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  1. So... I'm up the the fourth case in Chronicles. And I'm not very far into said case yet either. My thoughts on this game are overwhelmingly positive so far. It's great! But I've got some niggles. The game really shakes up the traditional formula of investigation to court case, and it's a welcome change that I didn't know I wanted. But the downside is that, so far, everything seems a bit long in the tooth. It feels impossible to be ahead of the game or that you might start to put the pieces together as you learn about each case, because you actually don't get the opportunity to do so. The stories flow really nicely and I like seeing how everything develops, plus it feels less hand-holdy than DD and SoJ, but it's still definitely very rail-roaded. The first three cases all started to drag quite a bit when our became clear that you weren't going to get extra time to explore, investigate and learn about the story at your own pace. A knock on effect of the above is that, despite being this far into the game, I don't feel like I've had much of an opportunity to learn about Ryunosuke and especially Susato. And who the hell is Baron van Zeiks? I know next to nothing about all of these characters so far. However... Each case so far has left individual plot threads hanging, ones that don't immediately seem to be connected. I like that. The art style feels increasingly like the Edgeworth side games, which always felt like a natural evolution of the original series style instead of the simplified anime shift that we got in DD. I love this. It's just looks fantastic. The character animations and behaviours are neither too OTT or too restrained. That's it really. Not sure what the point of this post is. Just putting down my thoughts. Can't wait to get home and keep playing tonight.
  2. There are rumours of that? I'd like to see it. The storyline of DD was underwhelming and SOJ was kinda shit. All the nonsense about Apollo's past that kept being pulled out of someone's arse, none of the threads from AJ being tied up at all and in fact they were largely undone or forgotten about... Bleh Thing is, Takumi doesn't need to come back to fix something that was broken. The main Ace Attorney series needs to give most, if not all, of its existing characters and stories an extended break. Part of the reason why I'm so eager to get stuck into TGAA is because it's a whole new set of characters. No Phoenix, no Apollo, no 11th hour Edgeworth appearances... Just an entirely clean slate. Anyone can do that, Takumi or otherwise. Don't get me wrong, I'd be most interested in Takumi taking on that challenge because his track record is so strong. But anyone could do it. I want a whole new Ace Attorney world to fall in love with. Bring back other characters much later on if it's necessary or beneficial to the stories to do so, but focus on fresh meat instead. I don't know what the proper term for it would be. Soft reboot, maybe? I don't want the series to undo or retcon anything. Everything that's already happened should remain totally canon, but those events and the characters involved wouldn't be part of the new story.
  3. I'm aware of that. DD was the first main game without Takumi's involvement, because he was busy working on the crossover. The crossover was simple and the Layton-esque twist was dumb, but the game felt like an extension of the original trilogy. I'm really eager to see how this game plays out. It just gets off on such a good more.
  4. So I just started playing in the last few minutes. Haven't even gotten to the first cross examination yet, to give you an idea of how early I am into the game. But having avoided all information about the game over the past few years, the first thing that strikes me is the art style. This looks like PL vs AA. The in-game graphics are directly comparable. And they're wonderful. Character models, lighting, animations... So much better than the modern anime style of DD and SoJ. Those games look great for the most part, but this one looks gorgeous.
