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  1. Read this or watch this: In short, no it's not happening.
  2. It's perfectly feasible that they could put out ports of existing games to platforms where they're not yet available, with the Switch having the biggest holes in the Sonic library. It would be nice, I guess, to have games like Generations, Colours, Unleashed, the Adventure series, Heroes etc etc on any system. But unless SEGA really want to go out of their way to make definitive editions of these games, particularly the older ones, then I'm not interested. Gaming on my PC is never my first choice if it can be avoided, but SEGA's efforts to re-release much of SEGA's old library have been lacklustre at best so I gravitate towards the PC or even emulated for their enhancement mods. It's unlikely that SEGA themselves ever do anything more than the bare minimum of rendering the games at higher resolutions and enabling widescreen (there's very little involved in this process). Ports are fine, but even Switch versions would be lost on me if SEGA didn't enhance the games in any way. Going back to a 30fps version of Generations is one big ball of nope.
  3. This is reaching so far that you're going to do yourself an injury. Nobody criticised RoL for a dark story, because it didn't have a dark story in the slightest. It has a plot-role ridden and unfinished story with messy and confusing cutscenes no doubt, but the game didn't take any flack for being dark. The most you could claim on that front was the wonky-ass way that Sonic was beaten by Lyric at one point and got buried in rubble, with it's laughable "yesterday" text setting up a dramatic flashback. It wasn't played as Sonic's death or anything remotely close to that. I also recall criticism being levied at the entire cast for their inane and constant chit-chat, not the "shitty friends". Forces sucking harder than a black hole has nothing to do with Boom. Two of its three playable characters were lifted from the highly-praised Generations, and the third was unfortunately one of the few aspects of the game to get generally positive reception, but all of their gameplay styles were rife with uninspired 2D sections. The tone-deaf story went from body odour jokes to "that's why it's called war" to the power of friendship so constantly it's hard to get an angle on what the game was even going for. Both games suck independently of each other. What people associate with a good game might well vary, but don't act as though either of these games received unfair treatment for being bad. RoL turned out largely different to the TV show in the end. It would appear that whilst Big Red Button was taking the game in one direction, the TV show was being taken in a very different direction by OuiDo. It was only later on in development did the two projects start to follow the same pathm geared more towards the TV show than the game. Personally I agree that RoL showed much more promise in it's story about action and adventure than the TV show did in its largely "slice of life" comedy.
  4. Rouge isn't very good at being a government spy. What does she accomplish in SA2? She gets an A4 printout of information on Project Shadow, but not before she first raids a government facility to obtain some Emeralds, assaults a guard, blows up said facility with a bomb and then use the Emeralds she stole to shoot a giant laser that blows up the moon. I know there's such a thing as collateral damage and needing to blend in, but fucking hell she's a menace.

    1. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      LOL, leaving aside that it's a videogame so various things are to justify a stage or mission (talking about Security Hall). That aside, yes, I agree, but it's more like the game has plotholes, they didn't care too much about the fact that Rouge was a spy, other than it being played like a twist at the end. Rouge is actually very clever, and she's a good person, so it wasn't in-character for her to assist Eggman in blowing up the moon, lol

      Anyway, that said, Security Hall is in fact my favorite Rouge stage.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      None of this has anything to do with plot holes or just being a game though. It's just some weird ass story that begs you only to look at the broad strokes.

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      And she expects to be paid in jewels

      You can't catch a break with her can you?

    4. KHCast


      What do you expect? She’s part of an government agency that couldn’t even get their facts straight on the Scepter of darkness, instead calling it the Book of Darkness. MI6 they ain’t. /s

    5. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Well, the government waa behind slaughtering innocent people on the ark anyway I think.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @KHCast True. And on that note, what was GUN's solution to catching Sonic? They deployed an enormous truck as wide as the city streets to chase him down. Now we see the truck destroy all those cars and crash into the bridge, but practically speaking I think the devastation would have been much more widespread.

    7. Wraith


      It's more like GUN never acts on the information they're given.

    8. Tarnish


      Shadow isn't exactly the brightest GUN agent either in 06. He makes a big scene of entering Eggman's base by causing a huge explosion...then uses Chaos Control when he's already inside the base.

    9. Kuzu


      She went deep undercover

    10. The Master

      The Master

      Also she used her real name. So if Eggman did some prying, he'd find her out in an instant. Heck, Shadow said it.

      "Now I know who you are, your that government spy Rouge the Bat, aren't you!?"

    11. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      Uncovering the plotholes and general nonsense in this franchise is easy.

