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  1. I take back what I said about the story skip option previously. Now while I do maintain that the game makes the option perfectly clear (hiding it away in the corner of the screen is fine), the fact that the normal button press is "skip story" is incredibly dumb. I personally think it should be a toggle. Press Y/Square/X (NS/PS4/XB1) to toggle the story on/off. Then just select the mission as normal.
  2. I don't think you'll be able to find them very easily. The background images are typically much smaller than the level maps themselves, so it would take a conscious effort for someone to edit the background to fill all the empty discs. Even in the GHZ picture you posted you can see that a very lazy job was done filling in the blank space with colours of the sky and water.
  3. Okay, Mod Pods are officially shit. Right now is not even the random nature of them that's annoying me; it's the fact that I have to sit mashing A for what feels like forever to buy them. Why doesn't the game just give you you an unlock at the end of a race for every 10 credits that you've earned?
  4. Handling is taking more getting used to than I expected, but it's not bad. I'm also playing Knuckles a lot, and his handling is poor by default. And I'm liking the weapons so far. They're essential to the experience of this game, and are a constant part of it. Very different to ASRT where the focus was on raw driving skill and sometimes turning off items made the game better. It's different though, and I can understand my liking them.
  5. Playing on Switch. The entire UI broke after the first race... Text is missing, textures don't appear at all. Welp
  6. Team Sonic Racing includes a mini physical manual and a leaflet advertising Mania (but not Forces lol). This made my day. Sure it's a really small thing, but I love this.
  7. At the very least, the three acts of Rooftop Run, Glacier Land and Sandopolis are all more than distinct enough from each other too stop the themes from being repetitive. The returning courses and Planet Wisp aren't as varied visually across their acts, but they all have unique element too them. Not ideal, but much better in execution than it sounds on paper. And that can't be stressed enough when in comes to the returning tracks. Because of the new mechanics in play and the immense visual overhaul seen in each (even on Ocean View, the lone track from ASRT), they feel almost entirely new. That's the impression that I'm getting from people like @Mayor D and critics - Sumo did a good job of refreshing all the content. I was really worried about the sheer number of returning tracks. But I'm no longer concerned about it, even though it would be better if there were more brand new ones.
  8. I finally got around to buying Yooka Laylee.

    ... It kinda sucks, doesn't it?

    1. JezMM


      It's so weird, I'm pretty sure it's not a bad game but I just had no motivation to continue it after hitting a sort of "I dunno what to do now" moment in the first proper level.

      Y-L cancelling the Wii U version and taking forever on the Switch port really hurt it for me because I lost all enthusiasm for the game and it had to compare to the way superior A Hat in Time as a result.

      Also despite my hopes it has that same WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE REMEMBER THE OLD GAMES EH humour that Nuts and Bolts had and it's super annoying. It probably shouldn't be a surprise that the throwback collectathon platformer that made it's own personality for itself did better than the one that tried to directly re-create Banjo-Kazooie "but change it a bit".

    2. mayday2592


      Its one of the most dissapointing games I've played in a while.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @JezMM Yeah. It's gorgeous to look at and is brimming with personality (even if some of it is super annoying and they should have gotten all those kind of jokes out of the way early on), but the gameplay is just so bland that it's almost a crime. I'm only as far in as the first level which I've expanded are enormous, but it's incredibly difficult to navigate and ridiculously slow to boot. It's like playing Nuts and Bolts without the vehicles.

    4. JosepHenry


      I hope you played a Hat in Time before this one. You know, the cheaper and better in everyway game.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I got Yooka in the Switch sale. I'm waiting for HIT to come to Switch.

    6. JosepHenry


      Oh, that's better. Cuz Yooka's price on Steam is absurd compared to HiT's.

  9. One of the first things I noticed watching footage of the game is that there's an option to progress through Adventure mode either with or without the story. Maybe the buttons could have been the other way around or there could have been an alternative method employed, but I think it's sufficiently clear and obvious the way it is.
  10. Look at the shape of the map - it's mostly just an elongated 0 shape. A few of the other new tracks are like that too. Boo's House in particular has a lot of straightways .
  11. @Mayor DNice to see that particular consent about the old stages; I'm actually eating your footage now. Mothers Canyon (the second Planet Wisp track) really does look rather bland. There are a lot of straightways that seem to be designed solely for slingshots. It's not very exciting. Also something I don't think you noticed - you shouldn't try to take the off-road technique shortcuts or obstacle-laden power shortcuts if you're in the highest position for your team. You'll end up leading your teammates into danger, or force the out of your slip stream. I hadn't considered that before. It's an interesting balance to consider how you lead your team.
  12. I don't know why we're still discussing characters in the series as a whole...
  13. This isn't really unanswered. It's all but out-right started that Tails and Pickle are friends or acquaintances in Unleashed. Tails specifically has the line "it's good to see you haven't changed", and Pickle obviously recognises Tails when he goes on a rant about cucumber sandwiches. This is all in Pickle's first scene. The two know each other, and as a result Tails is right in thinking that he'll be very well-informed about the state of affairs. Is something that I really appreciated in the game actually. Pickle could easily have been an unknown character to Tails that they just happened to rescue on their search for Eggman and answers. But that teeny tiny bit of world building makes so much sense and feels natural. Of course Tails is going to know who Professor Pickle is; and I how that he gets another appearance or Kenyon in the future. He was a fun character and felt like he served a purpose.
  14. TSR looks like an absolutely snore fest on lower difficulties, especially if you don't try to drift almost all the time. The courses are designed for drifting, but I'm watching some YouTube footage that makes the game look bland as fuck.

    But when the difficulty is cranked up, making the cars faster and necessitating a more reckless driving style with drifts and tricks, it completely the opposite. It's like how Mario Kart would be a really rubbish game if it maxed out at 50 or 100cc. I hope players are giving the higher difficulties a shot to form their opinions.

    1. LukA8


      I'm doing the Team Adventure mode on Hard (you have to unlock Expert) and some of the missions are absolutely brutal, most of all the Grand Prix ones. If you don't pull out all the stops of the team moves you've already lost there, or one of your team mates will get crushed by the others. Every now and then I love some ridiculous challenges so I can't wait to try it on Expert xD

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