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  1. So... Is there any chance of Astral Chain getting multiplatform'd in the future? I kind of... Don't have a Switch...

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp


      When asked about the possibility of Astral Chain becoming available on multiple platforms in a February 2020 interview (focused on the then-recently announced Kickstarter campaign for the remastered The Wonderful 101), Inaba stated that "it's too early to say", and that "ultimately, it's Nintendo's call, not [theirs]".[13]



      They own the publishing rights to Astral Chain so really we have no say in that matter. 

      aaaaaaaaaaaa well I guess I'll save up for a Switch or something.

    2. Bobnik


      On one hand, I would've loved it to come out on PC for that sweet 60 FPS

      On the other hand the game's not that great all things considered so

    3. TCB


      "not that great all things considered"

      what are you smokin 

    4. Bobnik


      "what are you smokin"

      If I was, I'd never say that

      I'll elaborate why I don't think it's that great:
      1) While Legion is a cool mechanic, when you think about it, it's just several different mechanics from Platinum's other games that are made worse somehow. Sword Legion is a poor man's Zandatsu from Metal Gear Rising, Wolf Legion is I think a beast form from Bayonetta, only controls like ass, etc.
      2) The story actually kinda blows by the middle point, and the main character not talking hinders it by a lot. There's a lot of stuff happening with poor pacing, forced conflict (like, the only reason why we fight Akira was because...clones I guess??)
      3) The Astral Plane is cool-looking...until you have to go to it nearly every chapter, then it just becomes boring and monotonous
      4) In general the fighting felt sluggish. I played Nier Automata somewhat recently and despite it being much more simplistic than Astral Chain, it still felt much better than that game.
      5) Characters are dumb. That goes to point 2, but whatever, this is worth mentioning.
      6) The platforming is pretty bad, even by hack-n-slash standards. I fell in this game a lot more than in other games because of Legions being janky when platforming. Also no jump button, why?!

      7) File 8. While skippable, it was still just a collection of pretty basic minigames that either controlled like ass (the one where you have to collect red matter in an amount of time by riding the Wolf Legion), or frustrating (the one where you play one of those Parking flash games).

      8 ) The locations repeat themselves several times. This would've been fine in a more open-world game, but here it adds to the monotony the game had with Astral Planes. The game's length also doesn't help, 30 hours is a bit much.

      So yeah, there's just a lot of flaws in this game for me

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