    12. E-122-Psi


      I feel like the whole agent twist was just something to add on needless complexity and tension to the story to make it a 'big boy' plot. It especially makes sense if we consider Rouge supposedly wasn't even part of the game originally.

    13. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      my absolute favorite thing is shadow, the guy who was asleep for the last 50 years, was aware of the fact that were was a spy for the government named rouge the bat... and he had no idea rouge the bat was in fact rouge the bat... until he did

    14. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'm pretty sure that Shadow figuring out Rouge's identity was a translation-introduced plot hole. In the original Japanese script, he says something more like "Now I know what's going on. You're a government spy". In the English version, the working of the sentences and definite article implies that Shadow had prior knowledge of a government spy named Rouge the Bat. 

      You get a similar thing in the last story. In English he says "Is that what Chaos Control is?", which sounds wonky and doesn't make much sense contextually, but in the original Japanese script he says "was that Chaos control?".

    15. Wraith


      As a quick aside I suggest everyone watch the story with japanese subs if they get the chance because it clarifies a lot of details, like Shadow's memory being tampered with which isn't mentioned in the english script at all as far as I know.

    16. The Master

      The Master

      @Wraith is there a video of it on Youtube, would like to see the differences.

    17. JosepHenry


      @WraithSo it is possible that Maria is alive then :)c

    18. Wraith
    19. Plumbers_Helper


      I would agree about Rouge, if her mission was to stop Eggman and she actually worked for GUN. Before Sonic 06 she worked only with the President, but not in any official capacity since she was able to demand her own payment, it's more likely she was a hired mercenary. Her only mission was to gather information on Project Shadow, once she had it she had no other reason to work with Eggman or Shadow anymore. "I thought it was time to take what's mine and get out of this dump." The only reason she stayed as long as she did was because the ARK's computer detected the Master Emerald shards. She also did evidently discover more information then just that report on the Biolizard, according to The Truth of 50 Years ago, though it would have been preferable if that information was in the game itself. One of the biggest criticisms I see people often mention with Star Wars is that important information to the movies is often tucked away in some obscure comic or cartoon, and the same criticism can be applied to Rouge's report.

      Either way, yeah, a lot of destruction does happen because of her.

      The only part about Sonic Adventure 2's story that I still don't understand was why Rouge didn't take the Chaos Emeralds when she said she was going to? Because Shadow told her not to? She mentions latter that she "got a call from my boss." so was she temporarily distracted long enough for both Sonic to get the fake emerald in and for Eggman to latter get the real emerald in? I always felt like there was a missing scene there, something possible as Shiro Maekawa has said "there were scenes that I had to cut tearfully".

      @Wraith, Rouge does mention it once in the English version "Even your memories might not be real, you know.". However, Professor Gerald's line "I also have complete control over Shadow's memories." was changed in the English version to "I designed his mind to be perfect, pure." Shadow's memories being altered was more elaborated on in Sonic X, where we get to see from the perspective of the soldier that shot Maria...and it's different from the memory Shadow has of the event. Normally I wouldn't include information from what is clearly a different continuity, but in this case I think it's worth mentioning because Sonic X did include several cut scenes and dialogue originally meant for both Adventure games.

    20. E-122-Psi


      Wait all that stuff was originally going to be in the games themselves? I thought that was just extra impact the anime added. Okay if they do a remake those HAVE to added.

    21. Plumbers_Helper



      We likely will never know how much was created for the anime and what was originally meant to be in the game itself, all that we know so far is from unused content in the game. One thing that is mentioned in both the game and Sonic X, and few Sonic fans talk about, is that the escape capsule Maria ejected towards the Earth was never found...if that's true, then how did Shadow end up on Prison Island? Rouge doesn't have the answer in her report, but many fans believe inside the capsule...was Sonic himself. Shadow was created while Professor Gerald was imprisoned.

      Hard to believe, but there is evidence that suggests this. The file Rouge finds on the Biolizard specifically mentions the Biolizard has a special organ that allows it to use Chaos Control, Shadow and Sonic are the only one's that use Chaos Control in this game. The Biolizard's roar is just Sonic and Shadow's Japanese voices screaming with an effect played over it. Why both of them? Why those two specifically? Shadow even outright says that Sonic is the ultimate life form during the Finalhazard fight. Shadow has trouble the entire fight maintaining his Super Form, like he can't keep up with Sonic despite being the Ultimate Life Form.

