into, if that makes sense. They tried doing that for Looney Tunes with Loonatics, and that was a real big tonal shift, it threw off people, due to the general premise of Looney Tunes to begin with. It all kinds of depends on the premise and how it started out, one could say.) Not an easy topic to talk about or define what works 100% best. I personally feel that Sonic should still be a fun & lively game series, just a hedgehog and his friends having adventures and stopping a scientist from doing bad in colourful locations full of comical looking robots. Does it need deep story telling? Not really. Could it benefit from moments of risen stakes, drama, horror, heartwarming moments and the such? In small doses here and there, they'd help. So one would prefer the tone of say a Saturday Cartoon show or maybe even a Disney movie than trying to be a teen aimed comic book or epic blockbuster. Something for general audiences, if you will. For the whole family.
  2. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, mainly because it looks more like a boring chore to play through (And I played and beat Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, which in itself is a chore of a game!) rather than for being "The greatest sin to video games since Sonic '06". But maybe someday, if I found it for like a pound and really want to see for myself how bad it is. That, and people keep demanding I make a video about it, and really, what's there to say about it? And I'm not even that interested, either.
  3. Ta for all the comments. Had to watch and read a lot of Thomas & Friends first, as well as study carefully how they "animate" on that show to make it as close as possible presentation wise. Twas an idea I had for a pretty long time now (probably since around 2011) where I wanted to do Sonic 1 but also wanted Sonic to not talk at all. This would have also meant having a narrator on hand, and being the fan of Thomas & Friends and of inputting references/homages that I am, this felt like a good way to do things. The only problem it presented was not being able to do too many fully animated sequences (Well, full enough in the way I do things) without throwing out the intended homage overall. Lots of still images for the odd shots here and there, but to be honest, there were lots of those in the show. Could've worked, but thought I'd try it this way first. Always other animations to do for that! Also intended to stretch this concept to Sonic 2, CD & 3, focusing on other characters in different parts of the games in the way Thomas stories were written (where an engine is usually full of themselves and get themselves into trouble through their own hubris [Amy's story about getting captured on Little Planet] or at the point where they feel bad about the trouble they caused and wishing to make amends somehow [Tails would save Sonic from the Death Egg destruction, while Knuckles proves himself a capable guardian by saving the Master Emerald by himself this time]) But there was no time to get those done (even though it's all fully written and voice acted, might still put them out somewhere at some point) and the whole presentation/"joke" might have worn off if it was 8ish minutes long in total. Ah well! Just means I can always do those games in different styles some other time. Wonder if Sonic 2 can work as a musical...?
  4. Having been looking up a bunch of [good and completed] translations to profiles in manuals and websites, I was also thinking how giving Amy more use of her tarot/dowsing abilities might open up more gameplay mechanics. (And with informed attributes for others like Tails disliking thunder and Knuckles hating strong sunlight might do for parts in stages they don't do so well in, like how Sonic is with water) Character wise, if they go for what Boom's doing or close to that, that'd be fine.
  5. For tank events, you can take your time to beat them, since there is no time limit or laps. If you're finding yourself low on health or ammo, you can slow down a bit to collect them. It's what I usually do, especially with health. And careful dodge most projectiles at the same time.
  6. Makes me wonder if the other characters in the game are unlocked after certain dates as well.
  7. Question: Is the audio recording from SOS 2012 anywhere in the game or not? I assume the "Sumo" one was from some other event.
  8. If the Sonic Stadium Community is in the credits, I'm going to count this as the second SEGA game I'm technically in~.
