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  1. When you're hyped for a possible Sonic Colors remaster but you remember that they apparently ditched nearly the entire voice cast once again so it may have a new voice cast. 


    1. Strickerx5


      I really doubt they're redoing the voice acting. Everything we know labels this as a remaster, not a remake. My guess is that they're just adding in the German dub.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      German, French, Spanish and the others that they've been doing some Generations. More if @Jango is right. I don't think they'll redub the game. But depending on what this remaster entails, it might be necessary. 

    3. Teoskaven


      The italian voice direction for Sonic games since Generations has been questionable with VAs being miscasted at best, so i dread how they'll handle a redub of Colors with this style.

    4. PickleBrows


      Keep in mind this came from a portfolio website with a date of December 2020. Not sure how long a localisation project like this would take but it'll definitely have been completed in December 2020 assuming that date is correct in the first place. If there was any new content requiring new English voiceover as well it's entirely possible Roger and any other required outgoing cast members were contracted for a short time in order to do this and it turned out to be their final Sonic performances.

      It's part of the reason that I think this is due for announcement in the next week or two, German localisation being completed feels like it'd be quite far along in the pipeline. Admittedly I don't not game development so I'm mostly guessing.

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      The slim chance it will get redubbed with the new cast does heighten the possibility of a expanded and/or retranslated, de-Pontaffied script in exchange so...



      Template Images Gallery | Know Your Meme

      Complete the trade?


      Kate Higgins did say she ain't done with Tails just yet, so it's possible this is the project she refers to


    6. Jack-al


      @Supah Berry Kate voiced Tails in Colors, but you are talking about Colleen who is the current voice, she said she's not done yet...

      It really depends on what the extra content is, if any.

      @Teoskaven I'm italian, I've listened to the dub of various games... honestly they are fine, we have a voice actor world that's very talented, yeah some things are weird though, like Amy, Eggman and even Shadow's current VAs. I don't think they are fitting although very talented in general. Claudio Moneta as Shadow does a good job though, it's the other 2 I mentioned... heh. The rest are great, I'm not convinced about Jasmine Laurenti as Rouge though maybe?

    7. Jango


      @Blue Blood regarding the stuff I heard, only text localization, not dubbing, at least not yet... 

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