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  1. Yeah....I'm not touching this topic. (too late) I did like some of the stuff The guy put out there for SA2 though. That music will always have a place in my heart, musically as very few rap songs do. *walks hastily toward the door*
  2. They already had a staff change during the development of Unleashed. Hashimoto-san the guy who directed Unleashed confirmed this. What they do need is a change in approach to Sonic in 3D. The current formula has done good for Sonic, but I think its about time they try again and really flesh out the possibilities with today's technology while still keeping what makes the series work at this point in time. Also, put the staff of Dimps, for the time being, in a far away cell. Guarded daily by Jack Bauer. Edit: I agree BlueWind. More than anything, I would like to see the series get a soft hiatus to let some of he heat get takes off,while at the same time give the series team time to recuperate, and come back with fist swinging ala DKCR (not that long, but you know what I mean!). Having Sega in the shape its in is not gonna do the series any favors though, unfortunately. With very few game series to pick up the slack, the strain will eventually break the series if they are not careful.
  3. I never danced to Sonic tunes, but have bopped my head to them on occasion, Johnny style.
  4. well, I stopped doing this... Outside of that though, I guess I don't look at things as black and white anymore when it comes to opinions regarding the Sonic series. I used to not be a big fan of reviews for Sonic (you know what i mean), so that was a peeve of mine. I could not understand why there was such hate for the series, and at times it was kinda depressing.Nowadays, things are better now. Not as many cynics as before, and my horizons have widened regarding opinions of the series. Sonic 4 taught me that. Also, as a aspiring game developer, I have an idea of the big picture,so seeing these wide range of opinions regarding game series like Sonic, is more enriching than before with the many different taste that come from being a gamer, and that in the end we are all gamers here, and all we really want (most of us) is to have a good time with the blue hedgehog that rolls around at the speed of sound. I've also been more distant with the series as of late. Not as devoted as I was during the post 2006/revival era of 2010. This year I have been catching up on many games I have played in the past, games I have never beaten like Metroid Prime and Pikmin, and working on y skills as a game maker. alot has changed in the 10 or so years as a Sonic fan. I still enjoy the series, but I'm older now, and know what tickles my fancy. I think the Sonic fanbase as a whole has changed. some of those cracks are not as big as they used to be.Time is very good as healing most wounds.
  5. This one isn't new, but I found a better size than the original one posted since it was too small for my tastes. Yeah, I kinda prefer the concept as well. Some things tend to get lost in translation to CG, and some of the enthusiasm apparent in the original sketch is proof of this(or just a matter of some things "working better in 2D" from an artistic stand point).
  6. I get what OP is saying, but perhaps spotlight stealing isn't the proper terminology for this. I think the problem has more to do with being quite safe with Sonic only. That is not to say that Sega intends to stay this way forever. Sonic 4 and Generations is proving that they do intend to slowly reintroduce characters overtime, and hopefully, properly this time. Sega built up its roster of supporting characters pretty quickly for Sonic (perhaps too quickly), and their presence in the games felt at times, not needed, and it didn't help that the writing wasn't really oscar quality or anything. With the right writing, and a more proper letting out of certain characters for certain games and stories, the spotlight can float evenly down for all of them; not just Sonic. I'm sure Sega will get out of this phase eventually. They are already showing signs of this starting with Tails.
  7. If there is one thing that Sonic Team is pretty good at keeping consistently badass in the Sonic series is its villains, and like Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic is no exception in the slightest....ok the neo transformation was kinda silly, but still 9.99/10 is pretty darn good. Metal Sonic also has one of the best tracks in the entire episode 2 of Sonic 4, which is quite an accomplishment for an intimidating piece of scrap metal. Cheers! Edit: yeah, I agree on some of the above. Would really like to see a major ark with Metal behind it all. Have Metal start an uprising, have him pull the strings! I can't think of any good plots off the bat, but I think, cinematicly, he could be a real menace.
  8. Amy's persona could use a little love. Remember that vow she made in adventure to not just be a go-getter and to have Sonic respect her? What happened to that. I think the exchanges could be interesting with showing her not be a push over when Sonic blows her off. adds some maturity to her personality; it'll go a long way to helping her out. Another character I would like to see some refinement would be Rouge's personality. Expand her abilities a little. Give her a bit of a level in badass when it comes to cutscenes. Her appearances should still be minimal of course, but yeah...things like that. Shadow should just do what makes Dark Pit interesting in Uprising. Make him a hedgehog that "does not need Sonic" When he teams up, make Shadow look badass in comparison. Well, at least to the point where he does not have time to make one-liners. That will go a long way in fleshing out Shadow's personality and bring back why many of us liked his character to begin with: he was Sonic if he would cut straight to the chase. Big the Cat. Hmmmm....Something needs to be done about him. But not yet. Tails...Keep doing what you're doing. Keep being snarky towards sonic. It works. As for Sonic himself, he just needs a few refinements. They currently have the right idea, but now just need to flush it out more. add moments where he would talk normally about the situation to break up his usual tone to things. Give him moments when he would be mellow about it when Tails sees it as a more serious matter. There are a lot of places that it could go, but there's an idea. Cream the Rabbit could be a really neat character if done right. She may appear "shoed-in", but to me, is probably one of the fewer characters that makes sense in a classic Sonic environment, with blaze in a close second when it comes to pure ability. Afterall, the basic Sonic premise was Sonic rescuing innocent animals from Dr. Eggman. Cream is kinda one of those animals considering she was "rescued" in Advanced 2. Also, I think she would make a good foil for Eggman every once in a while, since she's so polite and all that. Some humor could spring from that. That's all I can think of for now. If played right, they could really make some of these characters shine, and even make some better received for the better. Edit: Oh yeah, Knuckles. See?, this is why you need to get back into the game. I almost forgot about you!
  9. I would like Sonic 4 to continue if it means going in the current direction that they are going. The Sonic 4 saga as a whole has been quite schizophrenic as a whole, so I would like to see that resolved with episode 3 before even thinking about a Sonic 5 or even beyond that. I also would like the feedback to be more proactive, since it seems a lot of that feedback is just not being heard 100%, and is kinda tainting the outlook of Sonic 4 going forward as a result. (Ironic, considering these same gamers consider Sonic Colors and Generations to be much better examples of Sonic 4's philosophy) Personally, I want the next one, Sonic 5 to be different from this. Fresh, and completely free of trying to emulate the Genesis experience to the point of becoming an "uncanny valley in appealing to the nolstalgic senses" which is kinda the ultimatle Achilles heel with 4. I think Sonic Team could really do some greater good going forward as they have proven their worth, and at the current stage, Dimps needs more time before they can bring out the same quality I enjoyed from them on the GBA. Edit: I apologize for the constant stealth edits I have made hear, but its been rather trivialing(is that even a possible word) trying to get my thoughts down on the possibility of Sonic 4's Continuations as it has been somewhat of a mixture of emotions, and although I do not hate the Sonic 4 saga as a whole, I have become somewhat disappointed with what has been put out thus far. I hope my thoughts above are enough to suffice my current judgement from what I've seen and played.
  10. hehehe, I'm really hoping Sega chimes in on Jim like last time. That was hilarious. I'm sure IGN's review will at least be, wait for it, an 8.5 at the very least.
  11. Well, if generations is any indication, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of those shields real soon. Hopefully. The flame shields, and really, every shield from Sonic 3 was implemented brilliantly, and updated to modern standards, so I really would be a shame to see them be a one time gig.
  12. This also presents a point that I probably should have turned this into a poll. Its been awhile since I posted a topic, so mind my missed opportunity on that one. '
  13. With the next generation of game platforms on the horizon being ushered in by Nintendo (for the first time since 1985), A new road lies ahead for the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and a guaranteed clean slate for every game franchise under the sun. It has been a long seven or so years for this console generation, and although it finally seems to be nearing its end in twilight years, Should Sega hold onto their next big Sonic title or should they go with a main series entry? (notwithstanding Sonic 4, and ASR being their big game for 2012). As you know, there have been at least 4 main Sonic games in this current generation thus far, and while games like Sonic Colors presented a fresh start for both Sonic Team, and the series as a whole for this gen, Sonic Generations, acted very much like closure for this generation; providing a fitting end for things to come for the series, and I personally could not have see a better theme be used for last years anniversary. With all that in mind, what do you think Sega should do for the next big main series title? Do you think they can squeeze off run more round from the chamber as a swan song for Sonic in this generation, or should they wait it and see what the next generation has to offer before stepping up to the plate? I personally of the latter for what they should do, as I believe the recently announced ASR2 is a great stop gap for the main series, while Sonic 4 handles the more modest entries.
  14. I found another video of gameplay. This time less cloverfield gittery and with a Sega rep too. http://www.gamerlive.tv/article/mobile-world-congress-sega-outs-sonic-hedgehog-4-nvidia-tegra-android-devices-we-go-hands-2
  15. ^^ Wow, uh...That was unexpected. Sonic in an advertisement for insurance. It sure has been a while since Sonic has endorsed something, eh Sega. keep it up. Also, that Sonic 3 invincibility theme for the ad...pure win. Someone at Sega deserves a cookie.
  16. They just showed him off. First one! *lol, Splash Hill theme* Did you see him?!
  17. lol, They played Slash hill zone for sonic. :P

