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  1. New topics in the Sonic section here have been pretty "special" lately.

    1. Plasme


      Do you mean the SonAmy one?

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I mean that one, and several others.

    3. Plasme


      Ah I haven't really noticed much different, but then this forum is usually top cringe anyway.

    4. Forgetful Panda

      Forgetful Panda

      “Tails should go to school”

      “Cream should be turned into a robot”

      Did I miss any?

    5. FReaK


      welp. some kids doing their...'thing' i guess.

    6. Plasme


      Sonic's a kid's game, what do you expect?

    7. PublicEnemy1


      @Ernest the Panda And Vanilla the Rabbit is Jewish.

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