  5. It's not just a button press. You have to go into the menu and turn off motion control. I think it's like 3 button presses? The only exception is if you switch from the Joy-Con to the Pro Controller or vice-versa. I've been doing this because, surprisingly, I'm not getting on with the motion controls. I seriously loved the motion controls of the original. But for whatever reason, I'm finding them incredibly cumbersome and difficult here. I'm still only at the Skyview Temple and haven't even gotten the Beetle yet, but I just can't play this game for very long because of how frustrating it is. I've taken to switching to my Pro Controller whenever I need to fight a Skulltula because Link never seems to jab with his sword when I want him to, usually swinging instead. And it's proving really difficult to get those eyeball things in the temple to follow the sword too. I'm just fed up at this point.
  6. Games nice enough. Barely played it yet. I've just met Zelda in Skyloft for the first time, so I've done essentially nothing. I would have gotten further by now, but I can't find any time to actually play the game when I could instead be admiring the beautiful Hylian Shield and Master Sword Joy-Con pair. These are absolutely beautiful. Stylised and flashy, but not gaudy in their design. I got grey ones with my Switch originally and love the look of the system like that. When they started to drift though, I had to get a pair of neon red and blue because of price and availability and haaaaaaate them so much. They're so ugly. These though? Yeah. Love 'em. They're just gorgeous. And Skyward Sword is reminding me how much I love motion controls and the form factor of these two controllers held independently (the grip is still task). The between the hefty and comfortable Pro Control and wielding two separate Joy-Con at once, the Switch easily has my favourite controllers of all time.
  7. have you heard of sonic rangers I mean, yes, 4chan leaks are more than likely bullshit and there was no reason to trust the Rangers leaks until after SEGA released the teaser (and accidentally leaked the name themselves). But when there are legit leaks about anything, it's not uncommon for them to show up first on 4chan.
  8. AoC is rarely as difficult or as frantic as HW. I'm rather surprised at just how different the two games are, and personally prefer the original by a mile. Although that said, there's a ton of content in HW that I won't ever bother wasting my time with, such as the My Fairy mode or most of the Adventure Maps. The basic gameplay of capturing keeps and trying to capture and remain in control of the map only really comes into play in the two levels where you rescue the Champions from their Divine Beasts and it's very watered down, whilst it instead made up the majority of the HW gameplay. AoC is more about just ploughing forward towards the goal. You don't really ever have to get a lay of the land. It's much more boring. Really hard to place my finger on it, but I think that AoC fails to deliver on the ham gameplay front. Credit where it's due though; it's still pretty good on its own merits, it's sufficiently different so that it doesn't feel like a clone and they did a great job of making it feel like BotW. But I'm still going to be salty about that shitty, cop-out story that failed to deliver on every front.
  9. TSR hadalready received at least one special edition pack long after the initial release, featuring the standard game and a packed-in Totaku figure of the totally-unrelated-to-TSR Classic Sonic. This looks like another repackaging. I'd be really surprised if SEGA were giving this game a second lease of life for only €20. It's probably just bundled with another figurine/bonus (like Colours Ultimate and the baby movie Sonic key chain that's accuracy actually just a piece of Japanese movie promo mech from last year). The new packaging will emphasise PS5 and XBX compatability without and actual changes to the game itself.
  10. I have to preface this with the disclaimer that this is not a slight against SSMB and it's members. I've been a member here for close to half of my life because I love this community. So my point here isn't to criticise the community at all or imply that this a bad place. It's not. It's awesome. tldr: it's not you, it's me. I just don't want there to be any room for misinterpretation.

