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  1. I really enjoy TSR. Just as a kart racer, it's a very fun experience. But in terms of content, I should not be getting bored after five days...the game is so small. It feels so cheap. Never lazy like Forces though.

    1. TheOcelot


      The story progression structure bored me towards the end and yeah the lack of tracks & characters is a shame.

      TSR feels like a small budget game (which SUMO has done a good job with). I wonder if all future 3D Sonic games will be given small budgets (Forces felt like it was done on the cheap)?

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah, I've been wondering the same. Even Mania falls into that category of low budget. I mean, Mania is undoubtedly the best Sonic game in a long time. But by the very nature of it being an indie-developed 2D and (originally) digital only game it would have been relatively cheap to make 

    3. Bobnik


      Yeah, I wouldn't expect any big blockbuster titles for Sonic for some time, since iirc Boom RoL and probably Hedgehog Engine 2 ate up a bit of money. It sucks, but it is what it is - a series that just doesn't bring the revenue it did before.

      Then again, a movie exists, even though the alleged 90 million dollars are coming from Paramount's pockets.

    4. JezMM


      It would be fine if the online wasn't so crap for a myraid of reasons.  Every time I play I get either rubbish lobbies or connection errors, which sends me back to single player modes at which point I'm like "...I have no idea what to actually play".

    5. Milo


      @Blue Blood Mania, Forces, and TSR are all also largely comprised of existing assets/content, rather than the bulk of them being original material.

      Although Mania and (to a lesser extent) TSR made an effort to re-package the new content as fresh.

      @Bobnik Sega's been mentioned to be a co-financer for the Sonic film, so they'll likely be feeling any gains or losses from how the film performs at the box office.

      It's also worth noting that despite almost every other interview describing the Hedgehog Engine 2 as built from scratch, this Famitsu article exists where Iizuka says it's an enhanced version of the original:

      Q: What is the change from using the new game engine, the ‘Hedgehog Engine 2’?

      A: We created the first gen Hedgehog Engine powered by ‘Global Illumination’ when we developed ‘Sonic World Adventure (Sonic Unleashed)’. From then, we continued using it through the series with minor updates. What we announced as ‘Hedgehog Engine 2’ this time is not something what we built up from scratch, but it is a step-up version powered with a new rendering engine to optimize it for next gen hardwares such as PS4, XBOX One, and Nintendo Switch.

  2. It's still going to suck hard. But good on them for delaying the film. That will give animators time to do the work (hopefully). But I'm not convinced they'll come up with a good design until we see it. It's nice that he's wearing a glove though, blue arms be damned.
  3. The All Star moves of the original ASR were fun, but massively unbalanced. Even ASRT limited the All Star moves to five varieties unique moves, with each player just one. There's a reason that the Team Ultimates are all the same.
  4. My biggest issue with the Wisps is that they were introduced as a plot point in a canon game, and then that concept was trashed. What they add to the gameplay is neither here nor there, because they can be put to better use. But yeah, I really have to agree with you in this. The Wisps are all pretty self-explanatory if you have knowledge of the Sonic series and/or kart racers, plus the game explains them. They're the perfect choice for items, and the uniformity of them I especially like. The items in ASRT were functionally great, but Christ why was a bunch of wasps or a non-descript blowfish an item in a SEGA crossover? One of the ASR games replaced one of the generic items with a Puyo, but only in the Japanese release.
  5. I can't watch the video right now, but I'm curious about the difficulty settings. ASRT was fast on S class, but super dull on C class. Is Expert in TSR still slower than ASRT's S class? Disappointing if that's the case. I've not played much of Expert mode yet, cause TSR is kicking my arse on even just Hard mode. - I've got a question about platform differences. On Switch, crashing into walls or clipping bumps in the road often seems your car spinning around to a ridiculous degree. You'll end up facing backwards or driving on the side of the car, and all of this seems to happen for no good reason. It's just a case of broken, buggy collision detection. I've managed to get several videos of this happening to me. I'm wondering... Is this exclusive to the Switch version (or at least much more common there)? I'm not hearing many people talk about these relatively game breaking issues.
  6. My favourite Ouya game was trying to figure to pronounce the bloody thing's name. Oo-yah? Oi-ah? Oh-yeah? Oo-ee-yah? It's a phonentic disaster and should have been the first red flag.
  7. I don't think the cartoony artstyle of TSR is the best for the series, but it's hard to deny that the game is really pretty.

    1. Strickerx5


      I'm in this weird half and half state with it currently. Like, it's definitely come a long way from some of that initial footage but a lot of details still feel pretty dated. For example, the shadow work in a lot of areas is simply awful. Spotty, not properly aligned with a lot of the structures, and pops in like a mf. Not to mention how a number of the stages from Transformed actually look worse with their current rendering layout. Though, a lot of these faults are hidden simply by how lively most of the levels are and the few current gen graphical effects they actually do manage to employ.

      There are also quite a number of actual art style features that I really don't agree with. Mainly the texturing for most of the character models. Sonic looks like a plastic toy.

