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  1. Picked up Ultra Moon today to try and finish it before I start SwSh in a week's time. I don't know what role the Rotom Phone plays in the new games, but surely it can't be as obnoxious, intrusive and mood killing as the Rotom Dex. I don't want anyone to tell me whether the Rotom Phone is better it worse, but it's one of the things I'm most worried about. The presence of a helper fairy character constantly saying "bzzzt heres information you didn't ask for" (literally), "I've never seen this Pokémon" and "bzzzt don't forget to save your game" is literally the last thing that Pokémon ever needed.

    1. Diz


      Was not a big fan of Rotom's role in the game myself, but I slowly got used to it. One thing which annoyed me a bit more was how the GUI tells you which moves are super effective and not (of course, after having battled vs. the pokémon at least once), a feature which in itself is not a bad thing, but there was no way to turn it off. I hope it will be possible to turn this off in the next game. (I also enjoy putting the battle style to set at the start of each game for a more realistic and smooth battling experience).

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah. The thing about the type match ups being laid out for you is that it didn't let you use that teeny ounce of ingenuity. If you wanted that assistance, it would be fine as an option. And most of the time I knew what to expect anyway because I've known the type chart for years. But it still felt like I was having my hand held.

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