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  1. I wonder what the story will be for the comic? I didn't anticipate there being much of a story beyond "Sonic and friends race in a competition" for the game but if there is a comic, there must be some backstory to it that can be delved into in a comic.
  2. Same here, and he can destroy a bunch of stuff other characters can't. Plus, when he's curled up he's protected from certain projectiles so it's really fun to play as him.
  3. Like many others have said beforehand, classic needs to stay out of modern games. There's no reason for Sega to do anything that detracts from refining the experience of the modern games as much as possible, especially when they have the Mania series to feed the hunger for the classic era. Now, I don't really mind having a classic and a modern Sonic. The Sonic series has many types of fans and it's near impossible to have one game that pleases almost everyone in the fanbase. It's nice having a game for those that crave something new, and another game for those that want something that more closely resembles older games. I think that is better than alienating one side of the fanbase and trying to get everyone on board with one idea. (I say this as someone who is not a huge fan of the classic games.)
  4. I really appreciated how they brought back a lot of characters in the series for the storyline, even if just for a few short lines. I think the Sonic world is very rich in personality and I miss when they would include more characters in the game storylines. They don't need to be in every game as that would be excessive and may be why people got sick of seeing them. But I think every now and then, just having them pop up in various forms is great for the series.
  5. This video has pretty much sold me on Roger as Sonic. I am totally in love with Sonic's voice after Forces!
  6. I am dying for a new Mass Effect don't get me wrong, but there's an expectation for the next game to be as big if not bigger than the previous games. Being the first new game after the original trilogy, it's even more key that they get the game right. So I would definitely much rather wait than get a game that was rushed. It was nice to see them tease us a bit with some behind the scenes footage though it didn't reveal all that much.
  7. So glad I got a PS4 now! I never got a PS3 I had a feeling that Sony would want to release this for the PS4 with the game being released so close to the new console launch. Can't wait to pick it up!
  8. I'm not exactly excited for this setting. I know it's quite a few hundred years after the Ezio storyline but I just expected a completely different environment aka not set in Europe again. Are those screenshots an early build? They look a bit plain and dull to me. The fact that there is another separate game coming for last-gen consoles is definitely another level of overkill. But if the games are good, it shouldn't matter. I wonder when they'll make the official announcement with some official screenshots.
  9. All I can say is why Activision why. Imagine if this had gotten to see the light of day.
  10. I agree with this. Twinsanity was one of my favorite platformer games growing up. I'd love to see a new Crash game like it in the future. It has some issues but if they were ironed out it could be a really fun platformer. Of course, I would also be fine with something more akin to the classics. As long as it isn't another Crash of the Titans sized mess.
  11. They're nothing really special. All of them are extremely underdeveloped characters that I see as truly only serving the role to put Sonic and Eggman in the position of working together. So from that angle, I appreciated them, because I absolutely loved the interactions Sonic and Eggman had because of them. But, I would not want to see them in any game in the future unless Sega were to decide to give them more fleshing out.
  12. You know what I'd like? I'd like them to go back to the stage design they had going on in Generations, but replace the boost with the spin dash and alter the stage design to accommodate for that, and maybe throw in the parkour since that's been received pretty well so far. If Sega really wants to focus on slow-platforming but at the same time put an emphasis on speed, I think that would result in the perfect combination. So essentially, refined adventure gameplay.
  13. Glad to see that Ubisoft can still bring some life to this franchise. Can't wait to play it on the PS4 next month!
  14. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  15. ♪I wish you a happy birthday!♫

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