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  1. You know, I really appreciate how the later stages in Mania are very well connected narratively. There are oil tankers being shipped between Mirage Saloon and Oil Ocean, the oil is shipped to Lava Reef on Angel Island where Eggman has started a mining facility and has managed to tether Little Planet, and Lava Reef is actually connected straight to Metallic Madness, which is the construction site of Titanic Monarch. You're actually progressing through all the parts of Eggman's plan in the second half of Mania (Hydrocity aside, which still doesn't seem to make any sense).

    The first half of the game is a little less clear. You can infer some sort of story relating to Studiopolis and Press Garden all being in aid of pro-Eggman/anti-Sonic propaganda, and Flying Battery operating in the background to transport or recycle materials, but the story doesn't really pick up until you find yourself in Stardust Speedway.

    1. Adamabba


      I dont understand the transition from Lava Reef to Metallic Madness

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Little Planet is chained to Lava Reef. Towards the end of LRZ2 you can see rockets in the background, and you fight Heavy Rider on one of those rockets as it takes off towards Metallic Madness.

    3. superman43


      Green Hill - stopping Sonic in progress

      Chemical Plant - use Puyo Puyo to make sticky substances for Titanic Monarch

      Studiopolis - TV advertising

      Flying Battery - Studiopolis to Press Garden (and vice versa) transport

      Press Garden - propaganda printing papers

      Stardust Speedway - speeded-up construction of Eggman statue (it´s more completed than the CD´s rendition in Present timeline)

      Hydrocity - material and techniques to build Titanic Monarch

      Mirage Saloon - chain of bars + train track used for oil to be transported to Oil Ocean

      Oil Ocean - refineries to produce oil for use in Lava Reef´s mining and transporting activities

      Lava Reef - Eggman´s mining factory (another material source) with rockets used for transport to Little Planet, which is tethered to the volcano.

      Metallic Madness - Eggman´s machinery production to use in Titanic Monarch

      Titanic Monarch - the final product

      Makes perfect sense.

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