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  1. It's got three whole ice cubes, man. Three!
  2. October 1st 2016: The Exodus of SSMB. Many good members were lost...

    1. Soni


      The first annual SSMB Purge, can't wait for next year!

    2. Barley Fields Is Back

      Barley Fields Is Back

      Don't wanna get yourself banned Blue! Once you are banned you never come back :o 

    3. EllieBot


      But another good member returned.

    4. Soni


      but the memes barley!

    5. Goku Black (Diamond)
    6. Soni


      Things went down on the Mania thread, stuff happened and yeah.

    7. Operationgamer17


      Someone that was banned was told to "Go back to Retro and stay there".

    8. KHCast


      Checked Twitter and nep seems to be getting attacked by all sides 

    9. Operationgamer17
    10. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      TimmiT has shit posted us all on Twitter at some point or another. I'm sure no one will be phased by him doing it again.

      @KHCast most people tend to blame Nep for being banned from what I've seen.

    11. Operationgamer17


      The tweet shows a screenshot of him saying that, and if @Zaysho DID say that, it was really unprofessional and uncalled for. 

    12. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Well it seems they are back now anyway.

    13. Soni


      He hasn't shit posted me and frankly, I don't see him giving that much of a shit in the first place to rag on everyone here.

  3. Indigo Rush posted a load hilarious status update spam, but Wraith's reaction will shock you!

  4. You know what, I really can't wait to find out what the story is in the game and whereabouts it's placed in relation to everything else. It's just so fantastic that SEGA and Sonic Team took on this project. There's two things I seriously want to see in this game...
  5. 2017 is going to be a fantastic year for Sonic. It's going to see us being treated to a real successor to the Classics and a major new title from Sonic Team with a what seems to be the longest development time of any Sonic game to date. I've got mixed feelings about what little we know about it as yet, but I'd really be lying if I said I wasn't stoked and full of confidence after everything we've witnessed over this past year and these past few hours in particular.

    Been fun hanging out, SSMB! I'm going back to lurking now. See ya!

    1. EllieBot


      Later BB.

      I do agree though.

  6. Main theme, invincibility and Studiopolis music All the cats from S4 were dead, so unfortunately Tee had to be a bit more creative making his music.
  7. Interesting things to say about the remastered zones at least is that they're new in a lot of way. We've seen areas of Green Hill that were never explored in S1 and an entirely new boss. Plus it would appear that GHZ1 has the enhancements from the mobile port - there's a lightning shield on top of the loop, the same as in the mobile version with the S3K shields enabled. I'm interested to know the game's narrative will play out, and how the old stages will fit into it. It's really weird that they'd pull retro remasters for what's already a retro game.
  8. Doubt it. Classic and Modern Sonic have always been the same universe and series, whilst Boom is something on the side. But if he did show, that would make the whole thing worse and more gimmicky.
  9. Look, you wouldn't be saying this is we were all wetting ourselves over it, so please don't say it now. It's a bit condescending and totally necessary. And besides that, reading this thread I'm seeing a variety of level headed responses on every side. If people are disappointed in what they see, let them be.
  10. I started getting so hyped at that moment too, expecting to see other characters. Not the exact same twist we saw last time. It was an awesome twist before, but also one that i explicitly did not want to see again. Okay, I'm dwelling. Just... disappointed man.
  11. The dark tone of this seriously has me excited. I don't want the game to go all '06/ShTH on us, but something with a bit of drama and atmosphere like SA1 will suit me just fine. What little of the art style we can see so far in the trailer leads me to believe that the game won't be grimdark and edgy, which is great. The "join the resistance" tagline definite has me interested too. Again though, my only problem is Classic Sonic. They'd better improve all the Generations gameplay tenfold for both Sonic's and give us a proper reason for him to be back for this to fly with me. At this stage I'm sure the game is going to be really good. It's just that it's already committed one huge sin.
  12. I've never been so disappointed to see Classic Sonic. And I can't believe that I'm saying that. Like, holy crap this looks so cool. But Classic Sonic, please go away this time. You've got a home in Mania.
  13. I get why it's not all that special to some people. For me, the real crux is that this is official. It's a SEGA product and it's a new Classic game that we know will be finished to the highest quality. Personally, I don't care how many great fan games their are, the important thing about this is that it's the real deal.
  14. It's an official, real, Classic Sonic game. So yes, it really is that exciting for people who have been yearning for that for years. And in addition to that, the fans have become the developers and the artists. It's brilliant on so many levels. Maybe it's not totally your thing, and that's cool. But this is the holy grail for me and many others.