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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. happy birthday if you ever come back ! :D

  3. I believe we had a running topic at the previous iteration regarding Sonic's Japanese homepage, focusing primarily on the character profiles. So... discuss! If you want me to add anything to this first post please say so (I'll probably add some things myself). For those of you who haven't checked recently, they actually added three more profiles: Marine, the Werehog, and Chip. If anyone can get translations up, it would be much appreciated. sonic.sega.jp
  4. It should go without saying who my favorite is. Long live the bat! I also like Shade, Cream, Tails, Sonic, and Amy.
  5. I love the style the game oozes. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at Street Fighter... so I think I'll stay with Turbo HD Remix until I can improve a bit. Of course, if I can find a good deal I might just make a purchase, but for not I'll wait for a price cut or one of the inevitable revisions. I'm liking the new characters, particularly Crimson Viper and Abel.
  6. So great so see all these members returning. Now than, I wonder how far I can get away with my signature image, since I'm seeing some pretty big ones here. (And of course, if everyone else is doing it, it's all right! =D) I'm probably one of the few who's read the new and temporary rules. ;_;
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