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  1. I miss the cast of the Sonic series so, so much. They're a really fun and enjoyable bunch. I've been rewatching X lately (and watching past the SA1 arc for the first time). Rouge is an awesome character In this show. She, Knuckles and Sonic are the best parts of it. Actually, for the most part all of the characters are really good, both the human guys unique to X and the game cast X. Tails is too much just the tech guy who only gets involved in the action when he's piloting his plane, but his personality is leagues above the smart alec he's been ever since Colours. Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun are so much more enjoyable and more believable as Eggman's henchmen than Orbot and Cubot. Even the humans, supporting characters like the President with his two aides, or the more important humans like Mr Stewart, Topaz, Ella and Tanaka are really fun. They don't steal the spotlight, but they also don't feel like deadweights as they all bring fun humour, subplots and personalities into the mix. Rouge and Topaz are a brilliant combination.

    The only one who's particularly bad is Chris. He does steal the spotlight and brings nothing to the table as a character. He serves a purpose early in the series to establish the scene and set up the story of Sonic settling on Earth, but after the first arc of the show when Sonic and Co start to get treated as citizens his purpose is done and he only really exists to be rescued every episode. 

    I'm getting all nostalgic not for X specifically, but just what the series was in the early 2000s. I love the characters and stories on display here. Sonic as a plot, action and character driven series is awesome.

    Still don't miss Jason Griffith as Sonic though holy crap he's the most bland voice ever got the character

    1. Flame Lance

      Flame Lance

      It is refreshing to see something positive be said of Sonic X for a change, as well as the early 2000s games. Agreed with most of your opinions. Can we please get a new tv show like Sonic X, just with improvements where needed? And of course better game writing. 

    2. Polkadi~☆


      on the last point with sonic's va, i still really enjoy the subbed version, because jun'ichi kanemaru is straight up flexing his english skills on us and is having so much fun playing sonic

      and his english skills goes to show how good ryan drummond’s sonic voice was as a counterpart but i digress

      Sonic X was made as part of a marketing campaign for Sega to push Sonic's new image following the Dreamcast (and hopefully garner a decent following in his home country, which didn't take), and you can really tell that's the case from the way the series represents the brand. Some of the image still lingers, but isn't as strong as it once was. Kinda miss those days, even though I was a kid. It was more confident and less cynical.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I think SEGA were determined to take Sonic in a different direction after both Shadow and '06 flopped (critically, not commercially), whilst Secret Rings was relatively lauded and garnered a lot of praise. Rush in particular did very well commercially and critically. Both games are often forgotten now, but they definitely played a huge role in shaping the games that would follow. There was so much praise for the simple gameplay of both games, the limited cast of characters and the way that they both offered so much speed which was missing from large parts of the worst games. 

      The loudest voices, those being the professional critics because the internet landscape was a very different place in back then, had repeatedly trashed Sonic for bad stories, annoying characters and games that just got progressively worse. When Sonic was stripped of a lot of the stuff that had bogged the series down through the 2000s, the games definitely got better in Sonic ways but the began to struggle to capture interest like it did before. It went from being a dumpster fire to just "yeah it's okay" and didn't really do a lot to garner attention after it stopped sucking quite so outrageously. 

      SEGA's never really tried to "fix" Sonic or improve what they've got. If something doesn't stick, they just throw the baby out with the bath water and start anew when something goes wrong. 

    4. E-122-Psi


      I'm not sure about Tails. I remember watching even Season Three and finding him kinda bland, especially with so little of his chemistry with Sonic (who himself was kind of underplayed). While it was made in the same era as 'smartalec Tails', I still think Boom Tails is the best compromise for the little guy.

      Decoe and Bocoe aren't bad, I like how they have these rather contemplative down to earth dispositions about being villainous henchmen (I don't mind Orbot and Cubot but admittedly Decoe and Bocoe having more of a conscience does make them a bit more complicated). It's just a shame the dub really overdone their 'robotic' characteristics, riddling nearly every line they said with tech puns and having them speak in generic robo-monotone for the first twenty or so episodes. Bokkun's dub VA kinda works though, he's MEANT to be annoying (just a shame we never heard him screech 'IDIOT!' just once).

      I admit to liking how Sonic X practically tried to make sense of (or make FUN OF) the very weird aesthetic contrast the games were suffering from at the time.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah, Tails is certainly under-used in X. His personality is alright. He's nice and friendly, but Chris typically fills the roll you'd expect Tails to take and ends up just being annoying. He exists only to fly the Tornado and doesn't get his time to shine. Tails and Sonic barely have any connection at all. He doesn't really go through anything important on his own apart from in the Adventure game arcs, which happen to be the worst parts of the show so far and Chris still manages to butt-in all over the place. 

