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  1. Ever dropped some of the elemental rods on the ground for Bokoblins and such to pick up and use? That shit is insane. The sequel needs to give enemies access to crazier weapons.
  2. Breath of the Wild is at its best when the player is inconvenienced, and they are forced to find ways around it. Once you know where to go to keep a good supply of the best weapons, endura shrooms for infinite stamina and hearty veg for infinite health, the game becomes less fun. This relates to the inventory as well - once upgraded, you end up with so many weapons that you stop caring, and it simply becomes an annoyance. So the idea of having more permanent weapons than the Master Sword even as an option is a no-go for me in the BotW gameplay. This is one of those situations where I think that a self-imposed challenge or ruleset isn't really the best thing. Don't provide the player with tools and tell them to use them at their own discretion - either design the game with those tools in mind or simply don't include them. If the durability system makes a come back (and I really hope that it does), this game should find a way to make sure that it does not invalidate itself. And it limit the player's carrying capacity for other items because what's even the point if I can carry 5 fairies, Mipha's grace and 3-dozen hearty meals for instant full health recovery. It takes just one hearty ingredient cooked on its own to get full health. That's broken. Yeah I think that's my issue with BotW's systems; they are too easily broken. They're great and absolutely game defining when you're new to the game, but become increasingly flawed when you learn more about them. Part of that may come from just how open-ended the game is. You can do anything in any order and avoid anything you don't like. Maybe a touch more direction direction would be a good thing?
  3. That sounds great. Now if only I could vet them first. I don't want any frogs or ducks.
  4. Right... But what's your point? PH was was direct sequel to WW in much the same way that MM was a direct sequel to OoT. Both took off in new locations with completely separate plots. It looks like BotW's sequel is going to be retreading a lot of the game ground (literally), with the plot following on from before too instead of going off on an unrelated tangent ala PH and MM.
  5. @Shade Vortex Oh yes, you're right about that. I was getting mixed up. Still though, the role of Hylia is weird because she's absent from every game except SS and BotW, which are currently at the extreme ends of the timeline. It doesn't make much sense. In every case except SS, the gameplay is designed first, followed by the narrative. If the overarching narrative was that important, it wouldn't be so broken. I like being able to piece parts together, but only when it's taking any leaps of logic. The other thing is the actual timescale itself. BotW talks about the Divine Beasts being made 10,000 years ago. How long ago were the other games then, and how come Hyrule is stuck in a perpetual middle age (occasionally with steam trains and a whale that dreams of telephones)? Cause it doesn't matter. Anyway... Speaking of this game, it's interesting that it's a direct sequel because Nintendo have never rested on one Zelda game being too similar to what came before. Each has introduced a bevy of new features and a central gimmick. Only once have we visited the same Hyrule, and that was ALBW picking up from ALttP. Makes me wonder what they'll do here. BotW is incredible, and leaves so much room for expansion. I hope the weapon durability system returns, but with a much wider variety of weapons to use. For the most part, BotW boiled down to 1 handed, 2 handed and spears of varying power levels. Boomerangs existed, but were functionally worthless as such and you were better off just using them as swords. The windcleaver was pretty unique, as was the Korok leaf, but neither really did much useful. Elemental weapons were OP (1hit kills for fire/ice, blizzard rod was a game breaker)... So much more could be done. The same goes for enemies. Moblins, bokoblins and lizalfos made up a good 90% of what you fought. A sequel would do well to reintroduce Gibdos, Redeads, Stalfos and various other enemies to actually fight against. Wizzrobes are borderline as to whether or not they count as combat encounters, but Octoroks, Wolves, Peblits and Guardians aren't really things that you "fight". They're obstacles which are more often that not just something you want to avoid because you've gotten tired of fighting them. We could do with more variations there too though - Like Likes, Leevers, Tektites etc would all be welcome additions. It's going to be ages before we see anything of this game. It's got a lot to live up to, and given the pedigree of Nintendo and Zelda games, particularly BotW itself, I've got no reason to expect that it won't expand upon everything that BotW did right, and change things out for the better. It's going to be exciting to see how it all comes together in the end.
  6. It really, really was. I adore the parts of the timeline that add up without the necessity of the historia; Skyward Sword does make sense as the first entry (Demise is lame but whatever), Ocarina of Time does reasonably split into the child and adult timelines, Breath of the Wild comes after anything else we've seen so far in a fairly ambiguous way... That's all great. Direct sequels aside, trying to tie together the timeline into something coherent relies in tenuous links and a lot of straw clutching. It just doesn't work. And that's fine. Even when you do look at those games that make sense chronologically, the story still isn't without its plot holes. Whatever happened to the worship of Hylia between SS and BotW? Why does Hyrule keep changing layout? The Rito evolved from the Zora but they also didn't? Was it the Goddess Hylia or the Golden Goddesses that created Hyrule? Sod trying to make any sense of it. They're self contained stories that follow the same beats more or less and sometimes reference each other, but are really entirely independent. You have to make such broad assumptions even when following the Hyrule Historia that it just doesn't work. The series focuses do much more on symbolism than hard and fast plot points. So in response to the video that @Lord-Dreamerzposted, Ganondorf getting stabbed in the chest is just symbolic of him being defeated and sealed/killed. It's too much of a stretch to tie them together like this.
  7. Breath of the Wild speedruns are looking crazy these days  