  9. As I am all about playing good cop in these topics, I may as well mention all the positive stuff I like in the game. Some of this is already mentioned, but ah well! First off, the two gameplay styles. You've the classic game play everybody knows and love, and the modern game play which has evolved to the best one yet. Classic characters in 3D has it's own charm. Platforming goodness, of course. And multiple pathways to warrant more replays. Y'know, like the old classic games. Those were short games, but you still played them over and over again. The simple and funny story. Sure, it may've elaborated a bit more on some details, but that may be unnecessary. Again, like the classic games, there was barely any story in those, but we still loved them regardless. We can always fill in the blanks ourselves. Recreating all the well known and loved stages from scrap rather than just copy and paste. Lots of effort gone there. Easter Eggs abound. Always love me some Easter Eggs in anything at all, from posters to dancing wisps. There's fun to be had with these inclusions. Brilliant remixes of music. While I may've liked the originals they were based on already, some of them just made me love them even more. (Particularly Sky Sanctuary and Stardust Speedway) Didn't think the use of custom music would actually be another fun factor in itself. I find myself enjoying Time Eater a lot more once I set "It Doesn't Matter" as the tune, or "Endless Possibilities" with the Egg Dragoon. (Both were pretty challenging, but the music makes things better!). And of course using Super Sonic Racing for any stage~. Reaping on our nostalgia! Sonic CD was my first owned Sonic game, and I always remembered the Metal Sonic race the most out of the game. Seeing it recreated here is just oodles of fun. And hearing the remixes of the Sonic 3 File Menu and the Sonic 3D intro just make me smile! Ranking may seem a bit easier to do compared to the last few games, but then again, I'm more into getting S-Ranks than I was for games like SA2 or 06. Some challenges I find both amusing and frustrating when it comes to S-Ranking. I know it's not necessary to get an S-Rank on them, but I'm always filled with satisfaction when I do. Boss fights are a hoot to play through. While I may have trouble in getting S-Ranks with some of them, I still find them fun. Especially the Metal Sonic race. My Collector's Edition~! Think that's about all I can say about it for now. So yeah. Guess you can say I love the game, despite what minor problems it might have. Trying so hard to not play it when I want to get some other stuff done or take a break. Ah well! Once I'm done completing it 100%, I'll most likely leave it be for a while (and focus on other games and stuff) and take it out every now and again for some fun. So yeah. Good game!
  10. After long suspense of waiting for hours on end, my Collector's Edition has arrived 4 minutes ago~! *Hugs and strokes the box* Though too bad I can't open it just yet, as I'd have to go to town in a bit. But still~.
  11. Mine is said to have been dispatched and is estimated to arrive tomorrow. This is the 360 Collector's Edition via Amazon. Thought I'd mention this, as it seems to have bugged some people regarding whether or not it's getting sent. (As for class delivery, I presume it's first class)
  12. Nah, I'm cool with story as it is. Probably because I'm too used to games showing off anything related to plot that much. Like Sonic 3 & Knuckles, you only get an idea of what's going on with the mini cutscenes with Knuckles & Eggman here and there. I can see why most people can get annoyed by the lack of story, but I'm not extremely bothered about it. This is just right for me, I'd say.
  13. Frobman

    Megaman 10

    Found it interesting that it took me just one whole day to beat the game in easy mode (3 minutes over an hour, so no completion of that challenge of beating it under an hour), due to how long it took me to beat MM9 (only beat it last week after leaving it alone for like a year or so). I just did it with Protoman, cos I know I'd die quicker with him on Normal mode, due to how he takes more damage. Either ways, I still plan on beating the game on Normal. As for Hard... well, I don't think I'll be accomplishing that any time soon... or ever! But it's a great game, all in all.
  14. Well, I had achieved almost all of the achievements sometime last week. All I've got left are just the Fighter Megamix (haven't bothered with it yet) and anything to do with online, due to not having a Gold Membership. Also surprising hat I actually almost managed 100% on achievements on a game. I could barely get 50% done half the time. Ah well. Tis a good game, which I think I'll be coming back to every now and again (and unless I get a gold membership, I won't be playing this game with anybody else, especially both brothers who aren't too keen on it) Speaking of glitches, the only ones I recall happening occurs after doing a jump. Not sure if it's a glitch or not, but whenever I sometimes do a super boost jump, and doing tricks in the air, the racer will sometimes do a giant bounce instantly after landing. Not sure what's the beef behind that, but I thought I'd mention it, unless it's already is.
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