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  1. Ikr? Post sources when you're talking about these things, people. It's not hard. TCRF mentions unused files referring to Chaos Control. That's about it. It implies that at some point they intended to add Chaos Control in some form, but the sound effects and graphical effects are unused. It could be nothing more than different effects for the boost. The problem with unused data like this is nothing is certain, and people jump to conclusions.
  2. Blimey, the draw distance is shamefully bad! Look at the people fade into existence at 0:45, and the Wooloo a few seconds later. The game isn't at all impressive graphically and really does look like a glorified 3DS game. It's pleasant to look at most of the time, so don't get me wrong. But the graphical fidelity is low, and a game that looks as outdated as this shouldn't have such low draw distance. Textures are muddy from the screenshots we've seen too. It's all seeming pretty bad, isn't it? Any word on the resolution and framerate of the games? I'm honestly expecting 720p and 30fps... Music's nice though. Yay?
  3. Nah man They had Tee remix four tracks. The first of those four is a collaboration with Senoue and is from SA1. We know nothing of the other three, and nothing indicates that they're all from SA1 either. Senoue isn't involved in all of them either.
  4. Now everyone's going to be assuming that this means that an SA1 remake is being teased...

    1. Strickerx5



      i see your point here...


      but holy shit we’re definitely getting a remake omgomgomg...

    2. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      They opened the floodgates.

    3. DiamondX


      They mentioned the possibility of it already so it's not impossible.

      Honestly I'd like to see a remake even though I never played Adventure.

    4. Soniman


      They shouldn't even touch the SA1 until they learn how to make a video game first 

    5. FReaK


      Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised. But at the same time I'd be afraid that Sonic Team fucks this up..

    6. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Sonic team doesn't exist anymore though 

    7. TheOcelot


      Don't worry @Soniman. EveningStar (aka Team Mania) will do the remake ;)

  5. There are plenty of people out there saying that the entire trailer is bad even if there was nothing wrong with Sonic's design, with the film looking like a very generic, uninspired load of Hollywood action rubbish. Drawn out and poorly written jokes, cliché scenes and Jim Carrey playing the role of Jim Carrey. Sonic's design being so unbelievably bad has only distracted people from looking at the rest of the trailer.
  6. I forgot how much Breath of the Wild's DLC really missed the mark. 

    1. Damage-sponge enemy mode

    2. More of the same shrines

    3. Literally the same boss battles

    4. A new divine beast dungeon that was no better or worse than the original ones

    5. One cool new boss battle

    6. A cool but pointless final unlockable 

    It wasn't bad per se, but it was so lacklu and added very little to the game. Just a shame that it went out on a relative low, considering what an amazing game it is.

  7. Have a 30 second trailer for Galarian Ponyta, showing everything and little bit more than a full 24 hour stream did... According to scans in Serebii, it's psychic type and can have the abilities run away or pastel veil (cures poisoned allies). I'm really surprised that it's not fairy type. It appears to be the Shield exclusive counterpart to Farfetch'd and Sirfetch'd.
  8. Joycon drift is a heaping load of shit. Never before have I had an analogue stick fail on me. And I typically use my Switch docked with the Pro Controller, so to have the left stick perform so poorly after only 2 and a half years is really disappointing.

    1. Soniman


      Happened to me too. Only happened one other time with an old ps2 controller but I had that for years 

    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      I find you to be pretty fortunate to be honest. I've been dealing with analogue drift since the Dreamcast. PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, 360, and Xbox One have all had analogue drift on me. It's annoying and I end up spending way too much money on joysticks.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Not to say that you don't take care of your belongings, but I'm always exceptionally carefully with my gaming equipment. So while I probably am lucky to having controllers from over 20 years ago working without any issues, the Switch is decidedly poor in terms of robustness.

    4. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Really I just blame it on too many games requiring that you hold one direction for indefinite amounts of time. That naturally creates wear that you just can't do anything about. On the other hand, the joycon drift is so bad I remember there being mentions here and there recently about class action lawsuits against Nintendo over them. I don't know if anything has come from that though.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah, there's a class action suit going on. Joy Con drift is impacting easy more people than you'd expect for controllers that are less than three years old.

    6. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Well, hopefully something good comes out of this before too long. Joysticks are ridiculously expensive these day (Nintendo's habit of refusing third party support making things even worse there) so at the very least something needs to change. Of course taking the money out of Nintendo's hands to actually invest in the R&D may not be the best solution, but people understandably want refunded for buying a bad product.

    7. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Did you try this?


    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I've watched that video and will give some IPA a go soon. But the fact that it's my left Joy-Con and the up/forward direction that have gone makes me think that it's mechanical. 

  9. Some parts of Breath of the Wild feel underdeveloped, or rushed even. The entire Rito wing of the main plot and side quests seems incomplete. It's so insignificant and lacking in content compared to the other three races.

    1. QuantumEdge


      You are right.  It always feels like there's so much less than what you find in Gerudo, or Zora's Domain and it's a real shame, since it's one of my favourite places.

    2. Wraith


      I would say the main quest there is lacking but the design of town along with some of the side quests you can find there are some of the most memorable stuff in the game to me.

  10. You can grab an emulator and test it yourself if you want to. But if you think there's any chance that somehow nobody has ever gotten all A ranks on SA2 DC... Well I don't know what to tell you.
  11. Have you ever used Google? https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/dreamcast/291597-sonic-adventure-2/saves
  12. Either your memory is playing tricks of you, or the FAQ was talking about something that's entirely false. The game is 20 years old almost. It's been 100%'d by countless people over the years.
  13. That's all? Don't get me wrong, this kind of event was a really cute idea. But it was essentially a 24-hour tease of a single regional form. Seems like they could have done more with it, like tease a legendary/mythical Pokémon without revealing it fully, or shown off more than one new Pokémon/form. Compare this to 30 second trailer to introduce Sirfetch'd, or the few minutes in which we got confirmation of Galarian forms including Weezing, the Zigzagoon family with the first new evolution in years plus all the character details. This was underwhelming. Galarian Ponyta looks alright, I guess. Not my favourite, but I don't dislike it. I hope the regional forms that they've yet to unveil continue to be interesting twists. Galarian Weezing is funny, but as with Exeggutor and Dugtrio... The joke is over pretty quickly. Alola had too many dark types (and dumped them all on the player at the start of the games), and too few overall. It's such a fun concept, they could really do a lot with it. Marowak, Geodude's line and Sandshrew's line are the best so far. But with only 10 regional families in Alola and Galar introducing Gigantamax forms too... I don't expect to be seeing many more now that I think about it.
  14. It has a cry very similar to Ponyta, or possibly identical to how it sounds in Pokémon Amie/Refresh. So it's pretty much guaranteed to be a Galarian Ponyta. That's awesome, but I'm hoping that there the Galarian forms don't end up mostly being Kanto mon... And personally speaking, I hope we get more fairy types that aren't just rainbows and fluffy cuteness. Almost all of the Fairy types introduced in Gen 6 onwards are pretty lame imo, but the older Pokémon that had their types changed (Clefairy, Mawile, Snubull, Whimsicott, Ralts) look much better somehow. They're more creative and not so blatantly fairies, but still got the type. Galarian Ponyta definitely looks like a fairy type.
  15. You know what? They didn't. The Galar region has a much bigger focus on the League and Gyms than any previous game. The idea of minor league gyms that don't offer badges and are possibly optional (like the Fighting Dojo in Kanto or the Kantanion Gym in Alola) to offer additional challenges is not far fetched at all.
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