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  1. Do you ever try to avoid as much news as possible between a games announcement and its release? When I was a child, every game was like that to me because I had no choice in the matter. As an adult I find that going into a game blind can lead to some of the best experiences possible, and really brings back some of that child-like wonder. I've played games before where I've scoured every bit of pre-release news for every detail possible and that has its perks. But when you know that you're interested in a game from the moment it's been announced and you're already sold on it, why do you want to know more?

    I'm playing Mania right now, and I'm reminded of just how excited I was to see Lava Reef, Press Garden and the opening animation for the first time having no idea what to expect. It was really great. And for non-Sonic example, nothing beats the sheer surprise of discovering new species in Pokémon. I don't like XY or SM as games, but it was still so exciting to see how the starters ended up (even if I was sorely disappointed with Incineroar) and not knowing what any of the Alola forms were.

    1. TheOcelot


      There are some games I play first time having not paid much attentions prior to release, such as The Last of Us & Horizon Zero Dawn - two games I adore, and was nice going in nearly completely blind. Mania/Mania Plus would have been an amazing experiencing going in completely blind (even though the build-up was so exciting). I guess with Sonic games I'm too curious and want to see everything-all the build prior to release.

      Yeah, there is definite merit in going in blind. I guess as you get older you take more interest as you don't want to be wasting money.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      In regards to wasting money, I'm not looking at it that way. If it's something that you know you're interested in and want to buy, e.g. Sonic Mania in my case, there's nothing to be gained from spoiling the games contents. When something is a relative unknown, of course you've got to do your best to make an informed decision. I bought the first Assassin's Creed pre-owned for under £10, not having the slightest clue what the game was just  because I was curious. That was a massively pleasant surprise. But if I was going to buy it for full price, I'd have to know what I was getting into first.

      Basically once I've seen enough of a game to be sold on it, I generally want to avoid knowing more. And anyone going into Breath of the Wild having already spoiled the entire game is doing it wrong.

    3. Sean


      I avoid info when I'm all but entirely certain that I'll love the end product. If I'm skeptical or not emotionally invested then I want to know as much as possible. Other than those cases, whether I end up playing a game blind or not is generally by chance.

    4. Adamabba


      Ever since Odyssey came out I've been thinking about that. They showed so much content from the game and I took in almost all of it so I ended up feeling bad I wasted a lot of potential surprise. I was shocked when Cappy was like "It's time to go fight Bowser" cause I didn't think they would've revealed nearly every kingdom in the game before it came out.

      On the other hand I was never that interested in seeing much footage of BotW which I got a couple months after I beat Odyssey, and it was one of the most magical game experiences I've had in a long while (the first 20 or so hours of it at least). KH3 is the first game since Odyssey I've been really excited for so I'm intentionally trying to go pretty blind for that one to see how it goes. 

    5. Ferno


      Only game in recent memory that I went out of my way to do that with was BotW, and even then I still watched the officially released trailers. As far as surprises go, even though the Master Sword was prominently shown in promo material for example, I found it intruiging that I had no idea where to find it or if it even truly existed in the game since the breakable weapon system made it feel unneeded, and before I got spoiled to its location being an area of the map I hadn't been to yet, I loved that adventurous mystery feeling. And that was just one of many things I loved about playing the game blind.

      tbh BotW would've been even more amazing if it came out in the pre-internet era, where kids could make up fake fantastical playground rumors about the game like the grappling hook existing somewhere or the Champions being playable after finding all korok seeds, and you'd never be able to fact check them 100%, etc.

    6. Milo


      I'm consciously trying to do that with every game I want to play but haven't been able to. So far I've made no real attempt to actively see almost anything in Mario Odyssey and Smash Bros. Ultimate, for example.

    7. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      I am a goblin who was on the leaked Pokedexes of gens 4 to 7 like a fly to a piece of rotting meat.

      I guess how I saw Pokemon compared to others was really different. I was probably only ever surprised with the first few Pokemon I encountered in Sapphire before getting the guide for it and Ruby. When we read at school, I'd get my game guide out and look at the Pokedex of my guides, and I'd do the same around bed time. So I found more joy in learning about Pokemon rather than going in completely blind and just stumbling across it. I also want to make up my team before I start playing to get myself organized.

      Looking at the new Pokemon always invoked a feeling of excitement in me, because I really looked forward to finding out more about it, seeing the rest and finally getting to play with it, and I feel the same way today.

      I think my spoiler threshold ends around story related ones, but even that's shaky.

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