      That's just facts we have from the game, if we want to start getting into fanficy-headcannon territory: During the final cutscene Sonic is seen wondering "Created...to be the Ultimate Life Form, huh..." What was Sonic wondering about? Shadow's comment that Sonic might be the Ultimate Life Form? The very last thing Sonic says in the game is Maria's alleged final words: "Adios/Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog." As Ruby of Blue notes in his video I linked, while this might not mean anything, it's possible Sonic knows...or perhaps a better wording would be Sonic remembers more then he's letting on.

      How much of this was meant to be in the game and how much was always intended to be vague is unknown. Most games going forward would seemingly ignore this detail, Shadow the Hedgehog the game being the most notable example. Even then, some details still match, the only other characters in the games to use Chaos Control are Black Doom and Silver. Black Doom is an alien, we don't know anything about his physiology so it's possible he has that special organ needed for Chaos Control. Silver is from a future where everyone has evolved to have psycokinesis, if everyone can evolve to have psychic powers in the future then it's no more implausible for everyone to evolve to have an organ that let's them use Chaos Control.

  5. I'm beginning to think that enemy placement and attacks in SA2 were all inspired Metropolis Zone

    1. Diogenes


      sa2 definitely has a sort of dickishness with enemy placement at times. more than once i think you open a door in an ark stage and get an artificial chaos right in your face, and they're not the easiest thing to dodge on reaction.

    2. Thigolf


      Robots dropping from the sky two inches in front of you are my favorite

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I just played Mission Street. Constantly throughout that level enemies spawn out of the sky on top of you, planes that are off camera drop bombs on you and enemies launch a relative bullet hell on you with fast moving lasers and big yellow projectiles that you have no hope of dodging in that clunky mech. The same applies to Weapons Bed. I can think of so many other levels where enemies appear out of the blue attack you off screen or attack too readily for you to get a fair hit in. It applies to all three level types.

      I'll be the first one to complain about 99% of enemies in newer Sonic games doing nothing or attacking so slowly that they might as well do nothing, but SA2 is the opposite extreme.

  6. I personally like the first part here. You have to take it pretty liberally though, because nothing indicates that Omega is the one who saved Shadow. He doesn't seem to be aware of the fact and Eggman only says "one of my robots" instead of referring to Omega by name. It's a cool "what-if" scenario that could make a lot of sense. The rest is kind of ass-pull though.
  7. Super old video from shortly after Colours' release that talks about the difference in platforming, speed and spectacle in Unleashed and Colours. It's interesting to watch as this is all from a pre-Generations and Forces perspective, the points still stand and IMO apply to those newer games as well. And it's from @JezMM

    At least watch the comparison between S-Ranks that starts at 8:15. It's rather hilarous.

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      that voice does not match jez's avatars

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah I know I dunno why he puts on such a manly on voice in his videos when his posts sound different. 

    3. Wraith


      Just seeing that open air rail section made me smile. Sonic Unleashed was something else 

    4. JezMM


      Yeah my old mic had a lot more testostorone in it 😘

  8. I have a loooooong list of problems with SA2, but its use of characters definitely isn't one of them. It's clear as day why SA2B was basically a relaunch of the series for a new generation of fans, even though it was actually a hasty port of an existing game from a dying company.

  9. I've honestly never been a fan a fan of Tails. Like, he's an important part of the game series, but he's just kind of there and I don't care about him one way or another. I dislike the way he's been used and characterised in recent entries like Forces and Lost World, but those are the strongest opinions I have for the character. On reflection, I can definitely say that he was pretty good in Boom. The whole "tech guy" and "genius" aspects of him could be down away with almost entirely IMO but it is what it is. Boom succeeds in making Tails a likeable character where the games constantly fail, and they really didn't have to do much to make him work. He's a child, he's basically Sonic's brother, he wants to be cool and he's smart. I overlook him because I just don't care about him, but Boom gives me a reason to care.
  10. This thread is full of the funniest post as people shit on Sonic Team for giving a talk on level design at a conference, all whilst they were wrapping up production on Forces.

    1. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Sonic forces devs teaching level design?


    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah that's basically the entire thread

    3. Thigolf


      Ah, I remember.

      Good times.

    4. Tarnish


      I hope the attendees of that conference didn't have to pay an entry fee.

    5. Plasme


      I've changed a lot since that thread.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Plasme Were your comments about Sonic Team being true professionals, Lost World being open and not automated, Forces having great graphics, Forces not being shallow etc etc serious?

    7. Plasme


      Yeah. I can barley believe that I used to say those things.

