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  1. A number of games these days have this really silly limitation of tying one save file to a profile. I don't know why so many developers do it, but it's standard practice. You just need to create another profile on you Switch and start a new file on there.
  2. New topics in the Sonic section here have been pretty "special" lately.

    1. Plasme


      Do you mean the SonAmy one?

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I mean that one, and several others.

    3. Plasme


      Ah I haven't really noticed much different, but then this forum is usually top cringe anyway.

    4. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      “Tails should go to school”

      “Cream should be turned into a robot”

      Did I miss any?

    5. FReaK


      welp. some kids doing their...'thing' i guess.

    6. Plasme


      Sonic's a kid's game, what do you expect?

    7. PublicEnemy1


      @Ernest the Panda And Vanilla the Rabbit is Jewish.

  3. Kickstarters in general all go through a lull and pick up a lot in the final few days. Ty was never a big deal even during its prime. So this Kickstarter is getting a modest success that won't be anything like MN9.
  4. Mega Evolutions can be summed up mainly as "the same Pokémon but angrier". Incredibly boring for the most part. But there were exceptions, like Ampharos.
  5. British Weezing and Dark Type Zigzagoon/Linoone complete with a brand new third stage evolution. I'm okay with this! No seriously, Weezing's regional variant makes thematic sense and is a really nice design with the top hat chimneys and gas clouds making up stylish Victorian facial hair. I really did that design. The Zigzagoon line is less interesting (much like Rattata, Meowth and Grimer in Alola, they're the same but dark type), but Obstagoon is the first old gen evolution we've seen since DPP (/XY if you include the one-off Sylveon). The fact that it seems to be regional only is also quite interesting. I can't find any shits to give about the human characters or evil team though. Yawn.
  6. @StaticMania I'm staying out of this discussion on the whole because it's more interesting just to read than take part in, but Zeena can be summed up entirely as "Girl". That's her personality and design. Zavok = the boss one Zomom = the fat one Zik = the old one Zazz = the crazy one Zor = the sad one Zeena = the girl one
  7. It looks like it's going to hit its goal. But I gotta admit it's pretty funny to see marketing change from "Ty's so badass he put Mario in hospital" to "we're a small indie studio, please give us a little bit of money so we can make our game".
  8. Kindly refrain from putting words in my mouth, please. I don't watch cartoons because they're simply not my thing. That's got nothing to do with the art style. I happen not to like the art style used in many cartoons including this one, but what does that have to anything? Come off it. I dislike what I'm seeing and have absolutely nothing against it or those who like it.
  9. Yeah, that preview is full of fan service, but the show looks like crap to me. Bear in mind that I'm basing this entirely on what I've seen of the crossover because before now I'd not even heard of this cartoon. I don't watch cartoons at all though, because they're just not my taste. Especially when they have this style of animation. Yuck. But I can't fault the effort that seems to have gone into this. It's definitely something that will sit right with its intended audience.
  10. Just went to Sainsburys to buy ingredients for dinner tonight and ended up walking out with a SNES Mini that was reduced to clear for £50. The box is a little beaten up, but whatever. What a steal!

  11. I think that the shop should have sent out a corrected email, not only the tweet. I got this email a few days ago and was incredibly confused. Didn't think that JSR was actually going to be on the system because it doesn't make sense from a technical point of view, but whatever. A blunder like this should be properly corrected. No idea how it even came to pass in the first place....
  12. You know what? A lot of status updates are starting by asking if the reader knows something.

    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      It's just two statuses so far

    2. Diogenes


      this trend is a huge problem for those of us that are dumb as shit and don't know anything

    3. Blue Blood
    4. Ellipsis-Ultima
  13. The stage play was always people dressed up in cat-like costumes. This isn't all that different. It looks a little weird, but I actually think it's fine. It's rather true to the source material.
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