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  1. TSR looks like an absolutely snore fest on lower difficulties, especially if you don't try to drift almost all the time. The courses are designed for drifting, but I'm watching some YouTube footage that makes the game look bland as fuck.

    But when the difficulty is cranked up, making the cars faster and necessitating a more reckless driving style with drifts and tricks, it completely the opposite. It's like how Mario Kart would be a really rubbish game if it maxed out at 50 or 100cc. I hope players are giving the higher difficulties a shot to form their opinions.

    1. LukA8


      I'm doing the Team Adventure mode on Hard (you have to unlock Expert) and some of the missions are absolutely brutal, most of all the Grand Prix ones. If you don't pull out all the stops of the team moves you've already lost there, or one of your team mates will get crushed by the others. Every now and then I love some ridiculous challenges so I can't wait to try it on Expert xD

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