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  1. So... I showed my crush that I've got her added with a heart next to her name because I'm cheesy as fuck... But she counterattacked me and ended up showing me that she ALSO has me added with a heart next to my name.

    But she's like, coldness herself. Like, Titanic-Iceberg cold. 

    Yet at the same time everytime I try to make a move she just yeets me away be it hanging out or whatever.

    ... But she also sometimes screenshares with me while she's playing World of Warcraft and we spend like 7 hours in a call even if she knows I don't play WoW. 


    I'm confused.  

    How do people deal with this having a crush thing, it's terribly hard. 

    Oooor I'm extremely dumb, whichever comes first.

    1. McGroose


      Is this a long distance relationship thing or close distance?

    2. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Err she lives two hours away from where I am. I've went twice to hang out with her, it's an easy travel so distance isn't really an issue (to me at least).

      Would've gone more times but she's a lazy lone wolf so yeesh but I don't mind it because I'm the same.

      It's everything else that confuses me. 

    3. McGroose


      Gotcha. Well if it's basically a decent middle ground in terms of distance, I'll consider it short distance. You've got to be the one to take the initiative and ask he out on dates, figure out how to make your personality likeable to her, don't overexert yourself on first dates, take things at a reasonable pace and don't make anything that may sound demanding in anyway. Try to really get into things she likes, even if at first you're completely indifferent or bored to it. If you really like this girl, don't do anything stupid, even if it's private and maybe not that big of a deal. Karma bites you in the ass for even subtle things like that...

      Since you live two hours away and that's still a decent commute, really try to hype up your get togethers and don't do shit like just playing video games together. Go out, learn more about eachother, do active things. Sitting on your ass all day and using media as a means to get closer will basically just relationship limbo. At least, for most people I've known. Not to say you can't do that of course, but balance it out at least 50/50 with diverse activities and your videogame/TV hobbies or whatever else you do digitally. 


      Don't be yourself as you currently perceive it, be a better version of yourself and a version more ideal in her eyes. After all, you don't know what "yourself" will be a year or two or more from now, do you?

    4. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Oh just what I needed. Thanks for the help dude. I'll try to do that, haven't been in this situation before so that was extremely helpful to give me an idea.

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