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  1. With stuff like this sometimes I wonder if SEGA even knows what its doing with the franchise. So many voice acting changes, so many gameplay swaps, so many writers coming and going. 

    Like, voice acting changes are normal in media I know but Sonic's been through like 6 voice actors in 25 years and I sometimes wonder if it's due to not finding the voice actor or if it's a matter of some kind of "Well your time's up, bring in some new blood" mentality which is kind of mindboggling to think about to me. Sonic's lack of persistent consistency pisses me off to no end. 

  2. 23 hours ago, KHCast said:

    Mirage is my main, but I guess all the characters super moves got massively retooled, and that’s gonna take some time to adjust too. Mirage no longer goes invisible, he just makes a bunch of decoys of himself around him that you control, and also his passive move where he sends a decoy you can now control. It’s so weird, but I’m also kinda into it?  

    Not really all characters but Mirage got a big rework back when Loba released, completely changing his ultimate to be more "useful" since you could find him easily when he was invisible in his previous ultimate.

    I'm Level 80 on the Battle Pass and oh god I'm extremely tired of grind but that's more on me, the game is extremely lenient with how much """"free"""" level ups you can get. You level up extremely fast. 

    I might have some issues with the microtransactions ($20 for a skin, really, sure they're pretty and the game is free but come on, it's a FPS skin.) but overall the game has a really good monetary system for a F2P game.  

  3. On 6/12/2020 at 2:10 AM, KHCast said:

    Also, watching this trailer again and again makes me think, if RE4R is legit happening, I definitely am expecting it to acknowledge 8 and vice versa there’s so many thematic and visual similarities and 8 between the two.

    Wouldn't be surprised if RE4R reused some assets from this game. When I saw the castle and town parts in the trailer my mind immediately thought of the Ganados. 

    That'd be a nice way to tie both styles of games I think. While this game looks great, I have a bit of a personal gripe with how different Resident Evil 2/3 Remakes and RE7/8 feel. Getting all four titles so close to each other doesn't help with that feeling of... Disconnection I guess, I don't know how to call it. 


  4. 1 hour ago, Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice said:

    Look alive folks, we've got ourselves a new datamine leak, courtesy of BetaM. And boy oh boy, Season 5 is looking quite lively with the content.

      Hide contents





    Hell yeah Pasadena and Koala Kong. I'm hyped, I wanna see how they redesign Pasadena.

    Hm... Maybe Willie Wumpa Cheeks and Rilla Roo for December?



  5. OH GOD


    I can't believe it, that version of Brio is the best version of the character imo. Sucks that it's not Maurice LaMarche but IT'S SOMETHING.

    Blessed Beenox.



    was IN 



    Also I really want to see how they redesign the Crash Tag Team Racing characters. Von Clutch importantly, I wonder if he'll still be this German WW1 Robot Thing. 


    I see what they're doing. Releasing a Darksiders 4 so close to Darksiders 3 is a death message for the franchise so rather than wait it out, they made a small spin-off game (by Joe Mad's own studio from all of the studios out there, Joe Mad is the original creator of Darksiders and he's the one that gave it its artstyle and character design) to introduce the fourth Horseman while they work on the fourth game.

    Which kind of guarantees that the fourth game might be the last and might have co-op with all the Horsemen considering THQ Nordic have mentioned they want to do that before.

    Instead of having Strife introduced in the last game, they made a spin-off to introduce him properly before going to the big finale.

    I'm so hyped for this. Darksiders's definitely one of my favourite franchises out there. The games are great, the story is awesome, the voice acting GOD THE VOICE ACTING it's so fucking good.

    So glad that this is happening, THQ going under really made me think that Darksiders 2 would've been the last of the franchise.



    So yeah Darksiders 4's totally happening. This is just a snack before the big meal.

  7. Soooo they're going back to the shock factor of the first two Modern Warfare games? Stuff like, No Russian and the nuke from MW1? 

    It's... A weird change considering the current state of the franchise, but if done right I'd say it'll bring some new life to Call of Duty. If done wrong then it'll be ass.

    Loved Infinite Warfare's campaign so I trust Infinity Ward. Especially after Black Ops 4's disappointing well everything.

    And no season pass+free DLC+fucking crossplay holy shit, all of that caught me way off-guard.

  8. 31 minutes ago, Plasme said:

    Arin hasn't done anything like this though has he? He's not a racist like JonTron or miscreant in the way ProJared is?

    That we know of.

    This is the problem with internet personalities, they only show the image they want us to see. We have no way to know either way to be honest.

    This whole ProJared thing kind of surprised me but I can't say I'm shocked. I liked ProJared's reviews but he always gave me some asshole-ish vibes from his videos alone.

  9. excuse me what the fuck 

    Patrick Seitz has been Scorpion's voice since Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. He's been THE Scorpion voice for me. What do you mean he's not coming back?

    Come on Netherrealm already starting to fuck things up?

  10. 2 hours ago, PublicEnemy1 said:

    Apparently there's a customization system so that you can customize the abilities of the cast.


    Maybe it's because I'm boring but I never saw the appeal in heavy customization in a videogame, even more in a fighting one. This better not have a custom character as the story mode. Make your own god damn story and try to not kill old favourites to introduce their sons if you please.

  11. Oh wow and Ed Boon kept saying that the game wouldn't be announced for a while. 

    I'm... Conflicted.

    The music was total and utter shit and completely terrible. The trailer itself holy shit what a gory and fantastic trailer. Bloody as fuck, never expected it to be so bloody. 

    There's ONE and only ONE fear I have for this game and I'm 99% sure it's going to happen.

    If this game has the FUCKING SHITTY-ASS COMPLETELY MORONIC AND STUPID AS FUCK GEAR SYSTEM from Injustice 2 I'm done. Fuck those Mother Boxes, fuck that RNG, and fuck that entire cosmetic system. Cool on paper with a fucking awful execution.

    I'd rather have alternate costumes like before, fuck costumization if you're going to keep it behind a RNG lootbox.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Failinhearts said:


    Would you rather have one of these?


    I'd rather have a disc-based home console system that makes it harder to hack but oh well. Nintendo's gotta cut costs after how they fucked up the Wii U I guess.

    Even still, with SD cards and all that I absolutely hate, Smash Ultimate still looks amazing, kudos to Nintendo for that. 

    Just... Ugh. I hope I understand their market choices someday because right now some of the stuff they do boggles my mind.

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