    One of the happiest times of my life was the space between 2015 to 2016. This was when I went back during my first year of university. Not long after I started uni, something happened on here and I decided to leave SSMB.  SSMB is the only social media that I'm really on. I lurk on a couple of sub-Reddits (mainly cake baking, cooking and funny pictures) and talk about Sonic stuff on Retro whilst avoiding pretty much everything else.

    But SSMB is different; it's this community that's focused on Sonic primarily, whilst there's still tons of discussion about a huge range of other games and general pop culture that just doesn't interest me. Quite often the amount of Sonic discussion is dwarfed by discussion of tons of other stuff that I just don't want to engage in. It's not like anyone is forcing me to take part in the stuff that didn't interest me. But most of the stuff that people talk about here doesn't interest me. Anime, superheroes, cartoons, most games, general nerd culture and pop culture that isn't relevant to me in the slightest, but that everyone else seems to be totally tuned in to... It's just not for me and yet I've surrounded myself in it. I spend an eye watering amount of time on here and don't actually fit in. It's draining to be in this situation. 

    Whilst I was at uni and had basically left this site (I lurked infrequently, but didn't login and didn't post), I was in such a good mental state constantly. I had a a life and a social life away from SSMB and the rest of the Internet. I was just doing my own thing, engrossing myself in my studies and living my own life doing things that I enjoyed. I genuinely think that being here is kind of bad for me, especially when I'm here as much as I am. I need to step right back. 

    This past week or so I've been in an incredibly low state, so I may well reflect differently on this when I'm feeling better. But generally if I'm not talking about Sonic games or some of the other game series that I still play (considering that I don't play a huge number of games nowadays) this place just doesn't do anything positive for me. People talk about stuff that's a million miles off my radar. It's aggravating. And that's definitely my problem, not anyone else's. I need to spend more time on things that I actually care about.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I actually completely understand. I sometimes feel a bit alienated myself sometimes because I don't have much people to confide into, much less here. Even the stuff I like is pretty niche, at least on here, so I mostly keep to myself and chat with other communities about my interests. I do feel like people here would think I'm a weirdo for liking idols and seiyuu for example so I keep it to myself, even more so since no one is really talking about the subject.

      There's a few times where I've been away from SSMB (sometimes for petty reasons and other times for personal reasons) and while I did found myself coming back at first, over time it started to feel like this place wasn't for me. Don't me wrong I'm still kind of here, being one of the oldbies, but I still do feel out of place here which why I'm not so active.

      Honestly you need to do what you love. Even if its to take time away from this place maybe its just better if you take a break from here. You don't have to chain yourself to a place because of anything, especially if you're feeling miserable about yourself. That's what I think personally but I can't tell you what to do since it is your life but that's the beauty of it; Its your life. You're free to do what you can to get your happiness you now? So yeah I don't blame you with coming out with all this and wanting to leave because I felt that myself so many times. Just take care alright?

    2. Zaysho


      Take care of yourself, man.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Crow the BOOLETRight? It's nice to know that someone else feels similarly to me. It's not that SSMB doesn't want you, it's just that your interests lie in different places. I'm not necessarily leaving, but I think it would be beneficial for me to force myself away for a time. Thank you for the advice.

      My main hobbies are cooking and baking. I love making cakes and similar things. Cooking and learning about cooking is how I like to spend most of my free time when I'm not in a low state. It brings me so much joy. But that just has nothing to do with how I actually spend most of my time. I feel like it's a part of my life that's just kind of hidden from view, for no good reason. And usually I'm in a pretty low state. I need to get a handle on keeping myself out of such a state as much is reasonably possible. Video games don't actuality bring me a great deal of pleasure most of the time.

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I feel it so hard right now, and I'm a writer here. It's to do with getting older and becoming yourself. Obviously, I love Sonic and am probably never leaving, but taking breaks is necessary. I'm married. I want to have kids. I have a full time job. I can't spend all day every day here, y'know? But I'll always be lurking and making sure no one's talking smack about Sonic 3&K or Big the Cat.

    5. Kuzu


      No hard feelings at all dude, it's partially why I don't post as much here unless I'm talking about Sonic lol. I have some general interests in the topics here sometimes, but for the most part, I generally feel comfortable talking with others in my own private corners of Discord or just irl. 

      Do what feels comfortable and satisfying for you. 

    6. Jango


      I would never guess you like making cakes, that's awesome dude. But hey, we'll be here for you whenever you need it or not. Take as many breaks as you'd please :) ❤️

    7. Osmium


      No u 

    8. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      I don't blame you for feeling like you're not fitting in. If I have to be honest keep coming and going here due to not fitting in.

      It's also kind of hard unlike yourself where it is hard to think of something Sonic related to say. Knowing in most cases that the Sonic that I enjoyed isn't coming back and a majority of Sonic content just isn't for me. So it's kind of hard to talk on here about something that only really enjoyed a couple of games and a cartoon out of the entire franchise. Complaining about the issues of the games would get too tiresome and that includes games that I did enjoy but now I haven't due to finding problems with them. It is some reflection that I've done for the past year or so.

