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  1. Any time I get the itch to play Splatoon 2, I've get bored of the game by the time I've sat through the unskippable news broadcast that the game opens up with.

    1. Kittea


      I don't mind the news broadcasts as they're barely a couple of mins but a skip feature would be great. With no new dialogue, Splatfests or major updates coming there's no reason to not have these segments be skippable. You can find the rotations online anyway.

      I play Splatoon frequently and this is why I load the game before sorting out the general environment around me.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's undeniably better than in the first game wherein you had to watch the broadcast at every stage rotation. But even if they're only a couple of minutes, it feels so unnecessary. I spend the entire time just mashing the A button. And to be totally honest, I don't care enough about what stages are in rotation. 9 times out of 10, I only play regular Turf War. I may join in ranked battles to play some Clam Blitz or Splat Zones at a push, but never Tower Control or any League Matches. The game makes you sit through a bunch of info that you may not interested in and can see much faster on the menu.

    3. Kittea


      Agreed. If they don't add the ability to skip these segments in a patch I hope they add it in the next game.

      That's fair. I kind of care about the stages because I play ranked but again, I can check for those online. I mostly play Salmon Run and that runs on a time limit anyway so there's no reason to boot up the game without knowing whether it's on or not.

      I just remembered you can also check the schedule in the in game menu lol

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