  18. Sonic Balloon Shows up Now!!

    1. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Is there a live stream link?

    2. Barry the Nomad

      Barry the Nomad

      i took a photo and a three second video (had to whip the camera out while it was happening) Generations got a plug :D

    3. BakingBluePotatoe


      showing some stupid tap dancers...

  19. sigh...it seems like it. Man, why did they had to change the format to showing the balloons. I thought the balloons were shown later, not all at once at the start! Always at my expense, do things change. T-T Still watch it though, it may show up again. I know they showed glimpses of him twice.
  20. As far as the broadcast on tv, did they showoff the Sonic balloon yet and talk about it. I just caught the show around 9:05, and all they are showing now are bands and stuff Edit: They did show glimpses of the balloon though. ^-^
  21. "Itzz All about Speeeed! >.<" hahaha, that line actually made me laugh. The way he says it makes it so bad, its good.
  22. I totally called that. A perfect end to a perfect calender year for Sonic's big 2-0. Let's hope this alludes to the possibility of Classic Sonic being a regular in the near future (along with the rest of the classic crew)! ^^
  23. Check out the!...>.> <. boardzz>

  24. Definitely one of the more random choices for November, but a interesting choice nonetheless. Its a pretty thoughtful pose they gave to Espio, and adds more dynamic to what we know so well about him. Looking forward to December's! >.<
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