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  1. I know Twilight Princess suffers from "real is brown" and looking exceptionally "dark and edgy", but it's by far my favourite Zelda artstyle. It's followed by OoT/MM and then BotW.

    The fact that the art styles in Zelda games are constantly changing is brilliant. Nintendo have really gotten down how to use art effectively in the series to set the mood of the game. If BotW looked more like any of of the other games, there's no way that it could possibly feel so desolate, serene and peaceful. It's post apocalyptic, but uniquely so and it just works so well. I wonder how well it's going to work for the sequel? The teaser trailer looks like it's setting up a darker game. It's almost disappointing that we'll have to wait for another Zelda game to come along before we get a brand new artstyle again. I can't see Nintendo ever outright reusing an artstyle unless they're remaking a game or developing a direct sequel (WW > PH > ST). 

    And as much as I dislike the appearance of Wind Waker, I won't deny how effective and well thought-out it is. Same for Link's Awakening Switch. I'm not the biggest fan of the way that that game looks, but they pulled everything together to create a strong atmosphere. 

    Why am I talking about this? No particular reason. I've just got a hankering to give Wind Waker a second go. When I first played it, it was the Wii U version and I stopped playing as I entered the Earth Temple I think. Didn't enjoy the game very much. I'm going to emulate the GCN version this time, because my sister has my Wii U so that she can play BotW.

    1. Wraith


      The bigger problem with Twilight Princess's artstyle isn't the shallow "brown" and "realism bad" complaints IMO. It just doesn't fit the overall tone of the work. It felt like the first Zelda game to compromise itself based on outside factors(people being pissed about wind waker/insecure about the series being aimed at children)

    2. JezMM


      Honestly I feel people are too harsh on TP because when they think of the art style, they think of the first impression more than anything else.  Once you're into the meat of the game, it still feels like a Zelda, through and through, in terms of character and environment design. Hyrule Field at day is probably the only part of the game that looks bland particularly.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @WraithI dunno. Twilight Princess is one of the easiest Zelda games ever, so I understand when people say that gameplay wise it feels the way that Wind Waker looks. I think @JezMMmay have said something similar before; the Keese in TP are these deadly-looking, hook-tailed demonic bats that should be the stuff of nightmares, but they're no more dangerous than the flying eyeballs from BotW or bobble-eyed fluff-balls from SS. 

      But I don't sense any compromise. The game tells a much more melancholy story than other games and almost sets up a kind of twisted world. Everything is just a little bit off, and the artstyle works with that brilliantly. The game doesn't shy away from being goofy and as charming as you expect the series to be. It was definitely created as an antithesis to Wind Waker at the time though. And that's strange... I wasn't really involved much in Zelda fandom until around the time of OoT3D and Skyward Sword, but it's always seemed to me like the complaints about WW's art were more loud than they were popular. Everyone seems to say "WW got bad reception upon its reveal" but it certainly didn't last for very long in the scheme of things. 

    4. Perkilator


      I mean…while I do like TP’s art style for its gritty mysticism, I feel like it negatively impacted Brawl’s art style.

      I like Brawl as a game, but looking back…its art style is really damn ugly. I feel like it was only this way to appeal to the Twilight Princess fans at the time who wanted EVERYTHING to be gritty and realistic (looking at you, Mario’s denim overalls).

    5. Wraith


      I don't get a sense of melancholy from the game and feel that in terms of what happens it's actually lighter than the previous games. It starts out like it's going to go places with the kids being kidnapped and hyrule being overtaken but most of that mess is cleaned up before the halfway point. Unlike most games in the series Hyrule is more than functional before the story even starts to ramp up aside from the empty castle still being walled off. 

      Zant's(and Ganon's) intentions for the world and how it will affect it's inhabitants aren't made that clear. Even when Hyrule is overtaken by Twilight it seems people just have to hide and chill until Link finishes his job cleaning up. Compare instead to the Moon in Majora's Mask: how direct and dangerous it feels and how much of a strain it puts on the inhabitants. 

      Midna's personal story is the emotional core of the game and it's a little darker but even then I find myself disappointed by the punches it ended up pulling. 


      WRT Wind Waker's artstyle, Aonuma flat out said it was a decision he pushed for because he was concerned about Wind Waker's sluggish sales.

    6. Soniman


      I feel like in addition to straight up not looking appealing Imo it was just way to soon to try and pull off a very realistic Zelda hand. Thee Wii was a toaster that couldn't  handle it so there's so many not appealing low res textures it ends up hurting it Imo.  I find most of the character designs to be kinda ugly, the one visually unique thing this game has being woefully underutilized (Twilight Realm). It really does feel to much like a OoT retread in places that it struggles to have its own identity. Each Zelda game is able to stand on its own and not be associated with others unless intentionally like with WW's DS sequels. Funny enough Majora's Mask, the actual sequel to OoT that even reuses it's assets feels like a completely separate Titan from its predecessor but TP is just always going to be in its shadow because of comprises made by Aounma 

    7. McGroose


      The great thing about having a mid range pc or higher is that, along with being able to play twilight princess via dolphin, there are just soooooo many great graphics mods out for the game now. You can keep your realistic visuals in higher def, or you can go for HD skyward Sword style textures instead. 