    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      I saw that the other day... Loved it, It is prefect! xD

      Also remember to watch that one with the subtitles on. heh!

  8. I love Animal Crossing. New Leaf is the only game in the series that I've played, and it's was delightful. You just kind of... Have to like it. It's relentlessly chilled and happy. But I got really fed up with the game when New villagers kept building their houses in my garden or in the middle of other areas that I'd so meticulously designed. It really was a downer. I would seriously love it if this new game let's you meet new villagers before they build a home. Someone new arrives on the island, and they ask you where they should live. You'd just respond with either "I know the perfect spot", and guide them to somewhere of your choosing, or you tell them "everywhere is great" and they go about it automatically. Seriously, there's nothing worse than being given the freedom to design your perfect little town, and then fucking Puddles builds her house on top of your orchard as close to your house as possible but misaligned by one tile so that she's not even on the same grid. And no, I don't want to visit your garish house this evening. Why would you even invite me after I spent the day attacking you with a bug net and sending you racist letters telling you and the other frogs that you're not welcome? We don't want your kind in our town. I hate Animal Crossing.
  9. Cadence of Hyrule is not meshing with me at all. Even with fixed-beat mode on, the game isn't very fun. But it's a roguelike, and I've never been a fan of them. 

    1. Soniman


      Saw the price and didn't bother lol 

    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      I really enjoyed the Pokemon mystery dungeon games and certain turn based strategy games. So this one might actually be right up my alley personally!

  10. I hope that Breath of the Wild 2 has more combat shrines and perpetual rain.

  11. Never played Spyro before (unless the Seasons games count?), so I'm looking forward to trying this out on Switch. Crash didn't mesh with me at all, but Spyro looks much more like my deal.
  12. I can't wait for the Panzer Dragoon remake to be sent out to die on release.

    1. KHCast


      ...delete this now. I can’t take the reality 

    2. Marcello


      At least Zwei is already announced.

  13. I'm willing to bet it's a very vocal minority on a very limited number of outlets. Most people, be they the hardcore fans or more casual/younger players, won't be aware of the change or won't care enough to cancel their orders. YouTube like/dislike ratio on the video that broke the news is hilarious As of posting... 660k views, 13k likes and 23k dislikes. @Marcello The ride gear looks absolutely awful. It's just one of those really weird things that Game Freak insists on.
  14. Pokémon is definitely bogged down by the fact that Game Freak have historically been very adverse to streamlining. You end up with so many items and features that are so specific and limited in purpose (like dozens of different incenses for baby Pokémon introduced after Gen 2), that many aspects of the game remain a mystery to the player without an online guide. But streamlining like this is the absolute worst. Cutting things out of competitive play? Okay. I can kind of understand that because that's where balance becomes a real issue. Omitting them from the games entirely though? Fuck off. The games have always upheld the tradition of you being able to keep your beloved collection. The one time they dropped it before in Gen 3 was because of a significant change in the data format. The excuse here is one very different. Understandable, but not really passable.
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