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  1. This has all gone on long enough now. I enjoyed FNAF to begin with, but it's become so overdrawn, convoluted and hard to follow with every new instalment. It really didn't need to continue past the second game.
  2. Well, this is certainly a treat. I think I'm ready to drop the cash on all three editions! The final mix of Studiopolis 1 is fantastic too.
  3. Certainly sounds like you were mad. Also, IIRC the restore purchases function doesn't work yet.
  4. Can we not get mad about this just yet? It's quite obviously an error, and has happened before both to SEGA apps (including Sonic CD) and apps in general. Wait a little while before you call foul play.
  5. lolwat They're making a point that an RPG Pokémon game is coming to the Switch, as opposed to something like Battle Revolution, Box, PokéPark or Myster Dungeon.
  6. The Mania CE is just 52USD, which is a mere 40GBP, in the USA.

    In the UK it's 80GBP, the equivalent of 102USD. 

    1. Boomer


      This doesn't surprise me.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Me neither. I'm going to guess that SEGA Europe aren't planning on producing many units, which is why it's so expensive. Initially we weren't even supposed to be getting it at all and Aaron Webber said, in no uncertain terms, to import it from the USA if that was an option. I'm greatful that we're getting at all, but the price point stings when compared to overseas. Better than Generations where North Americans didn't get the delicious CE at all.

    3. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      You'll pay the extra money and you'll thank them for the privilege.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'm quite sure that there's a logistical reason for the price point. Considering how much they're charging, I'm surprised they're bothering to release it at all.

      And for what it's worth, both the PS4 and Switch versions are totally sold out here.

    5. Sonikko


      I'm going to pay 104€ for it, more than double the USA price point. I'm betting they aren't being produced in Europe and they're just imported, since importing it myself from the USA costs just as much, 110€, after taxes, import fees and shipping (through Amazon).

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      That wouldn't surprise me at all. 

  7. I don't trust Sonic Team to make good decisions. Every time that it seems like they might have made a good choice, it eventually transpires that both their reasoning and execution were balls. And even if the reasoning is actually good, which remains to be seen in for cases like Shadow's in Forces, the execution can still very easily undo and undermine that. Once bitten, twice shy. Expecting the worst from Sonic Team isn't unjustified.
  8. The physics would be all wrong.
  9. The series has always a story and continuity. From SA1 through to 06/Unleashed, the story was at the absolute forefront. Although this drew ire much of the time, that doesn't change the fact that the series did have a continuity to uphold. Even the main games predating SA1 had a continuity. Colours still had a story, but it just took a bit of a back seat. That story quite clearly outlined that the Wisps came from the far reaches of space, and returned home after the events of the game. They said a big goodbye to Sonic and Tails, and that was that. Gameplay wise, the Wisps weren't particularly amazing either. I don't think many people were exactly clamouring for their return in every subsequent game. Generations brought back the Wisps in a single level because of Time Travel. No complaints there. Lost World is where it really became a problem because they were forced into that game to absolutely no benefit at all. They were easily the absolute worst part of the gameplay. And in addition to that, Lost World had a really awfully presented story with a million loose ends. But even in that mess of a story, the Wisps didn't get a mention. They were just there because whatever. It's one thing to loosen up on the confines of a story, and another to completely contradict past events. The least that they could have done was put in a single throwaway line explaining that some of the Wisps separated and stayed in/returned to "Sonic's world". Even Runners managed this, but not until after Lost World and it was just a minor mobile game that's long since been made unavailable. So for no reason at all they're still still around, lingering in Eggman's capsules. I'm not satisfied to fill in glaring plot holes with my own headcanons. Sonic games got so hooked up on stories for a long while and now don't seem to give a shit about them. The Wisps have never been given a reason to return after Colours, not even for gameplay. Forces has the Wispons, so I don't really get why the Wisps need to be here either. Or they could have, you know, explained their persistent presence in Sonic's world. Personally speaking, the Wisps are a great example of some of the many problems plaguing the both the series gameplay and general narrative. Although there are bigger problems, the Wisps are an easy one to discuss and to fix. Sonic Team won't do that though because they don't even have a clue what they're doing these days. And as long as Forces specifically does so much more wrong than it does right, the Wisps are a very fair criticism. Which is strange because it actually looks like they're going to be used better here in the gameplay than in any preceeding games.
  10. Although an open world Pokémon game has long been on my mind, it would probably be a far too much of a leap for a series that's an approachable JRPG at heart. It took until Sun and Moon for Game Freak to finally get rid the tile system, and that ended up making the games more restrictive somehow. All I'm really after is a world where I can properly explore, and that's actually about Pokémon.
  11. Why is Silver even in this game? Isn't he supposed to be living it up in an Iblis-free future? Oh fuck it. It's not like anyone working on the game actually gives a damn. I'm betting on Blaze popping up too. We've already got; Zavok, who should be dead and/or hating Eggman; Chaos, who's actually a guardian and should arguably be dead or at least not around; Shadow, who spent a huge arc discovering he's actually a good guy and has saved the world multiple times and should be dead and Classic Sonic who's just massive ass-pull. Oh yeah and the Wisps are still hanging around without an explanation because who needs continuity? Urgh, this game.
  12. Fall damage is relatively unnecessary in a game like Mario. Even in Sunshine and 64, NPCs would actively tell you how it could be mitigated easily with a ground pound. Scrapping lives though? Good job. Interesting that both Mario and Sonic would choose to drop that relic of arcade game design at the same time. I particularly like this approach though. It's no easier to die like it is in Forces, but you still want to avoid doing so because you'll lose coins from your wallet.
  13. Pokémon has been increasingly moving in this direction with each Generation, particularly since X and Y. Or arguably even Black and White. I really want to play a Pokémon game that has you exploring the wide, wild world with a plot that actually concerns Pokémon as characters. It's always just "humans cook up some dumb scheme to use Pokémon to do what they want and a ten year old child thwarts them with love and friendship". Yawn, much? You're never more than two feet from civilisation in the newer games either. And everything and everyone is just so sickly sweet. The world is dull, and if you're not interested in the metagame... What does a new Pokémon game even have to offer? The gameplay is unchanging.
  14. Similarly, if the character can't get through a loop without a boost pad, then the loop shouldn't be their either. This all comes down to Sonic Team not really knowing how to put together levels and physics. Their game design ethos sucks. But yes, I also have to agree. At least the custom hero is offering me something new. I've tired of the unchanging boost games, or weak attempts to emulate Classic gameplay.