  11. They're not being secretive. They're just not telling us anything because now is not the time. The game is in production and it's not at a stage where they're ready to start marketing it. It could be at such an early stage of production that anything is subject to change and thus there's nothing to tell. It's really standard practice for Sonic games not to have any information divulged about them at all before they're formally announced. In fact, that's standard for most games. You might get a situation like with the Zelda Wii U where Nintendo had said for years that they were re-evaluating the conventions of Zelda, before the eventually announced Breath of the Wild. That's purely situational, where there was something to say. It's not essential or typical. It's just not secretive at all. It's about as normal as you can get.
  12. Too true. @DrisaacIt's not going to drop for a long time most likely. We've heard previously that 2021 will be the next big year for Sonic, and that lines up with SEGA representatives also recently saying that they're taking the time to put out Sonic games less frequently than they did in the past. If you think for whatever reason that SEGA is planning to drop Sonic news soon, tell me why you think so and I'll tell you why you're wrong. We don't "know" the next game is going to be shit. I mean, we can make all those assumptions until the cows come home (my expectations are rock bottom too), but ultimately it means very little. SEGA need to sell their games, and people want to play them. Of course they're going to drum up interest. That's what selling a product is. And just for the record, SEGA aren't not going out of their to drum up interest for things that they've not yet announced. Anytime someone asks them about Sonic, they give typical boilerplate answers such as "we're really excited to for the future of Sonic" or "we're taking our time for the fans" and "we'll deliver the news when it's ready". What else could the say? "Don't get your hopes up guys. The next game is going to be shit. Don't buy it, so go play Mario instead"?
  13. Does anyone remember Green Hill Zone?

    1. Diogenes


      that's where mario lives

    2. JezMM


      No, to be able remember something means it has to have gone away in some regard

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @JezMM Well it wasn't in Team Sonic Racing

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      Don't you mean Windy Hill Zone?

    5. KHCast


      Green Hill was actually always Splash Hill in disguise. It never existed 

    6. JezMM


      @Blue Blood

      Oh WASN'T it!?



      Seaside Hill is just royalty-free Green Hill damnit.

    7. Faseeh


      Nah, I do remember Sand Hill though.

    8. TheOcelot


      Nah, but I remember Green Hills

    9. Polkadi~☆


      Green Grove Zone, was it?

  14. Vela Nova is cool and all, but this is always going to be my preferred theme tune for Blaze:


    1. Ferno


      Its like getting a glimpse at an alternate universe where Blaze had a playable and big enough role in a game where Jun was the music director to get a main vocal theme. (I say glimpse because we only have an instrumental in this case)

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I was quite disappointed, but not surprised, when Jun just did a rock remix of Vela Nova for her theme in TSR.

    3. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      It's not even actually for Blaze tho, but it's whatever. Still an okay tune. Not as good as Vela-Nova, but okay.

      Though, honestly, I think of Sonic and Blaze when I hear Vela-Nova. When thinking of BLaze herself, THIS is the song that plays in my mind. 

      To me, this is Blaze's theme.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Waveshocker Sigma For all intents and purposes, Percival's theme is a theme for Blaze. In the equivalent scenes, Lancelot has TIAA and Gawain has UFME

    5. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I'm gonna be real honest, I've never seen anyone shorten those song names like that so it took me a good 5 minutes of staring into space til my brain activated and I realized what you meant. lol

      That said, you're right. I just don't think it fits Blaze at all. I think it fits Percival just fine, but not Blaze. For me, they may be similar, but they aren't completely the same.

    6. Faseeh


      this is an excellent take.

    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      FWIW, Blaze's event theme from Rush is a banger. I'd not be against that making a comeback at all.

  15. My favourite part of Boom? That Sticks appears to have only been a part of Boom and that one Olympics game, so hopefully we never have to suffer her particular brand of "lol so random" and "lol so paranoid" humour or her incredibly grating voice ever again. My second favourite part of Boom? I genuinely really enjoyed the character designs, their personalities and voices (Sticks aside, if that wasn't clear). Whilst Boom Knuckles and SEGA Knuckles aren't even remotely the same character, Boom Knuckles is good fun. I appreciate the dynamic that he has with the other characters, particularly Sonic himself. And he's really quite well put together for a dumb jock character in a children's comedy cartoon. Eggman was constantly entertaining too. It's a shame that the artstyle and storyline of RoL didn't persist in any way, because those aspects were the strongest parts of this sub-series. The cartoon didn't have any story and of course the story of RoL was neutered by the games development cycle, but I firmly believe that they were on too a good thing. Particularly in terms of art and stories/humour, RoL looked like it had slightly more mature, dirtier look and had an air of not just being for children beyond the meta humour. The sports-tape on everyone and Knuckles new physique in particular took some getting used to, but I love this cast picture: And this one sucks: Boom could have had some some serious potential until SEGA went and SEGAed all over it.
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