      Even the types of games that the forum loves I'm not into (e.g. Zelda, Pokemon and especially Smash plus stuff like Ratchet & Clank is only fairly small and wouldn't be something to fork over a PS5 for the new game). For the past few years my interest in gaming has dropped but doesn't help with developing health issues either.

      The other interests around here aren't much to my tastes either (e.g. superheroes well more of casual type that is not heavy into comic books or the MCU+spinoffs etc, most anime, majority of cartoons/pop culture). For the past couple of years been interested in a certain anime that doesn't feel like than anime but it's only popular in the English speaking world as memes and a Miyazaki film. There are a couple of other anime that I had liked but they are only popular in the non-English speaking world (e.g. Space Adventure Cobra, popular in France for some reason...) so won't get to talk about it at all... Also not into sports.

      I think it is best to pursue your interests so if cooking makes you better, do a bit of cooking and baking. It might be hard though for others to talk about it here especially from people like myself who are unable to cook. I don't know if there are any cooking forums that are welcoming.

  11. I once met a self-proclaimed psychic who failed to guess my star sign. Twice. And then she blamed me for not giving her any signals. She also told me about the multiple times that she's been abducted by aliens, how the government tried to intimidate her into silence about such incidents and then, as if she just wanted to prove how much she fit the stereotype, she proceeded to tell me all about chem trails from aeroplanes spreading the yearly flu and other diseases.

    This "psychic" is a friend of my aunt, and I met her only because she happened to be visiting my aunt at the same time. Anyone proclaiming to have psychic or spiritual powers will always get a wide berth from me if I have any say in the matter.

    1. Jack-al


      They are mostly all frauds lol 

      but yeah, if anyone is the real deal, I doubt it's anyone we know directly, highly unlikely.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      They're all frauds of totally deluded. I've no reason to think that anyone is legitimately psychic.

    3. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      Not even Silver The Hedgehog or Blaze? Jk. :) 

  12. The Badniks are weird case. When S4E1 reintroduced a bunch of Classic Badniks, it gave them all Modern Metal Sonic-esque designs, which basically amounted to adding superfluous details like lines and screws, to make them look more believably robotic. Then Colours and Generations rolled along a little while later and completely redesigned the Badniks to look more aggressive and detailed without sticking as close to the original designs as S4 did. It applied these designs to all eras represented in Generations, but particularly the Classic era as thats where Badniks are mostly seen. S4E2 then went back to the S4E1 style. Lost World eventually changed things up again by taking the S1 artwork style and using that to redesign all the Classic Badnik designs in an even cartoonier, more simplistic style. And you know what? That's fine. That's all good. If they can change up the designs of recurring enemies to suit whatever game they're in, they can do the same with the characters. They happily change up the artstyle of pretty much everything, but for whatever reason the character designs are now untouchable.
  13. Modern and Classic incorporates two things; artstyle/presentation and gameplay style. I don't like recognising Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic as two distinct characters. They were always the same character represented in different ways until recently. It's just Sonic. If a game has Classic gameplay and Classic presentation, just use Classic styled character designs. And if it's got more Modern stylings, use Modern character designs. I don't think that there should be hard distinction about which characters can appear where.
  14. De Blob's soundtracks are such a jam

    Like this is perfection

  15. You're comparing apples and oranges though. One is a rhythm game with limited player control over environments, camera angles and the action going on, and the other is a full 3D platformer that is likely an open world adventure at that. It would take much more work to give an open world 3D platformer a visual makeover. It's not impossible, but it's not likely. I'd be down for a different art style over a uglier version of the same game that runs poorly. SEGA had access to the dev kits. They were already developing Forces for Switch. But it was just a small group of indies across the world that were working on Mania. SEGA hadn't just not announced a Switch version at the time. They got an entire separate studio to make the port, and created a new SKU for the collectors edition on Switch.
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