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  1. Blue Blood

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    Isn't this topic about pet peeves? I.e. those little niggles you might have that you recognise aren't necessarily the most important nor logical things but still bother you just a touch regardless? Character ages aren't a big deal. They irk me slightly regardless of how much sense they do or don't make in whatever context, but ultimately I don't care. It's hard to see that applying specific age numbers to the characters really adds anything, and they kind of contradict each other when you look at them. They also don't impact anything except character bios that have virtually nothing to do with the games or other media. So it's a personal pet peeve.
  2. Blue Blood

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    In that context and that context alone. When you look at three way that the series flip flops around its atmosphere and tone between sunshine and blue skies or torturing Sonic for months in solitary confinement etc, it loses all meaning.
  3. Blue Blood

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    I still think applying specific ages to the Sonic cast is kinda dumb and unnecessary any way. They don't actually make sense in any context within the series. Amy is an army general at age 12 in Forces? Charmy is a private detective and sent to infiltrate a dilapidated military facility at age 6, and Cream is supposed be the same age? Lol sod that. Personally, I just tend to disregard the ages entitling because they don't really mean nor add to anything. Some of the cast are kids, the majority aren't, and you can just sort gauge relative ages. Whether Sonic is 15 or 16 really doesn't matter. What birthday was he celebrating in Generations anyway?
  4. Blue Blood

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    Sonic is a great runner, but when reaching his highest possible speeds as Super Sonic he just flies and doesn't use his legs at all. It doesn't make much sense that he just suddenly stops running, but I can let it by simply because of the rule of cool. It certainly gets across the idea of Super Sonic being incredibly powerful very well. But where I have to draw the line is Shadow's boosting animation. He already wears hover skates which are "rule of cool" enough as it is (plus he's got all his teleporting shenanigans and everything else), so why does he completely give up on any leg movement at all when he boosts? It's really just a minor pet peeve, but hey that's what this thread is for. I just wish that he kept his infinitely cooler and more unique skating animation over boring flight. Also on a similar note, Sonic's running drift in Unleashed looks way better than his ball drift in Generations. There's a place for both of them though, and I quite like seeing Sonic curl up for brief periods because that's his schtick.
  5. The Switch Pro Controller is easily my favourite game controller ever. It takes everything about the ergonomic comfort of the 360 controller and perfects it. The d-pad could use a bit of work because it is prone to slipping into adjacent inputs, but it's still very good (and not an issue in the sorts of games that I play). It still trumps the offerings of the PS4 and XB1 controllers. The only functionality that it's lacking is analogue triggers, but that aside, the thing is borderline perfect.

    1. Plasme


      The Switch pro controller is fatally flawed by its dpad. Not having any diagonal grip between the directions is a cardinal sin.

    2. Cobalt_Bolt


      I have the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 version of the Pro Controller and the D-pad works a bit better than the standard Pro Controller.

    3. Speederino


      I’ve always been a fan of the pro controller lineup. I also really liked the Wii U one too, except for the odd placement of the right analog stick. Otherwise it fit my hands perfectly. 

    4. TheOcelot


      It's a good controller, yeah. Definitely one of the best of this gen.

  6. Something was mentioned a while ago about characters having excessive lines of dialogue in this game. It'll most likely be so that they can combine clips. E.g... Clip1: Thanks for the boost <clip 2>! Clip2: <name>. There'll be several recordings of each character saying every other name with a bunch of different inflections.
  7. Blue Blood

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch, 2019)

    It ultimately comes down to taste. You find it endearing, I think it looks lifeless and ugly. It's unique, yes, but I just don't like how it looks.
  8. This looks really exciting. Totally out of the blue announcement and it's coming really soon. I'll be following it pretty closely. I wonder if this is getting priority over Bayonetta 3? As in, Bayonetta is a big Nintendo exclusive so this is something planned to bring a new IP to the table and assisting to buy B3 some more time.
  9. Blue Blood

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch, 2019)

    The photos were, but not the bulk the game. I typically interpret older sprite-based games as intending to look like their promotional art or other in-game assets. This would have been the perfect chance to really push something more in line with the opening style. And even with that in mind, the photos didn't feel anywhere near as dead or toy-like as the game here looks. I wouldn't mind if I was looking at something that felt like the photos. But instead this feels like The Legend of Nintendo Land, and it's pretty yuck. Game is gonna be solid though cause LA is a great game that only benefit from modern conveniences like more buttons and a better menu. I'll be playing it for sure.
  10. Blue Blood

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch, 2019)

    Say what you will about how WW was met with a lot of criticism at the start, but personally I wasn't a fan of Zelda until somewhere between the release of TP and SS and focused mainly on handhelds to begin with, so I experienced most of the series out of order. WW's artstyle has still never sat right with me. I like most of the other offerings, everything from OoT/MM/TP to SS to BotW to ALBW. This artstyle chosen for LA Switch bugs the hell out of me because it makes everything look like a toybox or almost stop-motion. Unlike ALBW which looked like an HD and 3D recreation of ALttP, this is sticking too closely to the GB's limits and has taken the game down a really cutesy route when it didn't feel like that before. There's so much ambiguity in GB sprites that I feel going for a straight remake kind of undermines what the original was trying for. I guess I'd really appreciate something not so obviously tile-based and chibi.
  11. Oh Christ that Links Awakening remake is hideous 

  12. It was definitely mentioned before then; I specifically remember reading it on http://www.theghz.com/ in the days before I had a chance to play any 3D Sonic games for myself in the early 2000s. No idea what their source was, but it was likely one of the strategy guides for the Adventure games or the old Sonic Team website.
  13. Glad I'm not the only one who's immediate thoughts were that the logo could use some work. It's pretty cool and retro looking, but it's way too busy. The name is good though. Clever Sonic reference that's sounds cook. Anyway... This is awesome news. I look forward to seeing whatever this studio puts out in the future, because we already know what a dedicated and talented bunch they are. Hopefully they and SEGA will put out some more Sonic games, because obviously Sonic Mania is the best thing since 1995, but I'd also love to see their own unique IPs and any other series they can get their hands on. Just... Fix the logo plz.
  14. Hyrule Warriors is pleasantly surprising. It's not amazing or anything, but it's solid, button mashy fun. I'd really like to see Zelda more spin offs.

  15. Blue Blood

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Granted that we waited way too long for any real information on Forces between it's reveal at the 25th Anniversary and further presentation, I sincerely don't think that the panel was bad. The info we got was pretty significant. They could have just put it all up in YouTube, and they definitely should have created an actual trailer rather than straight-up footage showing how boring Forces was going to be, but the overall output wasn't bad at all. Creating a bit of a fanfare and releasing all that info in one moderatedly-sized news dump at a panel is a good idea for a once-a-year affair. ❤️ Absolutely earnest this time. They're not huge panels nor are they big events dedicated to Sonic. It's a gaming event running over a few days that takes one hour to speak directly to the fans. You really shouldn't expect much from these things. Look how much of a deal SEGA has made about this so far, and how much they've been teasing - it's virtually nothing. So go in to this expecting to come out saying "that was a'ight". If you're asking for anything more (which is probably what we all expected from the full reveal of Forces to be fair), you'll be disappointed. These panels are fun and harmless. They're supposed to make bit more of a buzz than a typical stand-alone press release by interacting with the fans for a handful of news details catered specifically for them, and they succeed in that.

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