    2. Milo


      It feels like the art direction was compromised to fit into the more stylized, saturated aesthetics that Sonic Team has been pushing in recent [Millennium] Sonic games starting with Lost World; and I imagine that similar to Forces, they probably fudged together various assets from different games that don't match in aesthetics (not too surprising given how a good bulk of this game is material from ASR/ASRT). So I'm not really surprised that there's some elements in the graphics that aren't as good as others. I haven't checked the credits and I imagine the game doesn't use it anyway, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Hedgehog Engine II was being used in the game as well.

    3. Strickerx5


      I'm pretty sure it's Sumo's in-house racing engine again. The HE (both of them) haven't ever actually appeared outside a mainline, anything above Wii, Sonic game.

      Even then I don't think even Free Riders used it either actually... The HE has a very specific layout it works with I believe. Change the game up too much and you're probably better off using another engine (which is what Sega often did). No telling if the HE2 is any different though.

  8. Silver's pretty cool in this. I really like him. But I'm so used to his "it's no use" and "that tornado" shenanigans that any new voice is going to take a long time to settle in. But I would just like to say that Rouge, somehow, has ended up sounding like utter garbage. Karen Strassman has voiced her consistently since 2010, but now I think I can finally say that I actually preferred her 4kids VA. Her current voice doesn't suit get personality. Some of her lines in this game have a bit if a southern USA twang too that doesn't fit at all. This game is a great showcase for fun and light comedy. It's a shame the cutscenes are static.
  9. Are power characters really that bad? I've been using them a lot, simply because of character preference (I'd be using Rouge too, but her voice is hard to listen to). I'm not finding Much of an issue with them In fact, I like that I can collect runs by destroying obstacles and clear shortcuts for my team to use. Power shortcuts can be made accessible to everyone by a power character leading the pack, whereas Technique characters risk hurting their teammates through shortcuts. But that does come at the cost of several tracks not including many obstacles. Power types could do with a buff, like the ability to pick up triple Wisps without needing to transfer items. That would add significantly to their offensive and defensive tactics. Also fuck the Quake Wisp. It's way too difficult to avoid most of the time, unlike the Swarm in ASRT. You end up hitting three or four stone pillars, each one stopping even power characters dead in their tracks. Too often there's absolutely no hope getting by unscathed.
  10. Defence indicates how much speed is lost upon getting hit. Power characters don't spin out (or spin out less) when getting hit by certain obstacles and attacks. It's the only aspect the the three character types that feels tacked on. Rather than giving a buff to the class (like technique characters and rough terrain), power characters instead just get a lesser nerf than everyone else. In ASRT, getting hit by a single attack wouldn't ever bring you to a complete stop. Instead, you had to be hit by 2 to 3 attacks in one go, which took skill. It's a shame that the option of firing all items at once it's gone in this game.
  11. Shadow says "slag" in TSR and I can't wait to hear it used in chopped up dialogue.

    Dunno how it slipped through the net. It might not be a profanity elsewhere in the world, but in the UK it means "slut". Surely someone at Sumo should have told SEGA to find a different word? "Let's slag these Egg Pawns" could have been very easily reworded.

    1. Polkadi~♪


      And Sumo Digital is based in the UK, too...

      Couldn't one of them had said something was up with it?

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      That's exactly my point. Sumo is a UK company. Mind you, the game is still only PEGI 3, so clearly no issue was taken with the word given its context. But honestly, nobody uses the word like that over here.

    3. Joy


      Tbf it doesn't make any sense in the context it's used. Maybe in England it's worse but in Scotland slag actually refers to an insult "I slagged him off" "He's getting a slagging".

    4. DanJ86


      "Slag" is also a stony waste matter. Anyone that watched Wacky Races back in the day might be familiar with a pair of characters called the Slag Brothers.

    5. SupahBerry


      Shadow getting possesssd by the soul of Marine the Racoon, I see?

  12. I take back what I said about the story skip option previously. Now while I do maintain that the game makes the option perfectly clear (hiding it away in the corner of the screen is fine), the fact that the normal button press is "skip story" is incredibly dumb. I personally think it should be a toggle. Press Y/Square/X (NS/PS4/XB1) to toggle the story on/off. Then just select the mission as normal.
  13. I don't think you'll be able to find them very easily. The background images are typically much smaller than the level maps themselves, so it would take a conscious effort for someone to edit the background to fill all the empty discs. Even in the GHZ picture you posted you can see that a very lazy job was done filling in the blank space with colours of the sky and water.
  14. Okay, Mod Pods are officially shit. Right now is not even the random nature of them that's annoying me; it's the fact that I have to sit mashing A for what feels like forever to buy them. Why doesn't the game just give you you an unlock at the end of a race for every 10 credits that you've earned?
  15. Handling is taking more getting used to than I expected, but it's not bad. I'm also playing Knuckles a lot, and his handling is poor by default. And I'm liking the weapons so far. They're essential to the experience of this game, and are a constant part of it. Very different to ASRT where the focus was on raw driving skill and sometimes turning off items made the game better. It's different though, and I can understand my liking them.
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