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  1. Congratulations - you have an opinion! Like and dislike whatever the hell you want.
  2. In which case you're just being obtuse, because Mania's Green Hill isn't a carbon copy of the original act 1 and the graphics are of a totally different style.
  3. For anyone still suffering from the Forces Green Hill footage yesterday, just remember that Mania exists.


  4. So much this! The modern gameplay has the same flaws stemming from physics and automation, but because you spend so much time boosting and using the homing attack that you can ignore it. Classic's gameplay doesn't afford such shortcuts and lazy design. You can liken it to when Dimps attempted to create Classic gameplay over Rush's gameplay. It fundamentally does not work.
  5. The supposed bullshots look gorgeous.The level of detail is absolutely on-point, and the soft blue lighting looks particularly lovely. To me as a seasoned fan, it does look like a visual improvement over Generations' GHZ and I can tell them apart easily. Plus, there's much less clutter and Sonic and the camera are fixed on a purely 2D plane, so it's much easier to recognise the foreground from the background. I'm not sure that more casual onlookers would notice the visual difference though - once again, this game looks so similar to Generations that it's almost hard to tell that they're not the same game. And I don't like the sand. It's poorly lit, so just looks like a relatively flat and static plane. It's easy to miss entirely. What's the point? It's also related entirely to the background. If SEGA had to insist on bringing Green Hill Zone back, they should have tried a bit harder to show that it's in a sorry state due to Eggman's interference. Cause at the moment, the only thing that's in a sorry state is SEGA's creative skills. Green Hill shouldn't be lush, vibrant and lively like this. The plant life ought to be suffering, the sky should be clouded over or filled with pollution and the overall colour scheme ought to give the impression of decay. At the moment, it is literally just Green Hill but with sand off in the distance. It's a lazy attempt really. Why doesn't the actual level layout incorporate some of the elements of ruin? Whilst we're on the subject of level design... fuck NO. Boosters and springs galore. They don't serve any purpose beyond playing the game for you. And because they're still so shoddily programmed, they completely destroy any sense of flow and momentum. Every time he hits a booster or a spring, his speed to reset. There's even more evidence of invisible automation when he comes to the S-tunnels and the ramp that launches him into the air to grab some rings. Slopes and loops don't do anything, whilst the platforming is blocky. Even hitting enemies seems to be pretty broken - Sonic can come to a stop unnaturally. The physics are bad. Why is that rock even there? The level is perfectly flat at that point. It's not even a clever obstacle that brings inexperienced players to a stop before they run into danger or miss a jump. It's just pointless. The game has no flow, which is quite mind-boggling considering how much it wants to play itself. If you compare the level design to Sonic 1... In Forces, Sonic comes hurtling off the ledge on the left courtesy of a booster and misses the swinging platform, but that doesn't matter because he hits the invisible spring that puts him back on the path anyway. He may also be approaching from a lower path, and the swing is still useless because the spring is so much easier and faster. The reward of grabbing a handful of rings for taking the swing doesn't pay off. In S1 however, it's a different story. There's a rock that stops Sonic from falling down to the lower route by mistake, but more experienced players might think to jump over it and land on the swing. The swing also serves as the main way of staying on the upper path. If Sonic falls, the player can either take him on a new lower path or make some clever use of the physics to scale the ramp and return to the upper route. There's no hidden spring doing the work for you. In fact, the only hidden item in the scene is a shield that you can miss if you rush through. Whilst all of these were issues in Generations, I could turn a blind eye to them back then. The game was an overall improvement over Sonic 4's attempt at Classic gameplay, and at least showed some effort. That's no longer the case with Forces now that it can be compared to Mania and shows no signs of improvement over the past 6 years. SEGA seems to be so arrogant/ignorant/inept/unconfident that they don't want to address any concerns. Arrogant because Generations got praised and therefore doesn't need fixing, ignorant because they don't understand the Classic Sonic formula that they're trying to emulate, inept because they literally lack the skills to make it better or unconfident because Generations was a fluke and they're worried that attempting to fix anything will result in a worse product. Take your pick - I personally think it's a combination of all four. They have no idea what they're actually doing. Try harder, SEGA.
  6. Green Hill Zone

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Green Hell Zone

    2. Riseodvi


      Peen Hill Zone

    3. Patticus


      Lime Mound Area

    4. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      enoZ lliH neerG

    5. -Ace-


      *Deep breath* 




    6. RosaRosaRosalina
  7. There's no mystery about it. We just naively hoped that Sonic Team would try to build on that success rather than replicate it 1:1 with nicer grass effects.
  8. Has there ever been a Sonic game that has underwhelmed this community so much? S4, RoL, Black Knight and maybe some others got a hell of a lot of rage, but Forces just seems to be making people sad.

    1. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      Sonic Free Riders.

      It has it's own subforum and at one point nobody posted in it for 3 months.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Hahaha, okay that's true. But at least Free Riders was just an eye toy spin off.

    3. TCB


      The underwhelming feeling/apathy was so great it brought this place down for a period of time like, what, a few weeks ago

      If Sonic Team can get this forum to do that, then what else could

    4. Dejimon11


      Fire and Ice? To my knowledge the only person that was genuinely looking forward to it was Soni

    5. Mayor D

      Mayor D was a kinect spinoff... 


      Which says it all really. =p

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yes, darling. That's the joke I was making :P

    7. Nepenthe


      Lol Fire and Ice.

    8. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      Kiss me you fool!

    9. Ferno


      we've been burned so many times that we're stumps with no feeling now

    10. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Again, at least it was just a spin off. 

    11. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      I literally don't care about this game. It's more to do with Classic being in it and virtually unchanged. I loved it in Generations despite it's issues as we hadn't seen Classic for years, and it was representing every era, so it was new and novel. Now it's just like "remember GHZ guise". What was once new and novel is now overdone, and with Mania, it's completely redundant.

  9. I dunno what you're even getting at here, man. Are you just being intentionally obtuse or trying troll? Cause if so, try harder. Mania's GHZ1 has a main path that merges familiar parts of the original GHZ1 and 2, but huge, entirely new upper and lower paths with a new ending as well. And with respective graphic styles in place, it looks pretty gorgeous too. If you're going to criticise Mania, which you're obviously allowed to do, the least you can do is be factual.
  10. I wanted to do something funny, but didn't have the software and fuck I don't even care hope you all like trial version watermarks I put more effort into this that SEGA did into being creative.
  11. The immediate example that comes to my mind is GHZ1 in Sonic 1. After the S-tunnels, it's difficult to collect all of the rings in the air, but it's doable because of the physics and the way you can bounce off the cleverly placed enemies. In Forces, you just can't and it's bad.
  12. The Sonic 4 soundfont sounds like ass, the Sonic Forces soundfont sounds like ass. That's all I got.
  13. Literally right here at 1:06 It's the main melody from Splash Hill Act 1.
  14. They weren't in Generations, outside of specific missions to unlock them.