      I really liked what twilight princess was going for, but I think it suffered only just slightly from the gamecubes limitations. 

      I think the Wii U port is the ideal "vanilla" way to play the game now, but I remember being disappointed by the lack of improved lighting in shading in that game compared to the enhancements wind waker HD got.

      I remember when the first twilight princess HD trailer came out and the resolution was too low. I kept looking at it just wondering.... "wtf did they even change?". The new texturea are good, but it needed more visual flare for a remaster two console generations ahead of it's original port.

      In regards to the story, i find it kinda annoying that usurper king zant was, well, USURPED in terms of overall importance by ganondorf. A lot of people didnt like the fact Zant went mad, I liked it. But I didnt like how he wasnt the main focus. He shouldve been the overall villain. It's always ganon this, ganondorf that.

      man do I wish I could play some of those old beta builds, it all looked so different.. 

    8. Lord-Dreamerz


      Twilight Princess was one of the few Zelda games I actually played and fully finished, along with Wind Waker. I greatly enjoyed both games. Always will love Midna who is among my top fave characters across all media ever! I did try out BOTW.... err the art style is nice, but I didn't find BOTW fun and have not finished it after putting about 10 hours into the game and feel almost zero motivation to go back. I tried few hours of Skyward Sword too and lost interest there also.

    9. JezMM


      I will say Twilight Princess, in the grand scheme of the series, feels weirdly vanilla in terms of it's overall identity.  It's not like it isn't full of unique stuff, and I wouldn't call it's art style an exact retread of Ocarina of Time but one console generation up - and yet somehow it all feels very ordinary.  "Just another 3D Zelda game" - which is weird in the context that it's literally the only 3D Zelda that feels that way.

      Like yeah, it had these melancholy themes here and there but they were very typical and somewhat shallow, there was no heart about it.  It's really hard to put a finger on why I care so emotionally about the plight of Majora's Mask NPCs like the postman and Cremia who you only interact with a couple of times, but not the literal main characters of Twilight Princess like Ilia and the kids (Midna being the sole exception).

    10. Kuzu


      That's hilariously ironic because I remember just how much praise Twilight Princess got when it came out, almost obnoxiously so. I feel it's a product of that particular era. The gaming industry was obsessed with "realism", and the closer your games got to it, the "better" they were received. TP came out just a few months after the Xbox 360 and that's where that line of thinking kind of peaked. 

      It's only in hindsight now that I realize that Twilight Princess didn't really do a whole lot, because it's way more subdued than its predecessors or successors. It's a very surface level type of "dark" compared to MM. Like dark things happen in TP, but they don't really have a greater impact on anything or anyone while in MM it uh...does. 

    11. JezMM


      Well, I will say despite the awkward mixed feelings on it, it's still a very excellent game. Like, it may have been a bit too forgiving with combat, but in terms of fun it has a lot going for it - the dungeons are brilliant, the boss fights are exciting, the item design is one of the most creative in the franchise overall, full of original ideas after Majora's Mask and Wind Waker mostly retread OoT's inventory.

      The enforced wolf sections are pretty much the only low point of the game for me.  Unfortunately everything related to the wolf form was a bit undeveloped and uninteresting - especially in the context that it wasn't as fun as any single one of the transformations of Majora's Mask - which had three... AND the time mechanic.

      Oh, and finally, on a personal level, I really feel TP was the game where Zelda outgrew using midi for the music. Really weakened the atmosphere for me.  But overall... it's a fun game.  I've replayed it many times, and enjoyed the HD version enough to 100% it for the first time.

    12. Wraith


      I like to think Twilight Princess swapped out innovation for refinement. It's got the most content out of any game in the series of that point and a lot of that content is really fun. I think it's a better game than Wind Waker overall despite how much more I respect what Wind Waker tried to pull off. 

    13. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Oh yeah, the music in TP feels awkward. Outdated even. But that's not just because it was midi. The music in ALBW is also synthesised; none of the instruments in the fantastic Lorule theme are orchestrated. It's all about how they synthesise the music.

      I'll agree that the Wolf sections are a low point. Lots of his actions are too context sensitive and he doesn't get more abilities as the game goes on, unlike Link.  They retread the same things over and over.

    14. Soniman


      Also Dominion Rod, Ball and Chain and Beyblade being cool weapons with almost zero use outside dungeons but everyone brings that up 

    15. Wraith


      I kinda understand that complaint but most Zelda items didn't have a ton of universal utility anyway aside from BOTW.

    16. JezMM


      Yeah tbh I get the complaint but I have no issue with it, since they're plenty fun in the areas that they ARE used, and it's a decent tradeoff for the fact that the swordplay is incredibly fun in TP (though again, sadly underused since every enemy can be defeated WITHOUT any of the hidden skills).

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