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  1. Nah. You're tight, bro. I said "some". I'm talking about the people who think that ShTH and '06 were the highlights of the series because they were such mature games (when in fact the exact opposite is true), and those that suffered brain aneurysms upon seeing Lost World's cartoony visuals. You know, the fans that make you wish you weren't a fan. Just being a fan of different aspects of the series is obviously fine, especially when the series varies so much and creates these huge divides. But we know there are definitely some truly angsty and edgy folk out there that are as amusing as they are embarrassing. And yep, I know it's not limited to Shadow fans either.
  2. Not gonna lie - the problem with these videos is kinda that it's Shadow. If it was Tails or Knuckles, it'd be kinda cool. If it was Big, it might even be funny. But it's Shadow, and, well... Shadow isn't awful. I actually quite like him, and it would be cool to play as his again. But I'm sure we're all well aware of how some of his biggest fans are also the edgiest. It's the very connotations that run with his fanbase that make it so funny. The video itself isn't actually too badly made, and I've already said how disappointed I am that Forces is starring Classic Sonic instead of members of the series' cast. I just can't help but that the video was fuelled by the angst of his scorned fans though. Also it gets worse
  3. It's just so butthurt. I don't think that I'll ever understand these sorts of reactions. I was so disappointed when the trailer said "but even heroes need help", only for Classic Sonic to appear instead of any of Sonic's shitty friends. Is this actually necessary though? Like, really?
  4. There's teeny rubber buffers right at the very bottom of the runners. I can't really fathom why the don't go all the way up.
  5. There are some warped docks out there, either due to manufacturing, packaging or consumer handling. But that's definitely not the biggest problem. The soft, plastic screen shouldn't be in a position where it's very like to be pressed up against two harder plastic runners. The interior of the dock needs some sort of padding so that scratches won't occur regardless of whether or not there's any warping at all.
  6. I suppose the insta-death swordsmen were a bit sloppy, because it seem as though surviving getting caught wasn't relatively impossible. They should have either chucked you out of the hideout, and given you a game over in a cutscene instead. I expect many people kept trying to fight their way through it, because the game kind of gave you the impression that that was an option. Like I said before, you can fight your way through it really easily, but only if they don't ever see you.
  7. k, so, according to the internet, the Yiga Clan Hideout is the worst part of the game for reasons I don't understand. From what I can tell... hardly anyone realised how easy it is to distract the guards with Mighty Bananas, and then you 1HKO them when their backs are turned with a sneakstrike. And the only reason you don't get revived by fairies or Mipha's Grace and can't save is because the entire point of the stealth section is that you get through it undetected. I just don't get the hate. Honestly, the hardest thing for me was finding the damn place. Before I got as far as starting the mission, I'd already found the exit of the hideout and had marked it on my map for later. Didn't have a clue where the entrance was though, and I assumed the exit was the entrance and so spent ages trying to get in that way.
  8. *Theoretical Blue Blood who's signature image has been in place since before restrictions were made so he can get away with a signature that exceeds dimension limitations.
  9. Enemies do too, just as in Colours. Iizuka mentioned this in fact, so it may not be as limited as you think. Colours only put White Wisps in some enemies, but we don't know how it'll work yet in Forces. You bringing this up though has just made me hopeful that the boost its more limited, especially cause Ring Energy is out. Literally got opposite opinions on this one. Lol
  10. Holy crap I forgot how much I hate motion controls in Splatoon. Why can't I adjust the camera vertically with the R stick as well as motion? Literally any other game let's you do it! It's totally killing my enjoyment. But I had the exact same experience with the original game's demo. 

    1. Strickerx5


      Looking the settings now and it seems that you can turn them off if you want.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Found it just a few mins ago. So glad!

    3. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      Wait, did they remove that? You could set the right stick to do everything in the Wii U game.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      When you have motion controls on, you can't adjust the Y axis with the stick. The options menu explicitly tells you that and it's so weird. I don't get it. BotW reminds me how much I love motion controls in conjuction with traditional aiming, but Splatoon makes it so awkward. And you can't centre the camera work motion controls on if you're holding your switch above you (as in when you're lying down). 

  11. What's in the realms of possibility isn't the same as what's in the realms of feasibility. It's certainly "possible" that the game was delayed to add new content, but it's bloody well not likely when you try try to look at it more objectively than just throwing out all manner of random ideas with no foundation. Dunno why you think I'm not being positive though. I'm just also being realistic because don't like it when people set themselves up for disappointment by conjouring up wild and crazy ideas that stand virtually no chance of coming to fruition. Oh hey, would you look at that. We've ended up in one of those silly little, topic-dominating arguments that will have everyone else rolling their eyes and/or laughing at our srs bsns about a Sonic game. Would you like to move on and let this topic get back to being about how Mania is the best thing ever? Cause I'm going to, and you're welcome to join me. Except you are wrong.
  12. lol, Jango, I just told you that I don't work for SEGA. I want to make more sarcastic remarks because it's fun to have a bit of back and forth going on when there's no ill-will between you and I, but MDS has already said no-no and we had ought to respect that. Though of course, the offer to PM me still stands if you want to have some shits and giggles. You'd make a good sparring partner! So yeah, it is only a few months. At an absolute max, it's a six month delay, but it could be as little as just two or three. The team working on Mania is really small. We've got a Christian Whitehead, Simon Thomley, the small indie studio of Pagoda West and a producer. It's not a lot. Plus, it's not their own IP. Everything that they want to do with this game will have to be approved (and possibly tested) by SEGA. I don't know how to explain to you that they wouldn't just "start work" on an new, unapproved content and then be like "yo boss we need more time and money to do work you didn't agree to.". That's... Not how it works. I think you'd be a bit miffed if the contractors you hired to install your new kitchen suddenly started working on your bathroom too and wanted you to pay them for it. They started work on this game however long ago, and we're now looking at a release date that's about a year after it was initially announced. The core team is developing the game for three platforms simultaneously. To get it on to the Switch too, they even had to bring in yet another studio by way of Tantalus to spread the workload. It's not a lot of time, and you're suggesting that they're going to spend more resources creating new content. There's really nothing to back it up. Mania's reception has been glowing. What reason is there to change the project? We already know that Mania is a unique and ambitious undertaking. There's always going to be people who aren't happy work new games because you genuinely can't please everyone (see Sonic Forces). The game was agreed to and budgeted for by SEGA. The devs realised they weren't going to hit their deadline and got an extension on it, which equates to an extension on said budget. It's going to go towards delivering the project they agreed on. The game has to be polished and brought up to standard in the final months. It's not the time to drastically change anything.