      The only issue I really have with Decoe and Bocoe is their rather bland designs (that originated from an early 90s anime) and the fact that their 4Kids-given and pun-riddled dialogue sucks. I don't actually know which is which, because the two just seem to share a personality. That personality is entertaining though, and they work well on-screen with Eggman.

    6. E-122-Psi


      I think that's the issue with Tails though. He's just TOO passive and genial. It might just be because I grew up on the earlier media so missed Tails being childish and hyper. He just felt so castrated with this mature expositional personality.

      Weirdly I'm just kind of apathetic to Chris. Yeah he's not really interesting, and I feel like a lot of characters were simplified to befit him being the POV character, but he himself is just 'meh' for me. Not unbearable.

    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah, Tails is probably one of the worst characters, but he's not bad by any stretch. Just boring. His role is largely usurped by others. Personally, I didn't grow up on any of the older media like AoSTH, SatAM, StC or Archie and only had the Classic games and Advance 1/2 when X first started. I got the Adventures and Heroes soon after and kept up with the series following that. Tails has never been one of my favourite characters, and to me he's never been childish or hyper. Young, naive, eager and lacking in confidence for sure, but childish and hyper aren't traits I'd ever look for in Tails. I like to think of him as a bit more mature than Sonic in several ways. Him being such a child in AoSTH and SatAM when I've watched them is bleugh. 

    8. E-122-Psi


      I guess I just miss that enthusiasm about him. OVA and Boom Tails played up the tech geek aspect as well, but he had that 'drive' again in both, he was still childlike and could get excited over petty things that weren't tech related. Plus his interactions with Sonic were great.

      I feel like the 3D era struggles to make Tails interesting, even the later titles seem to be struggling to click what his personality is.

    9. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Boom Tails is pretty good. Too much "tech guy genius" focus, but yeah his personality and interactions are so on point. Child-like wonder helps to sell Tails and gives him purpose as Sonic's best friend. His somewhat jaded and cynical personality in the newer games is just awful. I'm playing TSR right now and most of the characters are good fun. But Tails is just exposition and suspicion. He should be excited about about the races and vehicles, not just be the smart guy. 

    10. StaticMania


      He's not even consistently cynical...

      It's only Lost World and TSR...apparently.

    11. E-122-Psi


      It kinda feels like the newer games were sort of going for Boom's direction with Tails but didn't quite get it. Boom truthfully had that comparison for many things in the games story wise, reconfiguring them from a primordial state. Still I like newer Tails banters with Sonic, something the Adventure/X era Tails almost never even TRIED to do.

    12. Original Character

      Original Character

      I do appreciate Sonic X for the back-and-forth between characters, I wish we saw more of that. Sonic and Knuckles have a sort of argumentative freind dynamic I'd like to see more of.

      Honestly? I like Bokkun, he has a fun juxtaposition of innocence and maliciousness.

    13. Original Character

      Original Character

      I think Boom Tails is my favourite incarnation of Tails, I think he seems sweet, innocent and having childlike wonder like his earlier game portrayals but he still has some fun banter with Sonic.  "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Worse-er" has a fun rivalry between them.

    14. Thigolf


      Sonic X is the reason I adore Rouge so much. She's fantastic in the show and it's a shame that she gets relegated to Shadow sidekick nowadays most of the time, if she even shows up. The show gave her the time she needed to make her shine.

    15. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Rouge in X is so sassy, so capable, so intelligent and so flawed. Ultimately a good guy, but playfully antagonistic to all of her allies all the time. Not to mention selfish. I genuinely love her. Looking back at games like SA2, Heroes, '06 and Chronicles, I can see why I like her, but it's definitely X that really cements her as a good character. I think she only got so much screen time in X because they needed an anti-hero before they introduced Shadow in the inevitable game adaptation they were planning, and it worked out really well. Can't see SEGA ever putting her to good use ever again, certainly not with the current writing staff.

      Also Karen Strassman does a horrible voice for her.

    16. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Double post 

    17. Kuzu


      Rouge is easily one of the best characters in Sonic X, especially since she has way more independence than just being a supporting character for Shadow, so her character gets to flourish.

    18. Original Character

      Original Character

      I like the fact Rouge stole jewelry to gift to Topaz when they had to part ways. It shows she cares her own wierd way.

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